Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve “RICHO” Richardson along with Keiron “THE HAMMER” Hamrey talk about the NEW Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters. What they are made out of and the different shapes in the range

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Simon Thorpe says:

As you know, I play with the no 6, softest feeling putter I have used. Beautiful sound and great feel! Can’t afford the SC and this is in my budget although I have the Winn 1.32 grip attached! Def recommend

James Dwyer says:

Good stuff as usual guys.

Loving that putter you fitted me for the other day as well Alan. So much more accurate 🙂 Thanks heaps!

Raymond M says:

Like listening to the Three Stooges talk about putters. These guys are so hung up on price=quality. Suckers

Bob Pfaff says:

If Mr Ping got a dollar for every “knockoff” putter he would be even richer!

EIOA says:

Surely before he got on camera someone would have said to him… “Mate., you may want to put some tape on those kitten nipples”. 10 out of 10 for zero care factor from his end though. Great review guys, keep up the great work, love your clips, even better with more banter.

Dan Todd says:

Bit hard to compare a $400 putter to a $125 putter. I would love a Newport 2 but bang for buck these are a great cheap putter.

chunkybuttz says:

This was entertaining but I think they’re really exaggerating the quality differences! Cleveland putters roll exceedingly well and the Huntington Beach models they are reviewing are only 109$ with a WinnPro 1.32 grip.

Abel Vasquez says:

I have that putter they feel great I actually prefer it to the Scotty I had . Don’t think it’s entry level it’s what feels good to you .. not the arrow !!!

Adam Wilson says:

These guys are clearly trying to sell themselves on their $350 putters. Everyone knows guys just like them at their local club, they’re the easiest to take money from on the course…w their $3000 golf bag. Laughable

Scott Hausler says:

know what else could cut you…….. hammers diamond cutters!!

wrath646 says:

The only reason SC is popular is because of Tiger!

Guy Roberts says:

Think it might have been a bit chilly for the Hammer, headlights on! (.π.)

Dizzy d X says:

richo your a sheety .. man of many talents

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