PGA Golf Pro tests the latest Evnroll T-Stroke putter to see if the huge offset neck can help you hole more putts on the golf course!


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Charles Angeli says:

I’ve recently been putting with a lot of forward shaft lean , with a lot of success, I’m thinking this might work for me ?

vince guest says:

Ping 5KS.

martin hastie says:

Very Interesting
How about a review of the new Cobra CB MB irons. They are amazing looking things.

Damien daly says:

Cheers for the video tommy armory tried something similar way back in the 90’s Just wondering though I’m coming back to the game after a 20y break and struggling to find a ball that I can get to spin or stop well I’ve tried the q star and pro v1 and didn’t like either of them any suggestions on what to try next

Oldinea Miller says:

The answer to the initial question is: No!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey thanks for watching! If you enjoyed the video please *SHARE* it around with your friends!

Q- Do you think the Tour Stroke would suit your game?

al solo says:

Your the man rick!

Daiyin Naicker says:


김정현 says:

When and where can I buy it?

John Monteagudo says:

That is the weirdest putter ever. I would try it at a demo day or a store. If it starts working great maybe I’d get past the looks but I’d be wary of it as it looks so weird.

Flashy Paws says:

i have a weirder putter than that one.
its called a “True Stroke”. and its marked pat. pend. its a weird lookin mallet that actually is the opposite of face balanced and hangs like a true blade.
its a triangle shaped head, and the shaft goes out over the middle of it and the straight down in to the triangle. its the stupidest putter i’ve ever seen.
i bought a ‘lot’ of putters on craigslist. it had an odyssey sabertooth and a dual force #3, a 20g talyor made rossa monza corza with a plumbers hosel that i actually have in my bag right now because its so freakin awesome, ummm… some kind of giant brass tiger shark… an old zing 2… some other putters that i dont remember, and that thing. the true stroke. its brand new. its too stupid to use.
i bought all those, the whole lot of em, for like 50 bucks. cuz… craigslist.
i’m gonna take that true stroke thing and put it up for sale on ebay for one… million… dollars.
i’m thinkin somebody might pay that much for it just to have the worlds stupidest putter. i’ll let ya know if anybody buys it.

Morgan Hair says:


Dustin Lind says:

Where is the new driver review

leandrogutierres says:

I’m pretty sure I can keep on 3 putting all the par 5 I get to the green in 2 the same way I’ve been doing up to nowadays. sad reality

Robert Senior says:

Odyssey Backstryke had the same idea.

sherifffdb905 says:

I’ll try one as a test at golftown, maybe a late christmas present.

marc67marc says:


The Sublime Quest says:

Dechambeau, you seeing this?

An Cap says:

I’d love to give it a try.

Stephen DiBari says:

Would like to see this in the ER2 head

Deon Persaud says:

That’s a crooked putter…….for crooked putts.

Frank R says:

I owned a very similar putter some years ago. It was a Ping that I picked in a bargain bin in Nevada Bobs. used it for about a year and I liked it but I had alignment difficulties so i traded it in for a Yes Callie. Have never seen a Ping like it before or since, it may have been a prototype but exactly the same as you have described here. It had an elongated neck which positioned yours way out in front of the ball.

Paul Booij says:

I built a wood putter and I made it with a centered shaft with a degree or two forward shaft lean. I always miss on the left and I started missing both ways. I was quite pleased by it. But lining up with shaft lean is weird.

Stephen Onusko says:

To answer your question my Odesy back strike putter is even better because the shaft connects in the middle of the club behind the club head. My putting average is 1.4.

Slot Addict Brian says:

Fuck ya…20+ par here i come

Michael Rachwal says:

I want!

Juan Colmenares says:

It’s just another option of many for golfers

Duffy Moon says:

Ghastly. But it might work!

Tim Cline says:

After Major hand Surgery and a complete muscle tear away from the elbow, belly putter saved me. Then came the ban. All total 3 out of 4 years in putting Hell. Backstryke Sabertooth saved me.

Ray Gorman says:

Seems like it would be so easy to ding and bend the head end of the shaft and ruin alignment.

Richard T says:

It looks broke. Strange

David Burlingame says:

Where can one order it?

Brian Minnotte says:

Rick do you have the 2018 NIKE aeroloft golf jacket? I am thinking about getting it and was wondering your thoughts. Thanks.

Neil Dixon says:

Didn’t odesssy have a similar face back putter about 6 years ago? I’m sure I tried one

Larry Carpenter says:

I like this idea. Since I use a forward press, it seems that with a standard putter I have to play the ball so far forward in my stance to get a good roll that it messes with seeing the line of the putt correctly.

Andrew Kirwan says:

Scotty Cameron made me one with a neck similar to that in early 1994, it was deemed illegal for too much offset. If I recall maximum offset was less than 1”, therefore yours is illegal…. if I am remembering that detail correctly.

Michael D says:

163° offset?

tyler everett says:

Yes I do
By the way I got it Early

Matthew Ellul says:

Is that a harry potter?

tyler everett says:

Yes I have that exact putter its great I love it

Neil Gardner says:

Odyssey backstryke blade putter is the closest to this design in my view. Looks close to awful down my the ball and with that my offset you would hook every putt. How can an offset putter help alignment with the intended putt line, it encourages an exagerated in-to-out stroke path. I am not sure you should recommend a putter you would ‘need an extended period to get use to’…

Ta Yem says:

Why havent you reviewed the new Cobra F9 driver yet?

Anthony James says:

I like will try it first chance i get. Nice price also.

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