Bettinardi BB1F Putter Review

In this video we look at the Bettinardi BB1F Putter.


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dmp327 says:

Bonus points for the guy in the pink outfit in the background.

Droltan says:

Super drive from Mr shorts in the background at 2:05 🙂

Jeff Stephens says:

The guy in pink trousers must be bad on his approach shots with the length of putts he was practising

Brendon Madia says:

hey guys, there is a contest to win a $500 gift card to callaway pre owned. Heres the link

James Adams says:

I’m too early to think of anything to write…

Arjan's Golf Channel says:

Another putter!!! Love the design on the face.

the minigamer says:

That putter is nice

Josh Charlebois says:

2:54 guy in the background was totally thing “dude stop talking im trying to putt here” 😛

Gavin Roy says:

Great video Pete. What are the chances of you getting your hands on the studio stock range?? I’ve got my eye on one of those but unsure if it’s worth the very expensive price.

Uniq says:

Once again really nice review Pete! Loved it

wesley ruttle says:

Hey Pete could you do a review of the new Taylormade os and cb putters please ?? Keep up the videos

Dustin Samplawski. says:

I purchased this exact putter and hated the grip so replaced it with super stroker . I thought about returning it but the more you putt with it, better the confidence gets. Great investment. Great video!!

Cornwall1888 says:

Sorry Pete didn’t hear a word you were saying at certain points, I just found myself staring at the man in those pink trousers

KnotteN says:

2:54 haha, the man in pink is not pleased

BF golf says:

the bettinardis feel a little firm for my taste but that is one awesome putter, you could game that putter for years and it feel never look or feel out of date or out of style. I’ve had my Newport 2 since 2009 and love it. would definitely have a bettinardi if it wasn’t for Cameron

Benjamin O'Sullivan says:

Good putter review. Great background entertainment! From pink pants’ 50 foot practice putts to blue pants’ soul searching moment after missing a 3 footer.

Steve Barnhurst says:

Hey Pete, have to say that your videos and presenting style just gets better and better! Thanks for all the content as it really helps – question is, Bettinardi or Scotty argggh……!?!?!

Paul Mellish says:

A patina?? For the finish I mean

Jesse Ross says:

Man I hope you’re right about this putter since I watched your video and bought one. thanks I think.

david lockyer says:

hi pete great review. may i ask are you waring a ion magnatic bracelet? if so are they better than the bioflow ?

Michael Martens says:

best putters around, grts. Peter keep posting

Caleb Davis says:

More reviews!!!

Andrie K says:

Give it away Pete! Another one for your fans 🙂

Dan Lambert says:

As usual, Peter, very informative, even those of us not in the market for a new putter appreciate a quality review!

Arian M says:

Is love to get that putter

Michael Hur says:

pink pants. is that a thing in Britain?

dubnessIII says:

Birefringence is why the rainbow effect happens. Great looking putter. Cheers.

Cian Lanigan says:

Very nearly bought one of these when out in the states but went for the Edel Brick instead

Joe Wilson says:

Please do a video in the mental side to the game 🙂

Gary Mullins says:

pink backdrop

Robert King says:

I bought my som a Betinardi putter which he loved very much, untill he started playing in florida, the putter was too heavy for florida greens

Michael Rolton says:

Great mix of technical info, how it plays and personal feelings. Please keep the reviews coming.

Mod Squad says:

the finish you are looking at in the car world is called neo chrome, not quite sure if the black finish with the “neo chrome“ is the same name. Looks like a nice putter

mos chef says:

I have the BB8 and i concur with Pete. It is a beautiful work of art. Center strikes feel incredible. I’ve fallen in love with putting so much that getting to the green as quickly as possible is all I think about!

StreetSavage 614 says:

Peter, Scotty Cameron earned his apprenticeship at Bettinardi,the reason they’re not as popular nowadays is because when they partnered with Mizuno,Mizuno considered Bettinardi a sub-brand and they just fell apart,they are making a comeback.Bettinardi is the original version of what Scotty Cameron is today. Great Video!!

Zach Smyth says:

looking for a new putter think this is the one cheers for the great review pete

phenom theprodigy says:

I got a 2016 Newport 2 that I love but some people say they hate it cause it feels dead. Have you tried it? If so what is your opinion

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