Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?

Are Scotty Cameron putters OVERPRICED?
Rick Shiels tests the latest Scotty Cameron Select 2018 putter range
Costing $400 / £365 they are not cheap!


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Scott Prindle says:

You should test the Cleveland putters.

Gabriel H says:

just wait for a sale on the internet lol

Jeff Platt says:

If they’re shifting them at that price, then no they are not. On the other hand, if sales figures are struggling, yes they are. Simples

Steve Y says:

Over priced. Got the ping tyne and love it. the weight and feel is awesome and it was half the price of the Scotty

pocketlabworks says:

I have one and I like it better than all the other ones that I tried. Mine was $350. I think it’s the weights that are working good for me.

Anthony McKenzie says:

Great, thought provoking episode Rick! I just recently purchased a Bettinardi iNovai 3.0 counterbalanced putter moving from a much more inexpensive Heavy Putter J2, which I was the first real putter that I ever owned. The reason for my decision were driven by a few things – 1) As my game and golf IQ has improved, I became less satisfied with the feel and predictability of the Heavy Putter, driven mostly by the lack of feel; 2) I came to the realization that the club that I use the most should be of the highest quality possible. As you mentioned, we spend close to $400 on a new driver, whe we only use it 14 times a round….why are we short changing ourselves on the putting green, where you get your final score for every hole? I coveted a Scotty Cameron initially because so many of my golf buddies have one, but I was asked to try a friends putter once and I fell in love with the incredible feel – he has a Bettinardi. Started to research the broader world of premium putter and got more convinced that a Bettinardi would be a great investment in my game that would provide the feel that I am looking for. I tested a number of Scotty putters – which were all great, but never convinced me.
In summary, value is in the “eye” of the beholder – from a purely financial perspective, I think Scotty Camerons are grossly overpriced, however, if the product delivers what you want in a high quality fashion, and you value the product enough to pay that amount, then it could be a bargain for some. To me, a premium putter should be high on the consideration list if you are a mid hcp that aspires to steady improvement in their game.

Skyler Avants-Schultz says:

I bought a new Monterey, California Scotty for $275 a few years back. It was my second putter purchase ever. I love it and probably will play it for life. I don’t mind it being expensive when you know it is going to last so much longer than any other club in the bag. I had restore the paint when it wore down and good as new.

Matt Holbrook Golf says:

Interesting video.

For me putting is about practice, practice, practice. If you were putting with a broom without bristles you practice practice practice. £400 for a flat stick is absurd.

KRKLND says:

I did not get fit for a putter but I spent a day at my local golf store on their indoor putting green. I found that I liked the counter balanced putters and I quickly fell in love with a Scotty Cameron Dual Balance 6M. I didn’t want to throw down that much money for a new one so I picked up a used dual balance Futura X on Ebay for 1/3 of the price. I couldn’t be happier with the putter. It made me a better putter but only because I finally found a putter better suited for my putting style. As others have said, the price of the putter doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work for your style.

J. 4NASH says:

you should do 2018 vs 2016 select. see what’s the difference really is

Nate Johnson says:

I game a 1998 Newport Oil Can Classic I inherited from my grandpa. No longer has the oil can finish, but its pure gold on the green. I love my Scotty, but I would never pay $400 for a new one, that’s robbery.

John Jones says:

ive said it about every golf club, its down to the player not the club. i played with a guy on friday in a comp and he made hardly any putts and he had the brand new scotty cameron, point made right?. i would rather spend it on lessons and improving technique then on one single club

Darren Knight says:

Golf equipment price inflation is going crazy. I don’t see performance benefits improving anywhere near at the same rate as prices are. How much were Scotty’s 2017 range? Would be interesting to see the increase in price compared to improvements in the putters. I think the bubble will burst soon and consumers will say enough is enough…

Johnny Fiver says:

I think they are going to price themselves out of the market. $300 – 350 is a good price point for a Scotty. I own 2 by the way and no drastic improvement in my putting, but they look marvelous. I’d like to see someone win on any tour with one of those rubber putters you use at the Putt-Putt course. Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face to all these overpriced putter manufactures who are gouging our wallets.

Jeffery Zielke says:

I love my Newport. Feels very balanced. A very important quality to have on quick greens.

J. 4NASH says:

wish u would tested the m1 vs fastback. since they took the cross away and added a line instead which they should of done in the first place

Craig wall says:

Cheaper than the high end drivers, what club do you use more? I personally own a Squareback and wouldn’t give it up well worth the money and I can honestly tell the difference between it and say an Odessa or Taylormade.

Matt Hardy says:

Not once did you talk about the fitting process you should be going through when buying a putter and how good the Titleist/Scotty fitting is

Connor McNally says:

They are a lot of money av had 3 putters the last 2 years couldn’t get any that I liked till I got a scotty and it’s defo worth the money make more puts and the confidence when standing over a put is crazy

Vonik says:

Hey Rick can you do a M3 and M4 Fairway 3 Wood Comparison I don’t know which to choose

Matthew Hempstock says:

Paid in the region of £160 for my Odessey works versa no7 tank putter. Tried the range of Scotty Cameron putters at the time. Yes they are amazing quality and look great with amazing feel but they are double the price of the Odessey which I went for. The Odessey is a great putter with amazing feel and I think looks too and I’m getting great results with it. For me it’s all about price! Too expensive! It’s like the Odessey is a top end Mercedes and the Scotty Cameron is a Ferrari! A luxury item that you don’t really need but everyone wants!!

Daniel Bowling says:

I just bought the Scotty Cameron Golo3 for $299 Australian. It was actually as more of a motivator for me to get excited about putting. I’m new to golf and love smashing long iron shots… but my scores are awful, because I always 3 putt.

Cody Sal says:

120 for a ghost

Corey Vanular says:

I got a vintage titleist bullseye Johnny Reuter from a re-use it centre for like 3 dollars and it’s way better than any newer odyssey I’ve had

Mathieu Bazinet says:

Make a kzg club review

Mofo2404 says:

How does it rate vs the enroll er2?

Daniel Kendall says:

I’ve just had an Evnroll putter fitting and with the personal service and the putter it still works out cheaper than a new Scotty off the shelf. How does that work??

Duffy Moon says:

Yes they are. But……as long as they don’t make you take MORE putts than a less expensive model then that’s absolutely fine.


I saw you at the masters behind the players on 18tee on television. Pretty random

Matt Dee says:

The reason for the price is because people will pay it. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on the person I think. Putting is all about confidence and if someone believes that it’s a better putter then it probably will be: for them

callawaygolfer says:

Putter prices should be equal if not higher than driver prices considering how often the putter is used as well as the role it takes in scoring.

Herb Aparicio says:

This video is a bit simplistic in its attempt to answer the overpriced question, but I think it hits the mark with the overall conclusion that paying $400 for a fancy putter is probably not going to improve your makes in comparison to a putter worth half as much. That said, there are other factors that should be considered, that can’t be judged by hitting a few putts on (what looks like) a synthetic green. For example, forgiveness or consistency weren’t mentioned. There’s also distance control. If picking one of these up off the rack allows you to better gauge your putts from long distance and are more forgiving and/or consistent, that might be worth the money for you. Better players in particular are looking for feel and consistency – they want immediate feedback when something is off no matter how small it is, to be able to quickly correct the problem. That might be harder to do with some of the lower priced putters that put an emphasis on forgiveness to the point of masking your mistakes. Another thing that wasn’t mentioned is the Scotty Cameron subculture that you buy into – owning a Scotty means you’re in the club and there are forums and internet groups that are strictly devoted to Scotty Cameron putters (and their headcovers if you can believe that). All this is to say there are definitely perks to owning a Scotty outside your score!

Matthew Webb says:

I liked the points you made about this. I think that if I were to go get a putter fitting, and I was fitted for a Scotty Cameron, I would get one. But if I could opt for a less expensive putter, and invest my money in putting lessons, that would effect my game more!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Daniel D says:

I came up on a SeyMore for really cheap and unless I had, I would still be playing an old 2-ball. That beingsaid, there is something about a premium feeling putter that boosts confidence and I have holed far more putts per round than before. It may be that I didn’t notice the putts I sunk before and its a placebo effect. Either way I wont ever buy a cheap putter again. Like Rick said, you use that club at least once every hole (barring a chip in).

tony alderson says:

Rick love the review but would agree $400 way to much for a putter I have a 2002 Studio 2 Scotty Cameron putter I still use today buying a new $400 putter does not guarantee you will sink more putts put your money into lessons !!!!!

B33fJ3rk33 says:

Notice how in the slo-mo shots the ball immediately left the face bouncing, unlike with the new odyssey micro hinge where it nearly rolls immediately. Something to think about when looking at actual performance and price over “tradition and looks”.

Callum Emery says:

£400 for a Callaway or TaylorMade driver that you could pick up off of golf bidder in 3 years time for £90. People have no issues. Buy a £400 Scotty Cameron that in 10 years time will still hold its value and be performing no different to any other putters out there. I traded my 15 year old Scotty in at American Golf and got £140 for it. If I was to trade my 1 year old Odyssey O-Works in now with the latest technology etc. I would get £40. Says it all really. They are a premium product and worth investment.

David Twomey says:

Reply to main question, yes!

Andrew Heather says:

They cost $500 here in Aus. I have tried a few in the shops before but i feel the oddesy putters have really stepped up and perform just as well for $200 less. At the end of the day it’s still the idiot holding the stick.. haha. They do look good though.

Christopher Harger says:

Way over priced. They are good putters but not so much better than let’s say a Kia TM milled or Bettinardi. Or even the ping Vault

AponeTheSergeant says:

Overpriced for sure. Bugger all diff from last years model. Rather pay that money for an earlier Carbon model from Scotty circa 96-99

Mike McNulty says:

I personally think all clubs not just putters and drivers are becoming ridiculously expensive.

Sebastian Nachilly says:

Its like a luxury car. Do you need it? Probably not. But if you can afford it, its an very cool thing to have.

Swearing0000 says:

I own several SC putters. I’m no longer a customer due to the fact that he no longer has baby t grips for his older putters. Unless you want to get it refurbed for $300.

William Stewart says:

It’s the same thing with anything really. Why buy a Rolex when you can get a Tag or Seiko for way less money? We buy them because we like them. It looks nice in your bag and when you’re looking down at it same way you like the way a rolex looks on your wrist.

Adam Wilson says:

Short Answer…Yes, overpriced! If you’re into imitating pros and magazine ads than a Scotty is for you. If you have an understanding of how to play the game, a novelty item like a Scotty Cameron putter isn’t needed.

James Thomas says:

If we put for dough doesn’t that justify the investment over a $500 driver?
I mean, putting is more crucial to your game than drivers…….right?
That said, I don’t believe they will make you hole more putts.

But they just might add to one’s enjoyment of the game…….

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