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Shawn reviews the Wishon Golf Sterling Iron Set – Single Length



mike drake says:

Great info, I am recently coming back to the game after 20 years away the idea of these clubs seem so logical. I was wondering if you feel these clubs would be a solid launch point to start back. Best videos out there keep up the great work !!!

Bickety Bam says:

I game the Mizuno MP-5 blades but could struggle with the 4 iron (I’m kinda opposite to you – I have a long body and arms and short legs) so I have blended in the Cobra Forged One 4, 5 and 6 irons into the Mizunos. Quite a similar look and feel so I don’t feel like I’m hitting a different set but I feel much more confident with my setup over the ball which has translated into much better results with my long irons.

Don Kirk says:

Shawn, I cut or lengthened my Nike irons two years ago when I turned sixty-seven to a seven-iron single length and dropped twenty-six strokes on my game by the end of that year. About Wishon and Cobra (and Tommy Armour) single-length golf clubs: I’ve never understood WHY the OEM golf companies offering same-length, same-weight, same-lie-angle golf clubs keep making them with those varied (*&^%$#) offsets. If every club has a seven iron shaft, WHY have a different off-set for the same-shaft nine iron or the same-shaft four iron? And especially, since the pitching wedge is the most accurate full swing club and has the smallest off-set of all the irons, WHY would the OEM make the offset on the 8, 9, or wedges as large as the seven iron’s? The concept of the single length golf clubs make so much rational sense it’s surprising that so few OEM’s offer them to the playing public. Perhaps if they offered a set of same-length, same-lie-angle, same-weight clubs with their pitching wedge’s minimum off-set, the unnecessary complexity and difficulty of the golf swing could be simplified, scores would plummet and the happiness of the game would grow. But then, once we owned such a set of clubs, we’d never feel compelled to buy another, would we? Perhaps golfers never buying another set of clubs every year explains why the OEM’s continue to vary those (*&^%$#) off-sets on single-length golf clubs.

Blu Puk says:

Come on now Shawn. You get up there and hit a 4 iron. The ball cones right back to the exact spot you started from. Then you hit a sand wedge and the ball comes right back to where you started from? Did you think we didn’t notice that. LOL.

Jordan Cox says:

Surely the point here is to try the “difficult” club option? You already know you like your 8 / 7 iron and feel comfortable with those – so the comparison to try the club should be on the club you find most difficult to hit – 4 / 5 iron? That way you have the option to really see and feel the difference? I can pick up literally any standard 8 iron and hit them the same and so can most average golfers, BUT, I would be very interested to see how it compares to my 4 iron! 🙂 Just a thought…

B M says:

boooooo one length

PHB3113 says:

Salut Shawn je joue aussi les SLI 1iron, mon épouse les SLI Tom Wishon. Les SLI sont totalement compatibles avec ton enseignement et celui qu’Edouard nous transmet en France. Il y a encore moins d’efforts à fournir qu’avec des fers traditionnels. Les plans de swing sont simplifiés. La régularité vient rapidement même pour les joueurs du dimanche que nous sommes. Vive la marche de l’éléphant !!! Merci Shawn.

Golfanwalt says:

since you know Jaacob, have you ever thought about comparing your swing to Mike Austins? I know he was using different terminology than you but checking his videos with the skeleton suit his movements resemble yours a lot (from my amateur point of view).

Kourtney says:

This is awesome I’m glad you got your hands on a set. I’ve been playing them for over a year and even though I’m a scratch golfer it’s improved my game even more. Especially as I’m becoming more and more busy it’s hard to find time to practice. I don’t have to practice nearly as much and I’m enjoying the game even more. Great review.

Salvatore San juan says:

I’ve already purchased my Sterling One Length irons and am waiting for them to arrive. After all the reviews – I’m convinced enough to invest some cash in order to answer “WHAT IF??”. I do wonder though, if there is really a significant improvement in ease of use and consistency – why aren’t the people who play for a living, actually switch to these (save for Bryson D)? I understand they are already consistent enough with VLIs, but why not increase your advantage? Anyway, thanks for the review Shawn – you are one of the few people I really listen to in YouTube. Great content and great insight as always. More power!

Peter Crocitto says:

Question – with the same length shaft – did that impact your distances throughout your set let’s say your PW to 3 it

scotty195823 says:

As a hybrid user from 5 to 3 “iron” I have managed to achieve a fairly consistent 12 yard gap between clubs.  If I go the single length route from 6 to pitching wedge will I be able to maintain that gapping.  Whist I can grip down on my 5 hybrid to reduce the carry from 175 to 168 yards I struggle to reduce the carry any further.  Your thoughts would be welcome.  I like the concept of single length and lie as it reduces the number of variables in the swing however I would find it burdensome if my gapping was thrown out by using them.

Slowster says:

I really like your idea of LW-9i being the same length. I often feel out of the groove trying to hit full swings with the short wedges.

Andrew DeG says:

I switched to one length irons from Cobra at the beginning of this season. It has revolutionized my iron play. I really am enjoying the same set-up and stance with all the irons in my bag. I am now waiting for Cobra to come out with one length hybrids and woods. haha

Joan Arderiu says:

Thanks, good. More better for short or tall guys?

Rick O'Shea says:

Why the odd sound?.. I thought you broke the club at impact….. Davis Love III tried the Equal clubs back in the day as well. It would be interesting to get the Wishon clubs compared to your regular clubs on a flight scope……swing speed…ball speed….smash factor and so on….great topic well covered, I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Arnaud Maurin says:

Hello ! I’m a french clubfitter & clubmaker. i have built lots of STERLING irons for very different players, from low single digit to beginners. RH and LH. Men and women alike.
I just wanted to inform the golfers on something that they are never been told about the STERLINGs in particular, and the clubmakers in general.

STERLINGs (Tom WISHON) are a component brand, meaning : as a clubmaker, when I fit for these clubs, I am going to order ONLY the heads at a specific weight, loft, lie angle. I can fit the golfer with ANY shaft in the world (endless possibilities !). I will make sure these shafts are the BEST FIT for him/her. And I will also order ANY grip he/she wants to complement the set.

Also, I have advised some golfers to just go with the longer irons : 4,5,6 and 7. This is possible because I can order EACH HEAD separately.

Thirdly, I can fine tune the length of the clubs : it is not “8 iron length” fits for all. It is just the most common sense.
For example, I have built a STERLINGs set for a tall man who wanted all his irons the length of a 6 iron (that was HIS choice) : to do so, I had to ask the guys @ WISHON in the UK to HAND PICK the heads to a specific weight to be able to build a set like that.

I hope this helps.

Regards from France

Daily Dose says:

I’m a little confused. I thought the longer the club the more distance. So it doesn’t matter the length just the way its lofted? So I will be able to hit a single 7 iron length 5 iron loft the same distance as my current length 5 iron? If so, I’m buying them hehe

Marybeth Eby says:

why is there a skeleton hangin out??

T W says:

Good stuff, thanks Shawn!

algid says:

Interesting tidbit about you being single length 9 thru the wedges. As a ten finger gripper who gets over tilted as the clubs shorten that could resolve some issues. The more you know!

E.L.Dorado says:

I absolutely love the Sterlings.
I have the 5-9 at 36.5 inches and play standard length Titleist wedges at 46*,52* and 58*.( I like the wedges shorter)

Marauder31 says:

Shawn, Can you provide some feedback or data regarding the distance gapping you have experienced with the Sterling irons versus your PING gamers?

Tee Jay says:

The fuck is up with that swing bro

Milan Boskovic says:

Can you give these to Matt and Ian to put to test?

Ian MacCandless says:

I’ll try to ask a simple question on a complex subject. If you choke down on you longer irons (lower lofts) à la Sergio García, would you achieve better contact or just lose distance?

Base M. Devilleres says:

There is the law of fulcrum and moment in physics that determines the force to propel the distance of the ball. A short length iron will also reduce the force that drives the distance of the ball. For the pros, that reduction of force due to short fulcrum and moment will matter most.

Paul lindhag says:

I switched to 1 length irons a couple of months ago. Mine are from 1 Iron Golf who have been making these for the past 20 years. From 3 iron to Lob wedge, all the same length. I wish I had done this years ago. I am much more consistent in hitting center of club face and my distances have increased about 10 yds over my old set of Apex irons.

pei broker says:

always good, thank you …

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