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Diesel does things says:

Those are the most beautiful clubs I have ever seen!

john longfellow says:

i would love to see a review of the wilson c200 irons

Stan Thomas says:

I’ve got a set of the 1987 reproductions they made that have never been hit………DG S-400’s

Roger Toye says:

Hi Rick Q do you think these blades from PW to 7 iron and go for the staff fg tour v6 for 6 5 and 4 ? cheers it’s my bag of irons easy hit cavity 456 and blades from 7/8 to Pw I have had Wilson 1200 blades in the past 7 iron gives me 150

Wayne Swisher says:

Rick I have a set of Wilson Staff blades from 1964 that are similar to the FG Tour 100 irons.
I bought them when I got to High School.
I still hit them, but if you want them let me know and I will send them to you.
Let me know how I can get them to you. I am in Lubbock Texas.. you can email me at wnlb1950@yahoo.com

rocky nazz says:

I’ve been playing Wilson Staff Tour Blade irons since 1976 and for me the feel and distance control are amazing. These Wilson Staff FG 100 irons are the best ever from Wilson. I’m glad you got to see and hit them first hand. Rick, I would not hesitate to bag these irons for a season. Go with the TT DG X100 shafts.

Ibrahim El Gazayerli says:

test honma irons please

Vici Martynov says:

Well I dont think they are weak, they are the same loft as my Nike VR Procombos and my old Lynx Elegance clubs, I like traditional lofts, even the pitching wedge is only 1deg stronger than my 48/10 VR Pro wedge. These look fantastic. Well done Wilson providing some good quality simple irons. As far as I am concerned you can keep the high tech marvels from other companies, I play golf to get away from my high tech life 😉

Wilson Golf says:

For those interested, the FG Tour 100 irons are available here: http://www.wilson.com/en-us/golf/irons/feel/wilson-staff-fg-tour-100-irons-right-steel-s

CallMeAnimal69 says:

What do you do with all those brand new sets you test out? Do you never play them or do they just sit in the room???

Dean Bryant says:

Will there be a forgiveness test on these clubs?

Fuzzy Zoeller says:

Don’t be afraid of the blade. If you’re thinking about it go ahead and pull the trigger on these

mikael norin says:

Retired my set of ap2’s for these. Smoother of the face, accuracy is far, FAR better! The fluid feel “tech” reduces vibrations immensely on mishits compared to the 716 MB irons that I compared them to! My friends had a good laughter when I brought these to the course, because of the Wilson brands bad reputation. Well I’m buying a extra set!

Matt .Green says:

Rick what is the point of your beard? Thanks.

petercullen15 says:

I just bought a brand new condition set of 1963 wilson dynapower blades. Unbelievable feeling hitting them. Although the 8 iron is like a pw and the 5 iron is like a 7 iron haha. Either way they’re amazing

Andrew Linch says:

Those through shafts are not easy to remove, had my struggles when changing the shafts lol.

russell john walker says:

Ay up Rick. Russ. From Hillam. Near selby. I have got sum Spalding Pro blades. sorry there not wilson.

smak3r says:

Hey Rick my man,

I’m on a marathon going through your videos, the detailed data you’ve provide is mind blowing.

Since you are an awesome ball striker, Could you do a review on the “very interesting” Miura’s Blades ??? CB-57 or CB-501 or MB001?

Even though they are not for the mass market. i would love to see them!

HemiNole says:

From a numbers standpoint, these clubs make you question why you would go the “game improvement” route. These were more accurate and just as long.

Ronesi Alefaio says:

I just bought a set of Wilson firesticks..can anyone kindly please tell me if they are good clubs..nothing on google and YouTube about them..probably my best set so far apart from my first one..they feels good too..Rick any idea??

Zach says:

Those are the most beautiful irons I’ve ever seen

stephen jackson says:

Just bought an absolutely mint condition set of Tour Staff FG 49 irons 3-sw on ebay for £95 can’t wait to hit them

sabr686 says:

If you say the clubs are milled, why does it say “Forged” right on the back of the club?

Taylor Kunzman says:

What kind of bag is that callaway bag behind him

JT H says:

these blades are slick. remind me of Cleveland mb. the CB Wilson irons however are ugly and cheap looking.

Squilliam Fancyson says:

I don’t have old school Wilson irons, but I do have an old set of PowerBilt Pro Staff irons that I still play with to this day. I also rock the old school Fuzzy Zoeller woods. I will buy a new set of clubs when these rust away.

Fortnite Vids says:

Why does rick have a tennis racket in his callaway bag

Stacy Milliones says:

I have button backs 1 – SW still use them

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