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Jackson Looney says:

I don’t like big bulky irons either I find them hard to hit

Alan Parr says:

As much as I liked the V6.., must say Wilson went a bit over the top with the lofts and much bigger head on these clubs. But must admit.., I really do like the shinny & dull chrome finish on all the latest Wilson clubs.., Tour, V6 and D300.

Dan Reynolds says:

Wilson are back in the game. Taken a while!

D Martins says:

Can you do the c200?

Robert Urban says:

Rick shouldn’t be a red flag for players looking at these irons that the 7 iron carry was about 185 and the 5 iron carry was around 195 carry. So i assume 6 iron would be about 190 carry. Isn’t that a very small gap for yardages. Seems to be an issue with these strong lofts. extreme seven iron carry but 6, 5 and 4 iron yardage would be very similar to the 7 iron. Seems this would be a problem on the course??

Randsurfer says:

Stop making a fuss about how far that 7iron goes. It’s not a 7iron.

Don Mac says:

Great review!

One more thing Rick, remember when you said you were going to do a review on the M2 hybrid? Can you forward a link to that review. Thanks in advance.

Kevin Martin says:


Phil Ovenell says:

I noticed that every shot with every club was toe down which would account for the left/right dispersion. It’s probably why you didn’t like the feel. How long are the shafts compared to other irons?

matthew madalone says:

kinda not grasping how lower lofts equates to faster ball speed? makes no sense. faster ball speeds come from COR of face or CT of face, length of shafts and how fast it’s swung. the lower loft should really only affect dynamic loft then launch angle.

Gilberto Ayala says:

Lmao power holes

Mark Pogson says:

Am I the only one who thinks the Nike clothing range looks hideous?

Jeff Vaughan says:

Rick, These would be a good iron for Rob to review.

Adam Frank says:

Thanks Rick! I consider myself a good/not great player (5 handicap) and I know I could probably benefit from this club but I just can’t get used to the size of the head. I have always preferred blades even though I am sometimes punished. Love your videos…big fan!

Scott Litten says:

It would be perfect if you could do review of the C200 irons which target mid-handicap golfers

John Lawson says:

The Benross rip speed 10 irons, ( which you reviewed nearly 2 years ago) are more lofted than these irons, go further, & are a quarter of the price….

Michael Pasvantis says:

That seems to be a recurring theme with some of these max gi irons. More manufacturers should follow what cobra and mizuno have done with the wedges at the end of their sets gi sets.

James Burton says:

How do these compared to the 200 models?  anyone able to give some advice?

skip campbell says:

i bought these last year they are awesome really helped me make better shots!

Patrick Lyness says:

Can you get Rob to try these D300 out?

nong mar says:

C220s coming soon?

John Jones says:

i got the D100s lovely clubs

i Run Hockey says:

The five iron is a 3.5 iron

Mikkel Christiansen says:

If Shiels had done his homework, Power Holes is not a wierd name; its an old Wilson tech from tennis rackets which Serena still uses in her racket – it does pretty much the same in a golfclub, makes the sweet spot larger.

Paul Petropoulos says:

Another vote for a C200 review. Great channel Rick. Thanks.

sthil golfin says:

I thought we’d get the other two iron reviews the F5 and C200

Elim Herr says:

FG F5 forged review plz

Michael Ackerman says:

I hope you review the c200 irons. I wonder if they wouldn’t better serve golfers by making the wedge less chunky.

Jarrod McKinley says:

how about trying last years C200 irons

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