Check out this super old school
Wilson Signature One iron! How old do you think this golf club is thanks to Matt Nourse for giving me this club!!


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Joe B says:

My dad hit Signatures in college and are down in his basement yet. Always fun to get the knives out every once in a while to try them, basically no bounce. Great video.

Mrbigolnuts says:

that must be such an incredibly difficult club to hit! very impressive

Parker2400 says:

I found it. Came out in 2012

slimjim 2582 says:

hit the thrift stores, they’re everywhere!


Bring back the 1 iron.

Emilio Moreno says:

1965 iron

just stop talking says:

I thought good players get better with every swing. You get worse.

gutterbust255 says:

I have an old school style 4.5 Wood (not a typo). I wish You could review it. I got it at a yard sale along with the 1 Wood driver. Synthetic material, graphite shafts with matching manufacturer

Vijay Raghavendiran says:

the iron itself was ok, makes you lightning proof…but love the slazenger bat behind you (cricket bat). play some?

Leo Beardmore-Gray says:

2 iron is 18 degrees

Lbhunter63 says:

Made in 1968?

Jasonsadventures says:

These videos are great, you can buy clubs like this for a couple of dollars all day everyday. It’s great to see how they hit compared to modern clubs.

Charlie Holmes says:

Golf at goodwood do revival golf every year…hickory clubs, original clothes etc…

Bradin Standing Bear Golf says:

What shoe is that? @Rick Shiels Golf

Mr Cow is in the house says:

Ive got Ping zing 1 iron the longest I got was 70 yards

Forrest Fegert says:

Can you the greatest iron ever the Ram Tour Grind from with the frequency matched shafts. Look at the history and who won with that iron and you will be impressed. Get Rob Potter to also test it. Love your show!!!

YourGirlfriend'sBoyfriend says:

Clubs have stronger lofts these days so that is essentially just a modern day 3 iron if it’s 19 degrees, maybe a 2 if it’s only 18 degrees.

cbs2669 says:

My research says 311 years old.

Willis M says:

I did some research it is from anywhere from 1958 to 1964

Clayton Rainey says:

They just said on the show “Jack” that in the 60’s Nicklaus used to hit his 1 iron 280. That’s 2 8 0

ma molden says:

thanks for videos always good, let’s see a fg17 wilson staff review seems like people still game them even tho came out early 80s I even have set in attic

coffeatt arabicaut says:

copy of 37 year old Staff FG-51 Tour Blade Blk. Dot- same clubs I play! Excellent feel- forged in Ft Worth or Chicago- equal to MIller’s Oakmont Tourney 935’s-

Goodspeed says:

Old lofts are essentially one club weaker than today’s lofts. 2-iron of the 60’s and 70’s was 21* which is a modern 3-iron. However, this 1-iron is was 18* and that’s still a beast to hit!!

Patrick Murphy says:

Maybe from the mid 70s after a bit of research

okolekahuna says:

this was entertaining.

cub fsx says:

Hey Rick! Just wandering what mat you use to hit off of in this video?

Isaac alvarez says:

I have cobra baffle blades2 and they look similar very

Jordan Martinka says:

the way that club looks, i think personally without doing much research or having much experience, i think its early 90s like 91-94 something like that. i think that cause im 26 and i remember being about 11 or 12 and using irons like that, and that was 2001, and it was old then already

Nicholas Kolevski says:

you think this is hard to hit?!? I have an old bladed 5 iron, where not the groove area, but the entire clubface is barely bigger than the ball and a 3 iron which is probably the most bladed club in the world, and it’s tiny as well. I actually carry the 3 iron in my bag as a driving iron.

3000 says:

i have a wilson 1 iron

vachief says:

Back when golf courses in the early ’70s had several bags of “rental clubs” you would find these in the bags. I seen a guy in the mid-80s hit one 250 yards, the rest of us would be lucky if we could hit it 100 yards.

squidly2112 says:

Now THIS is a manly man’s golf club!!! … Rick, you could have at least restored the clubhead before this review so it would look pretty! … This club is your quintessential “classic” MB iron !!!

C3 Afterburner says:

I have copperhead irons a bullet point driver and 1,3,5 woods

Nate Ross says:

I have 8 different models of 1 Iron clubs. I play them regularly.

Bubba terrrell says:

And this is why I love my 1 iron man

InfectedHangnail says:

I would guess that the club is anywhere from 30-35 years old.

Mark Williamson says:

Bout 1966 era

Dominic Shaheen says:

Peek those shoes tho

David Miller says:

Love to see you and Pete test older second clubs & sets. Clubs or sets which in there prime were cutting edge and expenses.

Garret Daniel says:

TinCup status. “give me another ball”

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