In this week’s Tech Tuesday we look at what’s hot in golf clubs so far in 2017!

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Ian Shepherd says:

sm5 are great no need for sm6 for me at the moment

lucas pieruccini says:

I meant what do you mean by single length irons??

Jasmine Rodziewicz says:

Is there a equivalent video you have made for best suggested women clubs to buy?

Anthony says:

you should test the Hammer X driver by Jack Hamm! that would be cool!

745theone says:

Cleveland Wedges Rick!!!!! Gotta show some love for Srixon guys come on lol!! Love what you guys do!!!

Ryan Cheramie says:

The most underrated club is the Mizuno JPX 900 hybrid. Awesome! I do agree with Ping hybrids but the new Mizunos are outstanding!

unnervingfalcon says:

Hearing both of you mention about how some wedges like the SM6’S from Titleist don’t feel soft didn’t make sense to me. So I went and talked to my club maker and asked him about it. He said nobody should be able to feel the difference between forged and non forged with how hard the metal is. What golfers are feeling is how the shaft. He said it all depends on the shaft he puts in or what comes with the club. If he puts a KBS shaft in the wedge it would feel soft because their shafts are designed to make them feel soft.

colinpearson2 says:

its a shame you chaps don’t advise clubs you mention relates to high, low or medium handicap and also age differences

Travis Hernandez says:

Do you all spine or flo your clubs

Christian Almeyda says:

HAHAHAHA……the ski/bars/rail @ 5:45.I always enjoy watching these two. Great dynamic you two!!

Jacob Weigand says:

Please do more videos of both you and Rick. This was great!!

amrizzz says:

any suggestion for picking beginner set guys?

SniperSurvivalist & Bushcraft says:

I want to know what is the diffrence between Cobra king F6 pro or normal F6 do you think either of these is good or should i do a 3 woods as my driver that you guys like.

jay rankin says:

I can’t get behind Ping…iBlades are quite pricey for not being forged…plus Bubba is a ping guy…

David Richardson says:

Very entertaining guys. Well done!

Living The Craft says:

Great video guys.. I am new to golf and have a simple question. Why do golfers have varying club brands in their bag instead of the same brand throughout? Thanx

EdwardVan Leppard says:

Damn fellas these clubs break the bank for me.

spot mfd says:

Is that Rick shiels or Fidel Castro

Steve o says:

Thank you for having a few pints before doing this video. Entertaining to say the least!

Pierre Evrard says:

Hey guys
I would like to know what you think the best is between the Titleist 716 cb or the Mizuno MP H5? For a 11 hcp hoping to get pro in the next 3 years? Thx a lot

Skill et says:

Watch this without sound and you would swear Rick was Italian!

TheRiverter says:

these guys look like they love dick…… a lot

AM S says:

Peter and/ or Rick, would you do review japanese brands like: Yamaha, Bridgestone, Honma, Epon, Miura. It will probably give new experience and make your chanel more colorful. Besides, I really want to know how are these clubs perform compared to the common western brands.

Alan H says:

Where’s Richard beard come from? Not watched your videos since last year

Craigy E says:

Bro Science

Jessie Hoptkins says:

Love you videos Pete, you need to come to Australia for a few rounds!

David Richardson says:

Very entertaining guys. Well done!

Alex Lassaline says:

The new cobra technology is “Baffling”

ibass2 says:

Hmmnnn…. just curious about driving Irons. I know Rick has a Callaway 18 Apex U, I believe, not sure on Pete 3iron maybe?
Anyway, Srixon has a U65 , and pings utility Iron… both you guys smack your irons well, so you get on with a U iron in most cases better than a hybrid. The Titeist 716 T-MB looks sweet, Cobra King Utility, Taylor UDI, Srixon U65 with Mayazaki … I still would like to get there in TWO with an Iron so to speak even at 56yrs old… some of us had to break it off with 3i and 4i
Thoughts on this boys…

Also… I love my new Z765 Srixons , but still feel my Ping S55’s are timeless , and will hang on for another decade. The i200 are the little stepbrother to s55…. and the iblades are s55’s with a degree… seriously … s55’s are still the best scoring irons … just sayin.
I just bet there are some ping pro staff out there that would rather s55 in the bag than these newbies they are looping….

melvin sacromentoe says:

You guys should also throw in a budget set

MyBrucester says:

hysterical bloody brits..u guys r nuts..ok..I’ll buy the damn Pings I’s…))

Pete Kenny says:

PING G are fantastic get them or try them.. was fitted at PING for these awesome awesome cubs love them used to have i15 and these are 100 x better

Rodney Sweet says:

Which iron is best suited for a sweeper of the ball ?? 6 hdc that wants to hit higher

dan l says:

I love the video content but the background sun is Magnificent!

matty burrows says:

forget 2017 .ping should do a copper version of the g..bring back the copper irons..the old ping eye2 feel amazing with the new taylormade tp5 balls..they shit on forged for feel…have a bash and get your eye wiped people

ibass2 says:

Hey Rick…….you really should give Pete a chance to speak, as some of us would really like to hear what he also has to say. Just sayin…

Frank Lilley says:

Rick sort of dominated this . . . but good info!

dillaboo16 says:

which would you prefer jpx 900 tour or mp-5

Elim Herr says:

Wilson Staff is making the best Irons right now, I just put the F5’s in my bag this year. Love them!

John Jones says:

haha love it guys, great video and love the honesty

lucas pieruccini says:

What’s do you guys mean by single irons???

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