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In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 irons for low to mid handicap golfers from, Taylormade, Callaway, Wilson, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

TOP 6 mid-low handicap irons in 2017:

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Bruce Thomas says:

l am right handed and can get too left with longer irons..did the ping g have less of a tendency to go left?

Calvin Russell says:

I Went to American Golf had a personalised fitting and was recommended the Taylormade M2s. Enjoy them very much. I guess 1 man’s meat etc. I enjoyed your review, however, again just personal choice, I think performance is key, looks nice to have.

Shawn Woods says:

Loving the Ping g’s! thank you.

cwugrad396 says:

The Ping G had too much offset which didn’t look right for me. Went with AP1’s bc they looked and felt great and the distances were consistent … had the Mizuno been out at the time I certainly would have tried them

Audie York says:

I’m glad I watched this video since I’m waiting for my order of Ping G’s to come in. I didn’t find them the best looking clubs but they were certainly easy to hit, forgiving and had good flight and performance for me.

Gary Stevens says:

finally a video with all the info on the clubs that I have interest in. I’m very keen on the g but will have to try out the Wilson after watching this! thank you.

John Jones says:

define mid handicap?

K4crasher says:

Enjoyed the review, Nick. Thought that a few of the clubs included are aimed at higher handicap players?

2111 Corps says:

Great review Nick  . I like all the factors you took into consideration , and multiple irons tested.  Will keep an eye out for more of your reviews now that I have found the site and subscribed .  Thanks.

neil haggerty says:

Well if Ap1s would of been bought From 5-pw like i did,they wouldn’t of lost points on the Value for money verdict, hence coming joint 3rd.

Garry Grant says:

If you or any tester wants to be taken seriously, then you must review unbiasedly. what’s the point of you giving opinion on looks when you admit you prefer blades? This is for mid to high handicappers, so put yourself in their shoes. I for example, liked the Wilson best and would give me confidence. You may not like the urethane inserts but you obviously realise it’s there for a damn good reason. I enjoyed your recent shaft flex video as it was fact based.. this video was imo, a waste of time.

romgoh says:

I think looks should not be rated at all because one man meat is another poison. for a mid handicapper like myself (18). I think performance and feel should both rated higher. price too is dependence in individual budget so be rated seperately.

Compilation King says:

How the hell can a club have zero performance? This channel makes 0 sense

grumpy2159 says:

You should have tried the Wilson C200 irons. Had mine several months and you don’t notice the urethane slots at all. Feel good too.

Roger Redford says:

Great, new approach to reviewing. Very comprehensive and understandable for all range of golfers. Good job.

enlightened says:

useless info

William Russell says:

Curious as to how Srixon Z565 or Z765 didn’t make your list.

Ryan Mextorf says:

Hey Nick two questions / comments

1. What the song by Cappellino you’ve used in almost all of your other reviews recently? Can’t seem to find it on their youtube channel.

2. The performance part of this review I think can be improved a bit. At the moment you hit 5 shots and then grade the irons based upon their dispersion. I think this approach is far too volatile and likely to be impacted by user error, especially lateral dispersion. I think even in this test you had two bad strikes and was downgraded because the user hit one left and one right.

Rather, I think you should incorporate trajectory, spin, and distance control more than anything into that number to be more representative of the club’s performance.

neil haggerty says:

Ap1s are not 599,what a flawed Club Test.Sure this wasn’t a promotional​Video For American Golf

1WEEBLE1 says:

After watching i am waiting for my Ping’s to arrive

Ryker Percival says:

Those m2s are my favorite looking.

the links lizard says:

always liked your testing good work.

Martin Moore says:

Great vid. Thanks. I love the jpx, like you 5/5 for looks and feel is great too. I bought some from AG several months ago.

steamroller72 says:

Love the comparison videos, whether I agree or not, very informative. I actually thought the D300’s were the best looking clubs, but I’m partial to chrome, black, and red setups. I’m still rocking Nike VR-S irons…

CF Miller says:

Funny what a difference personal preference makes. When I was looking for new sticks early this year I hit all these clubs except the Wilsons and had a very different impression. I think I fall into that mid handicap group and play between a 10-15 most seasons. I selected the Callaways and thought they were by far the best feeling and best looking clubs of the group. These all seem to be very good clubs with very little difference in performance which is what really counts. Point is hit them all and get what you like and what works for you.

the links lizard says:

hi nick just looking at this video again love your short compact back swing I’m trying to play the S&T method the past year but I struggle with an overlong back swing which seems to undo all good work from the set up weight left ,shoulder down ,feet flared how do I shorten up my back swing I’ve tried and it’s not that these long evenings cheers nick.

G Blizzard says:

Great Test! This gives us a lot to look at to make our own decision based on what criteria matters. There is something mysteriously good about the forgotten Wilson irons… I got the Mizunos, but noticed those Wilsons.

Brad DeVos says:

I just hit most of these today and bought the Ping G. The M2s felt, looked, and sounded good … but I couldn’t control them.

22bigtuna says:

Great review I like how u put them side by side for performance. Fair ratings.

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