TOP 6 Low – Mid handicap irons in 2017 | Review | American Golf

In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 irons for low to mid handicap golfers from, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

TOP 6 Low handicap irons in 2017:

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84motopics says:

Good quality video but it bugs me that you can give a club a zero. If it hits the ball, it shouldn’t get a zero. One club ended up with an overall percentage of 24%. I can’t take that seriously. Just my opinion.

Daris Cotton says:

Nick, is it possible to give these a forgiveness rating as well? Thanks.

triptoheaven says:

HI Nick, great reviews!!! Which set would you recommend me? Im improvingmy game, i was 26 in January, now Im in 18 and feel like Ill keep improving since Im practicing very often. I use callaway diablo forged irons but I want to change to taylormade M1 or M2 because I got the M2 driver and fairway woods and really improved my game with those. Thanks for your advise.

MrJoshthenosh says:

i was at this store yesterday was impressed with the gc2 i wish i had one in my house 🙂

Craig Moyer says:

So why the Mizzy 6 iron when all others were 7 irons?

Stephen O'Sullivan says:

No Srixon? Their muscle back Z965 and Z765 are pretty compelling sticks for this and the low handicap evaluation videos. I get that they’re not as widely available as the bigger manufacturers. But the quality of their design and their performance make a case for inclusion here. I recon they’d compete pretty favorably against these.

don laney says:

Terrible evaluation… looks, feels and sounds totally biased…

Doug White says:

Sorry Nick but you are a bit of a bore 🙁

Kleaks 23 says:

How can you rate these against each other when they are all in various categories

Pursuit_For_Par says:

the only club that is forged is the 900 tour, im very surprised you didn’t rate it higher for feel. I have swung every one of these clubs and play the tour. by far the softest, best hitting irons ive ever owned. I used to play titleist blades from 2006 and those were amazing feeling but I have always loved the look and feel of mizuno. they say it themselves, “nothing feels like a mizuno”

Stephen DiBari says:

Kinda surprised you didn’t rate the Mizuno JPX Tour higher in the feel category. It’s the only one that’s completely Forged.

stuart malone says:

Little unfair to use the jpx 900 tour 6 iron while the rest of the clubs where 7 iron

PeteC says:

Why did you compare a 6 iron from Mizuno with 7 irons from all the other manufacturers and how did you compare the performance then? I don’t think it is a fair comparison in terms of performance. Look and feel is comparable, but not the performance.

john sneade says:

also the 900 tour is played by many pros and I wouldn’t advise many double digit handicap players hitting those. I personally love them but are more along the line of a blade

P Rex says:

Please consider changing up the music.

Cheng Xiao says:

The Mizunos are the best here by far, i have played all these irons

remyd1984 says:

really enjoyed your review! subbed you. But for me ping won the performance as the dispersion is all on the golfer but the club head gives you the backspin. AP2 is worryingly low for its loft no? ping had over 1000 more revs with 1* stronger loft, stopping power is high on my list

Leighton Booth says:

surprised to see the guy that plays AP2’s gives AP2 the highest score. Cool story Bob.

Josh Martins says:

Jpx forged should of been used instead of the tour..

Daniel Vernic says:

why would you review the taylormade m1s and not the p770s. wouldn’t that be better for low to mid, also a much better looking and overall club. would like to hear your thoughts. the m1 really is not the equivalent to the ap2 or those mizunos, the p770s are.

gus gatlin says:

how much is titliest paying you lol.

Alex Nuschke says:

3/5 feel on the Mizuno Tours… interesting. Most YouTubers are saying these are the softest feeling clubs out there and seems like any pro who isn’t on a club sponsorship deal is gaming them.

tony penny says:

this is very funny today i went to american golf as i have a set of aeroburners and i HATE i was recommended these but they are for really bad players. I like the look and feel of the ping i 200 i was told ur handy cap is to high but i hit 8 shots straight out of 10 i dont like the chunky look of the forgiving club. ur company told me u have to be a 8 handicap and lower for these irons u showed ?

stuart malone says:

The clubs that performed best were lofted at 33/34 degrees, the clubs that performed worst were 6 irons lofted around 30-31 degrees, however I have to question as to why the 6 iron jpx tour was used and not the 7 iron which is lofted at 33 degrees, the jpx was the only 6 iron used, the others where 6 iron lofts with seven iron shaft length or a genuine 7 iron, this is not a fair test.

Geordie Sancaster says:

As per stephen’s comment can’t believe AG don’t stock srixon irons come on wake up AG just look around at how many low handicap golfers are using srixon irons, they are out selling the big boys in the northumberland and being used by top county players they all can’t be wrong?

Kevin Stephen says:

Great reviews on the mid handicapping irons.
Very surprised at the results.
Looking to change my irons, present I play with Ping G5,
What do you recommend?
Kevin Stephen

Michael Ackerman says:

I pretty much agree with your ratings. I love Cobra woods but have never really been wowed by their irons. It is hard to beat the Ap2 for feel.

Luke Sinky says:

I currently use i10 irons, I have tried both the G and i200. Which would be best?

Joe Perez says:

The Mizuno JPX 900 Tour possibly suitable for up to a 20 handicapper??? I’m around a 12, and I tried the 900 Tour, and found that unless I hit the ball in the DEAD CENTER of the club face, it resulted in a “clanky” shot. The 2 of 5 that I *did* hit in the center felt otherworldly. I would have thought you’d have included the 900 FORGED model (which I ended up purchasing) rather than the Tour version.

L. Gyger says:

I don’t like that polished chrome finish. It makes the club look cheap and it wears out faster.

Trevor says:

Interesting how short distance is with the Ping’s in comparison to the others. I had i25’s and always came up shorter and wondered if it was me or what was going on.

Michael Pasvantis says:

I don’t think the AP2 price “rank” is correct. At least here across the pond a 7 club set is higher than the others and the same price as the Apex.

john sneade says:

the king forged belongs in this category….cobra makes blades but usually don’t release them till slightly later in the year usually.


I’m surprised the Apex irons did so badly….but i do game them! Thanks for your vids…i do look out for them now; i do enjoy them. Any chance you might use a mid handicapper to test?

Tom Morts says:

Since when was 24 mid handicap ?

Ding Dong says:

play Ping i200 great clubs

Brian Power says:

Really enjoyed the testing. Not trying to be funny or anything but I enjoyed the song you had playing over the swings. any chance you could tell me what it was and by who?

Ryan Mextorf says:

Appreciate all the time and effort you put into these man. Excellent reviews.

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