TOP 6 Low handicap irons in 2017 | Review | American Golf

In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 low handicap irons from, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

Taylormade M2 irons review:

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Miguel Garza says:

what about the Srixon Z965’s?? no respect for an awesome performing and looking iron.

Jeremy Tiernan says:

Great video. ☺️

hawkey100 says:

Tough not to include PXG

Pake June says:

You don’t even see the back of the club….

Ligerpride says:

We have different tastes. I walked into a golf shop last week and was very impressed by the Callaway Apex Pro at first look. The Mizuno’s also look great though IMO.

Matthew Gallagher says:

Good review! Subscribed to your channel today. Videos keep getting better. Loved the recent driver reviews.

Only thing i would say is the lable of “low handicap” on the video. Frustrates me. Handicap doesn’t dictate ball striking or ability to use the clubs in the video .. Low handicappers don’t necessarily strike it well enough to consider blades and some mid/high handicappers do hit it well enough to consider them. What this type of label does is restricts golfers club choices when going to a customer fit that they have to try x y and z because this type of club fits into there handicap guide. Sorry if this comes across negative but things like that irritate me as its incorrect marketing.

Hunter Stracci says:

Why didn’t you use the Taylormade P750 instead of the bigger P770s when your talking about low handicap irons?

Peterq Nielsen says:

went for the From the old Taylor made MB irons to the 770. love the Trajectory and the feel + the 10-15 yards i have gained

dkgolfnut says:

Nice job, I ended up with the p770’s. They feel great and imo look great. Keep up the great work. I enjoy the videos

viggo sorensen says:

why the fuck is he judging them on the looks thats for us to do with our personal taste

Daris Cotton says:

Recently subscribed to your channel and I really like how you are doing your reviews. One thing I was hoping you’d rate or comment for in this comparison was forgiveness. I know that these clubs aren’t designed for forgiveness, but some should be”easier” to hit than others. In your opinion, from easiest to most difficult, what would you say? Thanks.

Scott Stewart says:

Love your reviews. Just ordered my P770’s with the KBS TOUR flt stiff shafts. The demo I hit felt better than my Mizuno’s I traded in.

John Clark says:

all good stuff this NICK. but yer average guy wants a great set of irons .go get PING EYE 3 osize.or I3 blades. FANTASTIC. & YOU’LL GET A NICE SET 4THRU 9 ON E- BAY FOR £150. LAST A LIFETIME. & IF THEY CAN’T USE EM. TAKE A LESSON, WITH YOU. JOHN.

Doug Pierce says:

why use a 6 iron for the mizuno and 7 iron for the others. the mizuno was 4-5 degrees stronger.

dkgolfnut says:

Nick, are you going to be reviewing wedges? Curious your thoughts about TM Milled Grind, SM6, Cleveland, etc.

Tobias Larsen says:

Should most probably know how to spell appearance …

Jhört _ says:

your carry distance with a 7 iron 155 yards??? incredibly short?

Om Stoned says:

What shoes are those?

Thomas Ousby says:

the Titleist didn’t feel great becuase you cant hit it properly haha

Mark Turriff says:

Great review Nick – spellcheck Appearance though

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