Top 5 Game Improvement Irons 2017 – The Average Golfer

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Paul Montalto says:

Nice review; would suggest a close up sole comparison of each club.

Warren Bourne says:

nicest bloke 2017 …….you…….A DRONE

Scubasteve Smith says:

Nice what you did for my son ,just want to say thanks and give you a life time membership to Beverly’s Hills

Annette Chiasson says:

What did you think of the AP3……

Crippled Criss says:


Jamie Robertson says:

Top review mate,I got the p790 irons and find them great.

martmanize says:

Andy, would be interested to find out how you got on with the Srixon’s you had fitted, regarding the comments made about the game improvement irons? Thanks, Martyn.

john uren says:

Good honest review as always Andy. Benross must be absolutely stoked to be in the list amongst the likes of Ping an Titeliest. It goes to show you don’t have shell out ££££ to have good clubs and enjoy your golf. Looking forward to next lists.

MrRafico84 says:

Great video, but no love for the JPX 900 HotMetals?

COO Ba says:

My wife and I both play the Ping G Max irons and we both think there the best clubs we have ever played.

Mike Cook says:

Why wouldn’t the Epics be considered game improvement irons? Curious,???

Mike Cook says:

What about the Callaway Epic irons?

Steven Kean says:

Nice reviews – picking up my G400’s today. Glad they made it on the list or I would’ve been doubting my choice!

Stormtrooper1488 says:

This is full of bullshit. Technology has not improved massively. This is the view that club makers are trying to promote of course so they can sell more clubs year on year. The “improvement” is made using stronger lofts each year!

If you don’t believe me then check out the views of Tom Wishon, who really knows about golf club design.

I know you want to make “new” content, but please don’t spout erroneous facts in order to do so.

Joe Pesce says:

Interesting your strongly considering putting a “Game Improvement” iron in you bag.  I am a 8 handicap myself like you and play the JPX 900 hot metal.  I love the performance, but  I think my ego is pulling me toward the MP-18 SC/MMC.  Perhaps I should continue playing the Hot Metal’s.  Since in the end its all about performance anyways….right?  Love the vids!

Mike Cook says:

Looking forward to it!!!

mrwailingguitar says:

Andy – just saw Randy’s video. Sometimes it’s tough to have faith in the goodness of humanity – but other times it’s made very easy – thanks to folks like you, kind sir. Well done!

Scubasteve Smith says:

Damn pranked by 2nd placed irons

Justin Stephenson says:

I no longer really understand what is a game improver, a super game improver and a better player iron because at the margins they merge together. I would regard myself as a person who needs a GI iron, my strike is reasonably consistent but I am not a metronomic striker, club head speed is average (80 mph with 7i) low teens HC (but improving). I no longer need the big chunky SGI but I would struggle with a blade

For me the M2 sacrificed too much stopping power to help the player who struggles with distance and launch – more SGI than GI iron. I just didn’t get on with the looks of the G400. Titleist were not available when I was buying. Surprised the MP18-MMC is not in your list, maybe that counts as a better players iron but I really enjoyed trying them and very nearly bought them. In the end I bought M1 5i-PW: they felt so solid and stable at impact although I can understand others who find the feeling a bit harsh and certainly they have a clicky sound at impact which many will not like.

freddy says:

Where did the Mizuno JPX 900 Hotmetal finish or was it tested? Would love to know why it didnt make the top 5.

John Lawson says:

Sorry Andy, but imho, this review does nowt for me mate. Not slagging you, & if this is your top 5, for whatever reason,fair enough. However, you can’t say stuff without backing it up with science…. “Things have moved on in the last 5 years ?”… Prove it !. Consider things like, loft angle, shaft length ?….Nah, the R&A stopped this years ago mate. Get someone to produce a video with, “Iron Byron” & then compare all these clubs… What do you think the outcome would be ?… ( If it’s about the looks ?… Carry on) .

Brian Waldo says:

After what I saw you do for Randy at Fried Egg Golf, your generosity compelled me to check out your channel. I enjoyed your video too… had to subscribe.

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