Top 5 Forgiving Irons For Mid to High Handicapers of 2018

2018 has seen some fantastic golf clubs be released. Especially in the market of game improvement. Which irons are the best five for forgiveness and game improvement for mid handicappers and high handicappers. In this video I go through my top five that I have seen so far.


Seve Sellors says:

Great review will be testing AP1 next week. Currently playing Callaway x series. As a senior high handicapper I’m looking for forgiveness,distance and feel, plus decent looking! Can’t wait for your final test!

CVSoprano says:

My fitter put me through the paces with Callaway Rogue, Taylor Made M4, and Mizuno 900-JPX. And the winner was……..

…Mizuno. After some tweaking with length, lie, and weight, I was clustering the 6 iron with a pleasant draw in a 10-yard diameter circle at 170-ish yards. Can’t wait until they arrive next week for finishing.

Paul Foster says:

Very helpful video James , just started playing again and still love my Cleveland VAS I bought 27 years ago for forgiveness!!!!! However James , do you think I would benefit from newer technology and get some new irons??

Jake McKeown says:

More like TaylorMade P790 irons are number 1.

ben lorrain says:

Best reviewer i’ve found, to the point and talks exclusively about the forgiveness and function.
So many other reviewers crap on about looks and sounds of clubs.
This guy is a really good reviewer!
Nice job!!

michael agishian says:

I’m a 14.6 handicap. I’m on my first set of clubs that I got fitted for and my second set overall since I started golfing 4 years ago. I ended up with the srixon 585 but the ap1s and ap3 made it a tough decision.

david stackpole says:

James, Loved the video!! went and got fitted today testing ping g400, calloway rogue, mizuno 919 hot metal and the AP1 Hit the AP1 most consistently, felt great and pro said he said it would be perfect irons for me based on my testing I kept an open miond going in but honestly was thinking mizuno but AP1 made me a believer looking forward to trying them when they come in I am a high handicapper but stand by for the future development :)…my first set of fitted clubs

Don Harrold says:

If you’re struggling with launch and distance, particularly with 4,5,6 irons, get the Cleveland HB irons. Ugly as sin but they work!

Rick M says:

Just found your page have you reviewed the Cobra F-MAX complete set?

Colin Li says:

Is PXG SGI the most forgiveness club in these 5 models? Don’t consider the higher price.

Graeme Leckie says:

Titleist 718 ap1 s great irons never hit the ball so consistently well

Robert Salazar says:

please do a part 2 with srixons rogue and others that came out.

BombTechGolf says:

Where is BombTech?

Wayne Swisher says:

Wilson D350 are much longer iron than C300. Also very forgiving. Try them.Thanks for the review. I am new to your channel

Timothy Daniels says:

Thanks James. For me it came down to the JPX 900 and the Titleist AP1. It was a tough decision but I bought the AP1’s. Both are great clubs. The trajectory and forgiveness of the 4 and 5 irons really stood out, for me.

sam cox says:

I am a 7 handicap golfer 15 years old and I love my 718 ap1 irons!!!

Kevin Hodge says:

Ben Hogan GS Edge are the best ever I have 3 sets flex 4

Sean Coxe says:

Sheesh, James. For many of us, the newest Titleist and Mizuno irons are no more affordable than PXG! How about a video for those of us on a fixed income or with family. You know, the Wilson, Cobra, Tour Edge crowd–or (shudder) a video on the best used game improvement irons. For example, you can get a complete set of very forgiving 2015 Cobra Max irons, in fine fiddle, for less than a third of what you’d pay for most of the irons in this video.

Gavin Kelly says:

I got fitted yesterday for ap1 and I loved them at fitting

Steve Holliday says:

AP1’s just look amazing…

Tom Smith says:

WOW!!! do you have a flat swing. I use Titleist AP 3 and like them. When you hit them good there super solid miss hit them and there not to bad.

Yollie Onsky says:

own that ap1 and loved it very much

Aaron Tooley says:

No rogue x….?????????

Jenno Vices says:

it’s Gordon Ramsey of the golfing world! 🙂
all that’s missing is, these clubs are F#*%&’#+*g brilliant or for F*’#&ks sake go and buy these F*’#&%king clubs today!

Michael Pasvantis says:

Fantastic James, keep up the good work!

Lee McLaren says:

First video i have watched on your channel. Noticed your backswing – is your backswing like this to prevent and over the top swing? I have just started back golf after 10 years or so and I’m having trouble with a looping at the top and coming across so I’m noticing people’s swings more than ever lol. Nice video subbed.

Michael Poalillo says:

I just bought the titleist ap1. Im so excited to try them out!!

John Klein says:

Great review James. I currently hit the TM Burner 2.0 irons and I’m looking to buy a new set.I’ve hit the Calloway Rogue, Ping G400 (but not the G700), the AP1, and the M4. I have narrowed my choices down to the AP1 and the M4, but now thinking I should hit the G700 (don’t want to complicate thins too much). What do you see as the biggest difference between the M4 and the AP1?

Trevor Allard says:

Srixon 565….. Should have been in here

Jay Birdo says:

Have to wonder why a Wilson club would be listed, I have never seen Wilson clubs since taking up the game several years ago. Does anyone aspire to Wilson ownership? Have to think the new Callaway Rogues would place on this short list.

Patrick says:

Hey what about us seniors? any recommendations for graphite shafted clubs..Would really appreciate your views

Jordan Baker says:

Looking to get a new set of irons. I’m around an 8-10 handicap. If I break 80 I’m pretty pleased…
What do you guys suggest if I’m not looking to break the bank?
I wouldn’t even mind buying slightly used/a year or two old…
Any feedback from whoever is reading this I’d appreciate it!

Bobby Young says:

Don’t forget the Cleveland altitude irons, they are outstanding, if you can find them!!!!!!

Gratton White says:

Its not the irons, it’s the swing. No one can afford to make a bad golf club yet no one wants to invest money on their swing. New clubs have jacked up lofts so you think you are hitting farther. Most new Tm irons are close to 4 degrees stronger than a players iron….hilarious…take a lesson and go hit some real forged players irons…then you have something to brag about.

karl fletcher says:


MissyLaMotte says:

I got a set of Cobra F8s (the standard length ones) earlier this year and I absolutely love them. I don’t think I would recommend them for links golf, though, because they do tend to get the ball really high into the air. On the parkland courses I usually play, it is perfect, since it allows me to hit them over trees (something I was never able to do confidently with my old irons) and to have them stop quickly on the greens even though I don’t put a massive amount of spin on the ball.

jeiy jeiy says:

hey this was a great video i used the information on that video and this to get a perfect rod

N8 Mare says:

You can never go wrong with Mizuno.

Roy Daniels says:

I started This year playing. Bought the hole set ap1. From 54 Now DOWN to 19.1 hcp. Loving it

Pay it Forward says:

Wow, another great and informative golf equipment video. Just like my still favorite golf Youtube (Mark Crossfield) use to do 🙂 – I’m looking at the Ping G700 or the AP1’s for my next set.

howlingwolf125y says:

I really like the AP1’s .. Was looking at buying a set but they do not offer irons customize-able to an upright 3 or 4 degrees lie angle – and a longer shaft length (+1.5 to +2.0 inches) option.. Looks like they only offer a max 2 degree upright. That is not enough for me and is totally unfortunate.. Thankfully many other companies offer the ability to customize irons the way I need them. … but I reeeally wanted a set of AP1’s!!!

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