Top 10 Irons 2018 | Mid handicap testing

Equipment editor James Savage runs through his favourite models on the market for 2018…

Top 10 irons 2018
My top 10 irons 2018 list has a few rules. And I make the rules so you’re not allowed to argue.

Firstly, I’m not saying these are ‘the best’ irons out there. I’m saying that from all the irons I have hit over the past 12-18 months, these are my favourite from each brand.

So there’s only one model per brand which made this list even trickier to put together and most brands have a few models which I really like.

And remember, I am a mid-handicap golfer so have made my choices based on the irons I would be most happy putting in my bag for the 2018 season.

There are some lovely sleek blades out there which would get a lot of people’s vote but I’m not convinced they are going to help me shoot my best scores.

Feel free to have your say in the comments section or tweet me @JamesSavageNCG…

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Brian Sulzbach says:

I like the new Titleist AP3

Joe Dubiel says:

Great review. Enjoyed this. Spider Dubiel

joesun913 says:

P790 is also my favorite that I’ve hit so far this year. They felt amazing. Waiting a few more months to make a purchase to see if anything else comes out and to get my swing in shape for a fitting!

Matthew Orrison says:

Interesting review, right up until Taylormade made #1.

YeOldeBassist says:

No Miura? Can’t discuss irons without including the granddaddy of all irons? Otherwise great video.

Mike B says:

I can’t really disagree with your personal choices, especially since I haven’t hit most of those clubs, but I do like the Cobra tour forged irons, although they kept showing the f8 instead of the tour forged in the video.

jay Seifert says:

What is a “mid” handicapper? 10-15 perhaps?

P Mac says:

I would have thought these were more like high handicap irons for say about 18 to 23hcp. Something like the Mizuno MP18 MMC would be more Mid handicap rather than the hot-metal. Just my opinion of course.

foxtrot789 says:

It’s not the “Top 10 Irons”, it’s the “Top Irons of 10 Different Manufactures”.

JakeB88 says:

I like how in the first 20 seconds he basically says that the title of the video isn’t what the video is about lol

National Club Golfer says:

Tell us which irons you think should have been included and why…

cwugrad396 says:

Can’t complain with that Top 10

Dan Rasmussen says:

I went and got fitted and I ended up with the ping g400 I didn’t think the tm 790 were worth the extra money my second choice was the titleist ap1

Gavin Williams says:

Good review for me srixon all day long Price feel performance

James Savage says:

Should have put the Cobra Forged Tour/One higher. Working really well out on the course

Profile Mugshot says:

11:48 It’s not for you to say if PXG are worth the money? The whole video is an opinion piece…

Jim Facteau says:

Yes they were, the recoil shaft is great

Gavin Williams says:

Can’t agree more I’ve had both sets and they are fantastic irons can’t wait to see what’s next I’ve got a feeling they will look different as the previous 2 sets have looked very similar but like you say if they improve then the few people who play srixon in this country are in for a treat a lot of my friends have had a go of mine love how they look and feel but end up getting a set of pings taylormade callaway etc

Geompat 1 says:

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been playing the TM P790s for a few months now. Best Irons I’ve ever hit. Long penetrating ball flights. Feel like butter. Very workable both with direction and trajectory. Best looking too. Got fitted for the PXG’s also. P790’s perform and feel better… a third the price.

Stories with Aly says:

I debated for a long time and although i have not tried the mizuno mmc I came close to choosing the ap2 or the p790 but ended up with the z565 with a after market custom shaft that suited me – no regrets as when you strike it well the feel is to die for. Unfortunately have not tried the pxgs – way too expensive.

Tyrone Northcutt says:

Why do i get all of the puffs from across the pond?

Stories with Aly says:

Agree. Same applies actually to woods or hybrids. I ended up with two different hybrids partly based on gapping and ease of use/accuracy at each respective level – a mizuno clk and a cobra f7. So mixing a set of irons also makes a lot of sense. Indeed had i tried the mizuno mmc I would have looked to mix with the sc for instance. Must say pxg second gen sounds interesting – pity not for us mere mortals.

Blakk Lining says:

Damn whats ur handicap man? Ur swing is as ugly as mine.

JON P says:


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