TOP 10 IRONS 2016

TOP 10 IRONS 2016
Rick Shiels selects his favourite IRONS so far of 2016!

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Armin Arlert says:

The jpx ones

Brett McCormack says:

I’m surprised he did put in the Ping iBlade

Nick Manders says:

They might perform great when using them but the Ping G irons are just so ugly to me… Like the look of the apex, titleist CB, and mizuno much better!

jack ng says:

callaway apex UT

swagbro11 says:

Drinking game: any time rick says blade, mb, cb, muscleback, cavity back, love, great numbers, they look smart, take a shot of hard liquor

Bryan Harris says:

how were the tm m2 tours not on that list??

James Koskey says:

fuck yeah Rick Hogans are amazing

Bjbarend says:

srixon Z series should have been on in my opinion!

sothis84 says:

Surprisingly no PXG here or in the driver section either?

F D says:

Never a japanese maker? Miura, Vega….. c’mon…

Malin Strandell Jansson says:


Really, Dude? says:

first list I have seen that doesn’t have callaway xr steelhead near the top

TheBagBalm says:

Miura is the best of them all.

Liquid bend says:

Jesus pings are fucking ugly

AM S says:

Rick, would you review more japanese clubs like Yamaha, Bridgestone, Honma, Epon, Miura? I’d really like to know how are their performance compared to the common brands in the western world.

john kim says:

How come the Titleist Ap2 irons weren’t on the list.

Shawn Allen says:

How can you possibly leave AP2 off this list. Unbelievable

Thamac15 says:

Where are the 716 MB? You looked like you were in golf iron heaven when hitting these on your channel. Best blades in quite some time!

Raghav Inder says:

What about the PXG’s?

itube0047 says:

Jesus, what an ugly accent.

cavattack1 says:

What shafts used on the G irons?

vincent weber says:

pxg should be the number one they are amazing

collinder says:

7:53 youre welcome

Kevin Walsh says:

Just picked up a 4-GW set of the JPX EZ’s for $300, and can’t wait to play them!

jwa1962 says:

Why no Wilson D200’s?

Armin Arlert says:

Would a golf club have a “sweet spot?” If so, how big a sweet spot would the mizuno 900 have

Rocket Ship 27 says:

is it odd for a right handed person to golf left handed?

Sanjay Naik says:

Hello Rick,
Will you please kindly test review the difference between blades and cavity back irons? Mainly the height and distance. Consistency. I understand will be subject to one hits. I thank you for your valuable time and effort.

Paul Richardson says:

I’ve just switched from an older set of Mizuno MX-200’s to the Callaway Apex 16’s – the Callaway adds massive distance and consistency across all manner of strikes – downside is no-one and I mean no-one does feel like Mizuno.

Jordan Lindzy says:

Do you think under armor will start making clubs in the near future?

air8521 says:

I purchase Ping Gmax two weeks ago and it indeed is the most forgiving irons that I ever tested. suit weekend golfers like me with simple swing and simple flight. I am not putting force to make the distance longer, just enjoy the ball flight with easy swing and tempo. I use SR flex graphite shaft can easy correct my slice and head is square every time. thanks Rick.

Xavier Francis says:

No wonder you hit the gmax long. It’s a 7 with a 30.5 loft! 3.5 off a traditional. That extra distance got a bit to your head I think. Either way, solid reviews mate.

Samuel Long says:

TaylorMade M2 and Titleist AP2 irons should be on here

matthew geraghty says:

YES! Just bought Mizuno JPX ez – granted last years version and not forged but still for $299 USD for 4-gw cant go wrong. Especially when the 7 tested out at 187 yards

Ben Gossard says:

What have you heard about KZG irons? Can’t find to many reviews by people other than the company.

thomas fletcher fletch says:

taylormade m2

mike anda says:

i like the way he shows his options and moves it quickly thank you a big thumbs up 🙂

Patrick c says:

I am a 6 handicap and play the g irons. I got to an 8 handicap playing ping eye 2’s forever. The g irons were my 2nd set of clubs I have ever bought coming off the eye2. I instantly gained about 20 yards in distance on the irons and mishits were incredibly more forgiving with the g iron than the eye2. I don’t know if 6 is considered low but these clubs greatly improved my game and actually did lower my handicap by 2. I certainly feel more confident with these irons.

MR.007 says:

the golfers always use one iron for green and sandy shots?

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