Top 10 Irons 2015

►Top 10 Irons 2015
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Shea Meade says:

hi rick…i just found your site , gutted i missed the comp. one thing i do need is a day long assessment of my game and my bag, good luck to whom ever one this prize, cracking prize…

rick would you consider a day of coaching for me…how much £££

cheers and keep up the good work


Patrick Vinas says:

What’s the least expensive blade Irons on the market right now (2013-current)?

Hooter Bear says:

Not understanding the Callaway XR left out…..could you expound?

Naneth Martin says:

^ *The MA-nine™ Irons use our Proprietary 431-9 stainless steel, material that matches the feel of forged steel while maximizing forgiveness, playability and distance .*

dean house says:

glad mizuno was in there…played mizuno for years mx23

Sodthong says:

Callaway XR ? You were creaming about them when you tested them !!!

L&P Inc. says:

Team Mizuno all the way lol. But those jpx850 fordged I feel are under rated should of been at least second or number one from Taylor mades.

jeannette stuckelschwaiger says:

Hi, what about XXIO clubs? I have them since 2 years. I used to play with Callaway for 16 years. XXIO clubs are really wonderful. Shame they’re expensive.

Robert Norton says:

For 2016, as a beginner, I would rather see the top 3 for each range of handicap. No one can go see and test all ten brands, unless you are a full-time golfer. This Top 10 is basically every major brand in the market – so does not narrow it down really at all for me, and I think most people with a handicap over 10 (the vast majority of golfers). Are the differences so marginal you cannot recommend a top 3-5? Are you worried about offending a major brand? If not please limit the selections better and maybe do 3 separate Top 3 videos for high, medium and low handicaps. Thanks for all your work and videos. Beginners mainly care about “forgiviness” while more experience will value other attributes more. We are struggling and want to stay in the game and improve rapidly. Intermediate golfers are polishing their swing. Low handicaps, presumably, are tweaking and will trade many things, like pros, for pure performance.

I also would love to see you test Gigagolf’s custom clubs. They are a value seller (generic clones) that implements all the same technologies (knock-offs) that are not patented without the added retailer cost, advertising budgets and sponsorships tripling the prices. Custom irons starts at $20 and custom drivers at $99. They have been selling in the U.S. for 15 years now and like in most industries offer a Do It Yourself solution online that reduces costs significantly. I suspect they would be happy to provide a full, custom set to your specs for review. Lowers the price of a custom set from $1,500+ to $500.

roguemodel says:

I would say that after 8 months into 2015, the titleist 714s have proven to be fantastic clubs, and probably sit in the top 3 now.

Sam Parker says:

Im looking for new irons, I am thinking about the apex or the rsi. I don’t know because I like the look of the apex and I like that there is a little bit less forgiveness so I can improve my game. But the rsi for me is cheaper and it has stronger lofts. Advice will be much appreciated.

MrShepps10 says:

Hi Rick. Could you look at my swing and give me some feedback please? Or anyone else here.

Carl Dalton says:

my name is Carl In I got the Wilson staff c100 irons in I love them but Rick dose not do reviews on Wilson golf clubs

Diego l says:

hi what is taylormade rsi range? rsi 1 , rsi 2 or tp? or all series rsi?

Joan Ocson says:

No wonder my 8 -year old son hit the RSi 1 so good this morning at Dick”s!

munnjean says:

Well opinions and opinions ,,, ” forgiveness ” what a lot of nonsense and the majority of amateur golfers haven’t got a clue what some of the ridiculous abbreviations club manufacturers spout about their clubs. MOI, COR, TRS, Smart pad technology ,,, speed channel face, Harmonic cavity insert, Deep cavity insert ,,, and on and on.
Golf clubs are incapable of forgiveness ! here is a plain and simple fact if you are seriously in the market for new golf clubs especially irons do this.
If you are an average golfer stay away from blades, they are for the lower handicap players. Determine your swing speed ( done for free at major golf club outlets ) then get professional help in deciding not what brand of clubs to buy but what kind of shaft should be in those clubs.
Plain and simple there is absolutely minimal difference in any way, shape or form in club heads that’s it in a nutshell, it’s all about the shaft and don’t let anyone try to tell you different.

Feel, that is also very important, it’s true some manufacturer’s clubs do feel better than others so take your time with such an investment and get professional help ,,, remember it’s all about the shaft.

DavidM says:

what about the Miura 1957 small blade?

Toadfishjax says:

i just got some AP1 714’s and i absolutely love them!!! i think you could have placed them a little higher on your scale, but i havent tried all of the others. I’m a 15 handicap and the AP1’s elevated my game immediately! Great videos keep it going!!!

Buckeye Nut-house says:

I love my Taylormade rsi 1!! Just bought the Grand Prix ghost putter and love it as well


Was just wondering if this video came out before or after you tested the Callaway XR irons. Really want to hear an in depth review on them.

Alan Dye says:

All Pings have a Hosel….But not a Ferrule…

(Slight misquote there Rick….) 😉

SunnahSmile says:

Ugh I came here to look for steam irons. Why are there no steam iron reviews?

Nik P says:

I’ve been using the irons AND the drivers that my next door neighbor gave me. My irons are all Hogan’s (2-9, SW, PW), and callaway for my drivers, and some old fashioned wood drivers.

tillsy23 says:

nice collection of info there 
I did try the new cobra fly-z iron in a stiff shaft and loved the performance and sound off the face, I really like those new srixon 745’s too and the callaway XR range are a hard iron to go past also,,,,, personally 😉

Gao Pronove says:

Wilson staff have made phenomenal irons which I think easily make top 5

TheFridge says:

Opinions needed. Thought about rsi and current Taylor made user but the srixon are cheaper and nicer looking.

Charanpal Singh Sekhon says:

Thanks for such a comprehensively tested list. I own Taylormade RSi1. I love them. I had a Callaway N415 iron set earlier and traded them for the Taylormade RSi1. I think I made the right decision. I am able to hit the ball better since I started playing with RSi1. Lets see if my handicap improves

Brian Forrester says:

Really surprised the Mizuno MP line didn’t make it to the list, but I understand why they’re not. They don’t offer a full line (high, mid, low handicap) similar to the Calloway Apex, Titleist 714, etc.  

The MPs are almost strictly low-handicap irons (though I play the MP-57 as a double-digit). I went from Taylormade R7 to the MP-57 and will probably never play another manufacturer’s irons. I’ve very tempted by the 850 Forged right now.

Dosy Boy says:

Bout to buy the Nike vapors SO STOKED!!! Rick has THE best videos on YouTube bar none , I’ve researched about 20 different irons and 75 videos of Ricks and nikes are right for me , they look amazing THANKS RICK

A. Gatewood says:

The Nike Vapor Pro Combos are long!!!!

Kerrie Smeltzer says:

I am a beginner and found your segment very very helpful Thank you

Noah Forsyth says:

What are that dots

JaNoSa Häußermann says:

and where are the King Cobra Fly-Z Plus Forged Irons? I thought they performed very good.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Wisconsin Golf says:

Where do you get zed from z

Rich206L says:

Rick, What’s happened to Rob, I haven’t seen him in any of your videos for a while? I know you changed locations. Could you give us the addresses of your old school and new school? I like to Google Earth places I’ve been and friends/favorites places.
Thanks and Happy New Year!

John Honeyman says:

how come no mention of the xr range you were so excited by. hmm???

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