TOP 10 IRONS 2017
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Bryan Futscher says:

Love the videos but I don’t think you gave the Titleist line a fair shake. You reviewed them on a range and not in the studio like all the rest. I’m a titleist guy so I’m bias but still…
Also I felt the Titleist iron review was rushed; covered 4 different offerings in the same time you usually take to do one or two

Dave Gaskell says:

Just watched this video Rick, a couple of hours after picking up my new i200 irons from Am Golf – Seems like an excellent choice. Great video and guide as always.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey guys thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed HIT that like button!
As I mentioned in the video, this is a list of golf clubs I HAVE TESTED and are still available right now! Some clubs I have not tested so I can not rank them in this list.

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Liam Ellison says:

Rick what makes you choose these iron to be top 10

Joe Martinez says:

Rick I love my Mizuno Hot Metals feel sound and oh yes the Project X Rifle Shaft are amazing thanks for reviewing them they are my second Mizuno and nothing feels like them.

Jack Abbey says:

Not trying to be this guy, but I believe it’s pronounced “Oh Three Eleven”. Dosen’t matter anyways.

10541 says:

Surprising no Srixson on the list?

Sploosshh says:

Where the srixons at?

L F Tipper says:

Was getting worried that my new G400s that (finally) arrived today were not going to make the top 10, and then they come in joint 1st!

Oddly enough I had a choice between them and the no 2 clubs the M2s.

Jeff Morgan says:

Totally agree with all the Srixon lovers. I’ve been playing them for 2 years and I’ve probably hit every other popular club on the market. There is absolutely no better combination of feel, distance, and forgiveness than Srixon.  The Mizuno 900 series is the only thing that comes close (in my humble opinion).  Also, I think they’re by far the best looking line. Forged, Clean, Classic.  Another great thing about them is the older (45) series is practically as good as the current (65) series so you don’t feel like you have to go out an buy the latest and greatest because the technology has changed so dramatically. It’s very similar to buying a 3 year old Mercedes or BMW that still looks and performs as well as the current version.  Classic doesn’t need to be reinvented every year. I love your reviews Rick, but how the Srixon line doesn’t make the top ten is totally ridiculous!

Joshua McNutt says:

So you’re gonna honestly leave this video up? You have big hacker irons on there and then Titleist muscle back that have no technology…but not the Mizuno Mp-5s which have a cut muscle and are perimeter weighted. In my opinion who the hell cares about high handicappers.

Ding Dong says:

Whent fromi15’s to i200’s love them .

kshiel says:

So why can’t you test the srixon 65 range irons def top 3.

Andre Dylan says:

I have Wilson V6 Pro they are amazing and I would disagree saying they are not looking good, they are amazing, i personally do not like the look of ping i200.
Cheery Rick

Justin Stephenson says:

Will be changing irons shortly so this helped me narrow down the options. As a mid (but improving) handicapper I think I will go for either the m1s or the JPX forged: cannot get the srixon’s, not prepared to pay for the Epic or PXGs, really dislike the look of the Pings.

Apex is another option. Tried them a couple of months ago and stupidly long: probably 15 yards (ie a full club) longer than my old Yonex’s – then again the lofts such that the 7i has same loft as my Yonex 6i.

Rick: Will you also do a hybrid top 10? Am thinking about carrying 2 hybrids, 5-9i, 4 wedges, driver & 3w.

T.J. Hodnett says:

I’d have to say my #1 is the JPX 900 Forged followed by the i200’s, then the Srixon Z series

caleb shreves says:


AM S says:

Yo Rick. Please do review japanese clubs. I want to know your opinion. Well we got a benchmark already which is mizuno. There are: epon, miura, honma, yamaha, bridgestone (is this japanese brand?), yonex (dunno if they still exist), royal collection and many more…

Chase P says:

The Taylormade in front of Mizuno is crazy Rick! The JPX900 irons have to be better than the M1’s, enjoyed the video and can’t wait for the drivers! P.S. everyone out there knows Epic is going to be #1.

浅井弘幸 says:

I enjoyed your video every time form Japan.

William Russell says:

So it the i200s replacing the Wilson’s in your bag?

Seb Holinaty says:

It’s an opinion video just cause you game srixon irons and they weren’t on here doesn’t mean there bad you don’t need confirmation that you have good irons

Hamilton McNaughton says:

Ping, Titleist and and Mizuno irons are great quality every year. They should be in top 3. The Wilsons and p770s are also great.

Deeper Roots says:

wondering if you’re going to review the mp-18 irons?

Kevin Iole says:

I got the PXG 0311 irons. Love them. The feel of the face is incredibly soft

Sasa Nemanic says:

So Epic is too expensive and PXG is not even though it is almost double the price of Epic!?

Jacob Weigand says:

M1 over P750/770?

Richard T says:

I will have to agree with others, ben ross and no srixon…that’s just weird. Srixon irons are some of the best feeling and best hitting irons ever. I’ve got the 545s and love them. Have tried a buddy’s 565s and think they are great too. Dropped the ball on this one Rick.

noah cortez says:

is it safe to say ben ross may be handing Mr. Shiels a check?????? 6???? Really????

micky bang-bang says:

ping are bomb

Pasi Tolvanen says:

You got the best job in the world 😉

Joseph Ramirez says:

I think the Wilson’s iron looked better than the Ping irons. Those things are ugly Rick! LOL!

Anthony Tolman says:

i hit the i200 today as ping was at our course doing some fittings. I loved them and will be upgrading next year!!

Aiden Page says:

Category silly boy

DavidDiSante says:

Everyone complaining about Srixon and the Apex’s not being on the list…and I’m just over here like “are those cats meowing in the background music?”

Mark Blair says:

I was wasting time putting off buying the Ping i200 but you’ve ended any doubts I had. Great review!

Johan Melander says:

With risk of trolling, but Miura 1957 blades with Nippon Modus shafts – untouchable!!!

Hamilton McNaughton says:

Ping should be 1, titleist should be 2

최인섭 says:

No talyormade P750 or P770..
I can not agree your top 10.

Brickktopp says:

Aye but its still a ben ross lol , srixon being left out is a crime ma man

Dean Ashton says:

I200 for me go pings….

nathan crewes says:

How can you pick and m1 iron over a p770!!!!? And also the steelhead over the apex 16 the best selling iron in the last 12 months!

Anthony Stotko says:

Nice Mizuno hot metal!!

Eoin O Halloran says:

People gong insane with no Srixon clubs can’t remember him testing them, chill people!!

Sutherlund Solheim says:

Your top choice is by far the best

Swamp Life says:

Rick… I normally agree with you… but I can’t see or understand how you left the TM P770’s out of this list…

Greg Batten says:

Rick, love your videos. Suggestion; make a Top 10 Irons video that first shows how the irons rate on performance, then adjust their final Top 10 ranking based on price and then looks. Some of us, are more concerned about performance than the other two factors and after watching your video, I’m not sure which irons are the best irons, regardless of price. Thanks!

Mushfique Hossain says:

I think this guy is GAY

Czesław Jerzy Rak says:

It’s just your opinion …
My favorite is ..Callaway FT of 2009 and Ben Hogan Apex F.T.X of 1985 ..

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