The most FORGIVING PING irons I’ve hit – G700 Review

The most FORGIVING PING irons I’ve hit!

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Jon Doe says:

So they increased the price, and hope nobody notices the “set” is only 7 clubs instead of 8?

Freddy Bigtoe says:

The low spin is intentional according to their marketing videos with Ping’s tech guru Marty Jertson. They trade off the spin for more peak height and more distance.

Bubba Cumlat says:

Thank you for the great Info! & i played w/ 2014 Anser irons and im a 7 to 8 handicap — and i’m thinking of getting a PXG, P790 or 765 srixon, or the new Ping G700 — what you think since i’m spending in the $$$$.?

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

Great review Rick all ways enjoy your reviews.You are right about the finishing touch on the clubs by Ping,not very good at all….

Brain Choi says:

this product remind me ….ping i55 irons~~~

John Titor says:

Has strong lofts gone too far?

Jeffrey Mobley says:

Had these irons for about a month I’m a 8 handicap and I just shot a round under par 70. I love these G700!

Robert Horning says:

Lofts are so strong spin suffers.

Frankie Russell says:

they look sexual

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Raza Khan says:

very good and honest review rick!!! its a shame how they look all scratched up after a round or two… considering how expensive they are .

Freddy Bigtoe says:

Rob needs to test these. Need to see if shots stop on the green when Rob hit’s them.

TheSib says:

I ordered mine 2 weeks ago… Longest two weeks of my life. They’ll replace my Eye 2s that I’ve exclusively used for the past 28 years!

Martyn Edwards says:

Am thinking about these irons along with the Titleist AP1’s
I am an 18 handicapper & would be great if you can get a higher handicapper to test both…

Ramon Key says:

They skimped and them hydro pearl plating unlike the iblades. Hydopearl CHROME finish

Mark Davies says:

Yes please TM 790 maybe!!!!!

tat 22020 says:

Sweet irons.

Brian Furst says:

A comparison video with Crash Dobby would be very helpful for us mid and high handicappers. Not only would it help with defining forgiveness between the clubs, but you would also determine how well a mid handicapper can stop the ball on the green. Club suggestions? – maybe JPX 900 Hot Steel, GBB, Ping 700 or API’s. Great video Rick.

Andrew DeG says:

Interesting story…I was at the Toronto Golf Show a few months ago and waiting for a friend to test the G400 driver. While waiting the Ping rep gave me a club to hit. I started to hit it, didn’t know what it was just knew it was a 7 iron with a graphite shaft (which I normally don’t use). Also behind me was Trackman. I hit it about 5 times and kept looking back to see what the distance was. It was ridiculous how long and straight I was hitting it. On average I was hitting carry 175 yards with my longest 183 yards. I asked the rep what I was hitting. He told me it was G700 iron and it wasn’t even in stores yet. At that moment I decided to do a bunch of research and found out all the things you mention in this video. At the end of April I am getting fitted by Ping. I think this might be my next set of clubs. FYI I am currently using Cobra clubs so this is a big move for me.

Sam Hoffman says:

Rick, with these lofts being so strong what do you think about softening the lofts? I believe Ping does have this, but they don’t advertise it like they do the power lofts. Do you think this would help with the concern on spin for mid – high handicappers?

Thanks for putting these videos out there!

Michael Downer says:

Rick A
Again what shafts were you testing with ,what about graphite?

Marcus Nugent says:

Are they doing a driving iron in th G700?

P 3 says:

Terrific review as usual Rick….I just hit these at a US based Ping fitting center today. They are indeed:
1) VERY forgiving
2) Very long (about 20 yds longer than my old G15’s )
3) VERY expensive….$200/club with custom graphite and Winn grips).

Nice sticks though….very very nice.

Tim Bretthauer says:

I own these clubs. I have played three rounds. I have been able to stop a 6, 7 and 9 on the green with no problem. I took no chances on the damage and bought head covers for all my irons.

Matt Arseneault says:

Goddamn those are hideous… A blind man with prosthetic hands could make a nicer looking golf club…

Jim Orr says:

Ping G700 vs Callaway Rouge?

Richard Beecroft says:

Rick in your opinion would the 4 and 5 G700 irons be a good replacement for Hybrids?

Bigslick904 says:

Bring out Rob Potter!

Jacobel X says:

I love your Trackman? shots and your video editing getting fancier. It’s very pleasant and that’s why I always come back to watch your club reviews.
Great idea testing the spin out on the real green. I am an 8 handicapper with a relatively slow swing speed (85-90mph driver) but I never had any problem stopping my ball with Callaway Apex UT 24 or overshooting it. I am pretty sure a lot of people would love the longer irons of these G700s. I know I would because the hybrids just don’t look right to my eyes.

howlingwolf125y says:

I also do not like that large amount of offset.. I may be wrong .. but I think there are a lot of golfers who would like to play a high-forgiving, larger head iron like this (G700), or the G, or G400. or even the Mizo JPX 900 hotmetal- if only there were NOT so much offset. I wish Ping (or other golf manufacturers) would come out with a no (or very little) offset version of the G, G400, and G700. I am looking for a club like this but simply can not find a forgiving game improvement iron with (much) less offset. .. that is VERY disappointing.

waldo says:

Thanks. Went out and bought these based on the review.

Sveinn Orri Snæland says:

Really cool to have the drone picking up the landings on the green. Drone or jittery human, that is.

Fernando Jorge Calçada says:

Great review Rick, just thought I’d comment ’cause I had my very first fitting experience ever, and tried both G400s and G700s…. was hitting a new-ish rental set of Srixon Z355s, as soon as I hit the G700 the difference was staggering. Am 3 years into golfing, still no defined Hcp but some ppl tell me I am in the 17-19 range. The G700 felt amazing, flew off the deck even though I was hitting off the toe, consistently (used impact tape), immediate increase in distance, height and straightness. even hittin slightly behind ball meant good hits. Also was, for the first time playing with 1/2 inch longer shaft (am 1.90m tall), maybe that was a contributing factor.
So bottom line: fitting works, lessons are mandatory and I wholeheartedly welcome any suggestions on how to convince the other half of the household to spend 1100€ for half of the clubs I need to play. 😀

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