The Best Mid Handicap Irons For 2019?

What Are The Best Mid Handicap Irons For 2019? In This video I put the Taylormade P760 irons against the Mizuno 919 JPX Forged Irons against the Ping i210 irons. All to see which one comes out on top for you! What irons should you buy in 2019?


Johnathan Brown says:

I was playing cobra amp cell forged and doing just fine, but wanted something new. I got the jpx 900 forged from mizuno and while I liked them, my poor shots were just too punishing. I feel like I found a sweet spot with the ping i500s. I worry about the distance consistency with the i500s. I am a 14hdcp and improving. I feel like when I am under 10hdcp I may go to some irons that aren’t a filled cavity, but that distance gain with the i500s is nice.

Bob says:

just a point James regarding mid/hi handicappers they look  to improve their game with this club set and drivers etc only to find the ball their using is either cheap and nasty or somebody else’s they had found with no idea how much mileage its done, for me clubs and balls have to work together for the player if he wants to see improvement in their game

David Puchtell says:

I’ve played Mizuno mx23 for years. My game has always been at an 8 handicap, but that new Mizuno looks so sweet and with the new technology in it , it’s time for a change. Thanks for all the great content.

mark MCC says:

I am 66 years old and have been playing about 1-1/2 years using PING G 30. I am a bogie golfer and would like to purchase newer clubs. Would I be overstepping my abilities going to a I 500 or P 790 or should I go with a different less expensive club that would still help my game?

therealeb33 says:

Why not use the 919 tour instead of the forged?


It’s the ball softness around the green that counts. Forged is noticeable from about 30 yards with the extra bite.

Cosimo Ryan says:

I like irons that have a soft feel with good feedback which also provide distance by the way great video!


You just duffed the Ping mate totally unfair !

Stephen J.P. Ingley says:

No One Length Irons? Really? I switched for the New Year and am starting my 2nd Week of ‘Training’ with my Pro Series One Length Irons fitted for my W-T-F Measurement. 64yo arthritic male who refuses to give up and I can tell you without a doubt that getting rid of my Traditional Irons was the best thing I could have done for my golf game. Throw in the new 44″ Driver and 41″ Woods and NO HYBRIDS and I’m set till death… I can only swing about 3/4 and that is all I apparently need. No more guessing angles, lie, loft, swing, setup, position, etc… One Procedure for all my Irons and it works. Looking forward to the Spring and the Courses here in NW Florida. JP


Workability. If you have distance.

Bjarke Bæk says:

Just wanna say i just bought the
Jpx 919 forged . Because og yours reviews .. the srixons Was in the mix but your reviews of the mizuno 919 forged … Was the last that made med chose the 919

Luke Phillips says:

Went into my local store today and hit all 3 I hit the mizuno further and with better grouping and they where over 500 bucks cheaper! Heading down to mizuno to get a custom fit.
To think this all happend because someone stole my clubs out of my car oh well i needed the upgrade I guess….

Mike Kane says:

Titlest ap3???

Matthew Sludden says:

James can u please make a video on match play and course management. Keep up the good work

Dave Wilkins says:

How does callaway apex forged compare to these?

Todd Fischer says:

Do you think a 14 handicap would be happy with the I500….they feel better than the i210

greg houtchens says:

I really like your club comparisons, I wish you would do something on clubs for senior golfers.

Stories with Aly says:

Ever since I worked on both my fitness and my technique and changed from pings, I am starting to enjoy the game more and my handicap has dropped by 7 to now 15. And aiming for single figures this next season. Gaming the srixon z565 which were fitted and I like a lot. Have been trying out a range of clubs to see what might be the appropriate next move (including a mix perhaps with the z785) but not found the club that gives me the soft feel and performance and consistency of performance- even tried the Callaway apex cf19 (too chunky for my liking and not much performance difference to my srixons). Never tried Mizuno’s but am tempted to. Not a fan of Taylor made – did try the p790 before and like someone else who commented I don’t like the stripes pattern on the p760. The appropriate shaft is critical also and indeed my srixons have aftermarket shafts that suit me. Gone off pings completely though the to come ping blueprints look cool. But for me the soft forged feel is critical. Not sure if anyone had compared these to the Callaway x forged or the cobra black tec forged or even the Wilson v6 forged. If so any reactions or thoughts?

Alan Mattson says:

jpx would b the one for me yeah ping is forgiving but I just like the jpx Taylor made to expensive

arklowrockz says:

Im going for the JPX’s in 2019

Tyler Mcelroy says:

I tested the Titleist AP-3, Ping i-210 and the Cobra Forged Tec Black irons last year at my local golf store, Carl’s Golfland in Michigan. I ended up getting the cobras. I was able to play about twice a week all last year which was nice. Really happy with the Cobras. I would have to agree with James though, the feel of the Pings wasn’t what I was hoping for, and I went in wanting the Pings.

David Oates says:

I am currently looking for new irons for 2019 – I am a 14 handicapper. This was really useful – thanks

Brent Billings says:

I would like to win my flight in the world amateur championship golf tournament in myrtle beach in 2019

Martin Metz says:

my goal for 2019 is to stop scooping the ball.

Steven Sanford says:

Fitted this year for new clubs, top to bottom. Ping G700 looked and felt the best to me. Made a difference in my playing this year. TM P790 and Titleist AP3s were the other 2 contenders. Came down to what made me feel most comfortable as they all performed similarly. They replaced a set of Callaways from several years ago.
My improvement will now come as I work on my swing over the next year or so, more so than my equipment. “Don’t show this to my wife.”
If I “had” to buy new irons, I would look hard at the Mizunos, TM 760s and probably the Ping i500s

Matthew Tomlins says:

Recently bought mizuno jpx 919 irons as they felt fantastic when getting fitted. Soft and long, lots of feel. Can’t wait to pick them up!

Simeon Doolan says:

Hi James really enjoyed this , good info on all the clubs I have Taylor made RSI1 irons at mo and am very happy with them .

David Bramuchi says:

Well, how many mid handicap players do you know that have a swing like yours? This is not a fair test of what would a mid handicapper use. Why not use real mid handicapper and see what the results would be with real world golfers.

Christopher Siner says:

I am absolutely needing to move up in irons this year. Using 10 year old X22 callaways. the Mizuno’s look sooo good. I’m debating those, or the new F9’s from Cobra.

david groom says:

3 clubs?

Robert Montani Jr. says:

James, based in no small measure on your reviews, I’m scheduled to be fitted for a mixed set of Mizuno JPX 919s. I noticed in the video that you were carrying one of their stand bags. I was wondering which of their six you’ve tested and what you think? Any feedback would be appreciated. For the record, I’ve carried a Ping Hoofer for years, but prefer my bag to match my irons. Cheers!

Aussie Parapilot says:

I’m a No handy caper(23) hit a few shots with a mates Mizuno custom fit blades and OMG The feel!!! Just picked up a set of Callarway EPIC Irons though…. See how they go hope they forgive me…

Huw chardon says:

2019 goal? To make each ball last more than 1 shot.

Ed Barnett says:

I just bought a set of the Mizuno 919 forged and love them. Switched from Ping irons. Great feel, height and length when hitting

Gary Hignett says:

Just here to see what irons are out there after not playing golf for 10 years now. I was shocked to see that my Taylor Made 360 irons are 19 years old! I was still hitting them well though, would i hit them further and more consistently with new irons? Enjoying your reviews

Julius Trexler says:

Your 7-PW with the right ball should sit down like it has feathers. If you can’t get like a ProV1 or TP5 to stop then I wouldn’t want them.

sledge1960 says:

Best irons review I’ve seen in years. A true comparison. Not just some pro banging balls up a range but shaping balls and playing shots.

Bjarke Bæk says:

good vids !!! i just bought a set of taylormade p irons 4-5 p 790 .. 6-7 p730 … 8 -pw p 750 … looking forward to game them i am a mid hcp at 14 hcp .. hope i can game them

Stories with Aly says:

While I will also try he ping i500 I don’t generally like pings. Gaming srixons right now and the only one that seems worth comparing for me might be the jpx. Did try the apex cf19 but ended up feeling not much better consistency or sufficient difference to change or spend the money for those. So jury is out. Never tried Mizuno’s so looking forward to trying.

DK Productions says:

I am looking to win a junior tournament this year and definitely a few local tournaments at smaller courses. Im 13 btw.


Like look of three 760, but would prefer the 790

Phil Maidwell says:

Those mizunos for the price look great


Play again. Had 5 lumbar fusions, don’t know when I can play again. A bit of a risk after being out for 6 years. Hopeful.

Chris White says:

Hi getting fitted for new irons next week been playing with callaway x2hot for five years now
Now playing off 18 what would you go for?

ThatBoyer - says:

James, been watching for awhile and have lowered my handicap 15 points. Also shooting mid 80’s. Having issues with choosing wedges for players like me who struggle with wedge confidence. Would be a great video to see!

AndrewCes says:
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