The Best Golf Irons of 2012

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The Best Golf Irons of 2012 with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield, Mark shows you what irons you voted for as the best golf irons of 2012. This is a facebook poll mark ran over Christmas asking what irons you thought where the best. From Titleist,Callaway,Ping, Mizuno, TaylorMade and many more.


tigerbalm says:

I have the MP-57, for lower handicap players. Not game improving, more for accuracy if you have a good swing already. Nothing feels as good as a Mizuno forged!

Jason Randle says:

LOVE the MP-59’s…my woods, wedges and putter are all Titleist…(913D2, 913F, 913H) as well as my wedges (Vokey SM4’s) but I skipped the Titleist irons and went with the 59’s instead, and TravisMillerGolf is correct the forging of the 59’s is just so much softer…they have that buttery feel. It says something when Luke Donald, prior to the MP-63’s of course, had the 59’s in is bag…unreal irons…

dcman077 says:

Mizuno irons feel awesome. They also find a way to make their new models look good year after year. I think they’re easily the best looking irons in the game. I’m playing MP-52’s right now. Love ’em.

Jimmy Jimmerson says:

this guy reminds me of chris evans.

40Rouge says:

…and Wilson Staff as well. I love WS irons. Mark has reviewed them very favorably as well.

John Veliz says:

how ever says anything besides cleveland has never hit cleveland before . cleveland is like crack once you get a taste of it you can go back

MBrAce82 says:

jpx 825 pro… my irons. they are amazing… far better in feel than the ap2

James Robertson says:

Nike victory are the best.

Winterstick549 says:

Surprised the I20 beat out PIngs G20/25s,,,but these voters are more accomplished golfers than duffers like me.

Joung Kim says:

Mizuno mp68 best

mick mueller says:

Mark hates TaylorMade because of their emphasis on distance, which is ruining the game of golf.

Josh Green says:

Awesome demonstration but i was stunned when i didnt see the taylormade r1’s

Michael Kim says:

Correction…Miura makes the best irons

M111OVD says:

Mizuno all day long. Fantastic clubs, look and feel great. I still play my MP52 irons – its all about that wonderfully thin topline.

Adam Steltz says:

i have and it was a hard choice, but i got a set of AP2s for like 600 bucks, so i went with them, the mizunos are hard to find used… ( probably a good reason)

Ez TheElf says:

I am a 7 H and I tried the Ping i20 7 iron. Very accurate….I hit the 150 yard sign with the seven iron time and again on the fly…could work that ball straight, left to right or right to left with ease.

Trey Brandt says:

What Mizuno iron would be the closest to the AP2.

mason harris says:

Please do the Bridgestone j40 cavity back irons.

Thomas de Oliveira says:

I play Adams idea pro blacks, and I’d rate them ahead of any of the major brand irons I tried. They’re super soft off the face and so forgiving for a muscle cavity, better players iron.

Sebas Martinez says:

mark can you please review the bridgestone j40 irons! thanks

Ed German says:

i love my pings

James Shewmaker says:

MP-32’s carving up courses like thanksgiving turkey!! Peace

James Register says:

including the tour players?

mick mueller says:

Cobra Amp Forged. Yeah!! That’s right.

Malte Kröger says:

all of the 3 irons are good it depends on the player which is better 😀

Carson Joens says:

Miura is so far ahead of any of these three. It’s not even close

Jack Zylstra says:

i demoed out mizuno mp 64’s and jpx’s and ultimatly choose ap2’s. they just worked best for me!

munnjean says:

Nothing personal against Mark Crossfield but the ” new equipment hype ” is nothing but marketing from the big club makers ( actually they are not club makers they are ” club assemblers “).
The average golfer and that is certainly what most of us are, couldn’t tell one club from another. As far as improving your score is concerned that is simply nonsense believe me you can go out and spend $ 1000.00 on a set of new irons and they won’t make the slightest bit of difference to your score.
Like wise with golf balls ,,, it’s nothing more than high pressure sell tactics, sure it’s nice to have new clubs but why spend stupid amounts of money on something that will NOT improve your game.
Perhaps Mark Crossfield may notice certain differences but you can bet your ass the average golfer won’t.

Connor Hatfield says:

Thanks! I play the ping g5s right now and they are definitely more focused towards game improvement. I think the i20s will be the right club for me while I’m still trying to improve my game, and eventually make the transition into a forged iron.

Robert Lafferty says:

mizuno mo 14 simply the best

zeeAshleeey says:

Hi Mark, I have been watching a lot of your club reviews and they’re a real help on picking a club! I recently hit a Callaway x series iron and it felt really good there doesn’t seem to be any reviews of them on YouTube I was wondering if you could review them?

Chen David says:

me too.

Nathan Tennigkeit says:

AP2’s are the #1 iron in usage on tour something like 2 or 3 years running. Just saying

Connor Hatfield says:

I am trying to decide whether I should get the i20s, AP2s, or MP59s. I am a 12 handicap and a decent ball striker. To give you an idea I hit my seven iron 155 yards. Anyone have any suggestions about which of the three I should go with? Any help is appreciated.

DiscoDisoc says:

2013 MP54. they are amazing

MrLaboy2 says:

I love both the ap2’s and mp59’s. Either is a great choice and I think its a tie between the two.

Simon Hjelm says:

Where is Taylormade? :O

Dom Esposito says:

Nice Job in Demonstration. …”Thank You”

The Lobotomite says:

depending on what you go for there not the ost expensive irons either

mick mueller says:

What a shocker!!!! Damn, I voted for John Letters.

MBrAce82 says:

mizuno jpx 825 pro… much better feel than the ap2 and and thinner topline and much better classic looks

Adam Steltz says:

jpx 825 pro they are practically identical

The Chubby Nemo Call of Duty: WWII says:

Titleist is comparable to Mizuno. I currently game some MP52s, but I regret selling my Titleist 735s. Titleist typically costs more and Mizuno gamers are loyal to their brand. If it was my money I’d probably play Mizunos. If it was someone else’s money I’d game some Titleists. Mizunos are typically softer as well

Andy Simms says:

Miura 1957 Baby Blades. End of story.

Douchy69 says:

What makes your videos stand out from others?
The super awesome behind-ball-trajectory camera. 
I know it shouldn’t be that important given the criteria, but its so much more entertaining to watch =D +subcribe

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