TaylorMade PSi Irons Review

►TaylorMade PSi Irons Review


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CDNStraka says:

look like Titleist AP1/2’s

Dan Dorey says:

Rick love your videos watched everyone. Please answer me this, I love the feeling of the forged RSi TP, does the PSi have the same feeling as the TP?

Wally17 says:

These look ok, but they don’t beat the Mizuno MP-25’s or the MP-5’s. Mizuno really knows how to make a good looking club.

don blem says:

They look far too “busy” for my taste.

Allah Ali Baba says:

Hello Rick: Love your reviews of the top irons…Could you please do a comparison review of the Callaway XR Pro irons vs the TaylorMade PS I irons….same shafts and lofts…Looking forward to this one…Thanks….Allah Ali

XXVelocityXX says:

Absolutely love your channel. I noticed you are using a lapel mic. See if you can buy a deadcat cover for it. I use them all the time in my video production company, and they dramatically reduce wind noise. They are also incredibly easy to make. In fact, I could probably mail you one if you have a PO Box.

moises sana says:

taylormade just looks cheap lately

Alejandro Somoza says:

Hi Rick, great review as always. Amazing distance for a P. On the other hand, I always wondered why every time you test irons that might go longer than yours Ben Hogan’s, a.k.a “love of your life”, you still prefer them for the course. I mean they are extremely beautiful but for the #QuestForTheOpen why not using longer/easier irons?

Maria Crowley says:

omg i live in CT and just bought psi irons

David Henson says:

What will they retail at?

강태헌 says:

my iron is psi

MD Lopez says:

I still hit the Rocketbladez tour. Couldn’t hit the Rsi2 because of the strong lofts but I friggin loved the Rsi TP. Hit them just as far as my bladez and felt so much better..but I couldn’t justify the price. Hopefully once these come out the Rsi TPs will be under $900 so I can pick up a set <3 Thanks Psi!! 😀

Tacodile says:

How was the grip

TXchadTX says:

i think the problem with TM irons is they look a bit too busy. Looks are pretty much 80% of it when it comes to irons. That being said i thought they did a nicer job with rsi2. still not crazy about the slots

allo cromeau says:

i have the 2014 tour prefferred MC and i all i can say im not after 2 years of playing them letting them go for the psi for now……

Clay Fleming says:

I love your reviews but I have to disagree on a couple of points. The RSI 1 is not being replaced, that is correct, but the PSI replaces the RSI 2 and the PSI Tour replaced the RSI TP. RSI 2 can no longer be custom ordered from TM.

The other point is the looks. I think these are hideous, they look like a cheap Dick’s house brand to me. The M1 looks great and I will give it a go, but these will not be considered. Looking forward to the new Apex and the Titleist T-MB though.

STJ says:

does noise seriously matter in a club? i mean if it carries, it carries.

Ivan Kuntjoro says:

On the back, it looks like Callaway Big Bertha iron

Golf Fox says:

Really can’t see this nice look Rick is talking about here. they just look like yet another set of chunky clubs!

ocke94 says:

How can they call the RSi TP a flop? I only got to say one thing: Jason Day.

Craig Elmendorf says:

Rick, hope take time to answer because I really respect your opinion. Note: I play the MB’s pw-7i, then the slightly more forgiving MC’s on up. This set reminds me of my old R11’s that I didn’t like because lofts too strong and too jumpy/not enough spin.
Question: do you find them (PSi’s) to be similar to those R11’s? Or, are they geared for a tourish type player…..thanks mate!

Phill Seddon says:

I was interested in what people said about manufactures cranking the lofts up on clubs to get bigger distances for higher club numbers. Question is do they do the same for pitching wedges? If they do then another wedge will be required to fill the gap after the pitching wedge. If they don’t then do we need a 10 iron?

Brian D says:

TM just keeps cranking them out. Why? Because people buy them! Like the tactic or not, it’s hardly worth arguing about it. I just played the first two rounds with a set of Speed blades and they are superb; seriously improved my game at 11 hcp. $350 new off Ebay. It is mere folly to beat up the TM marketing model, just let it work FOR you, let time prove each model and jump on board once a set has been proven for a year or so and TM’s marketing model body slams the price for you.

Mike Boatright says:

My problem is the grooves they seem almost non existent in taylormade irons kinda to shallow and look as if they will wear out fast!

Who Cares says:

not a fan of the sound they make

Dan says:

i have the rsi tp and love them – great irons – these look very similar just with slightly cranked lofts – be interesting to compare like for like – shafts and lofts – if sound is only difference then is it worth the extra £££? Also all rsi tp are forged irons, where as PSI are just forged 8-PW (from what i can gather) so TM certainly pulling customers trousers down

Lee says:

Mentioning the lofts and comparing them with the lofts on your current/typical irons is a good feature of any irons review and i appreciated that. Good work, Rick.
I don’t like the slot on the bottom, surely that would get clogged up with debris.

TZOID08 says:

Those lofts are crazy strong… WoW

Tony Moore says:

Thanks for sharing, Rick. These look similar to the AP2. Spec-wise they seem closer to a toned down version of the XR pros. Exactly what I’m looking for… Crazy long distance with a better feel, less offset and tight dispersion.

Wisconsin Golf says:

Ricks a pervert

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