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► In this video Neil Tappin tests the new TaylorMade M5 irons up against the previous generation M3 irons to what the differences in performance are

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GolfHo says:

That bridge is disgusting

Jean Ferret says:

TM irons looking uglier every year. Crazy lofts do not mean more distance – you are just hitting more club with a false number on the sole.

Golf Monthly says:

Hi everyone, I need to highlight a correction in this video. I said that the shaft of the new M5 is 3/4 of an inch longer than in the M3. However, the way TaylorMade measure shaft lengths has changed – they have gone from a Pin length method to a Ground Plane method. This means that the M5 actually only comes out as 1/3 of an inch longer at most. Apologies for the confusion!

jeromeo12 says:

At what point do manufacturers stop strengthening the loft .5 degrees every year so they can make false distance claims? Surely there must be a tipping point where clubs are no longer playable?

At this rate in a few years a modern “7 iron” will become a 4 iron from 2010. Lots of people can’t hit a 4 iron from 2010 because of the lack of loft, length of shaft and swing speed required to get the ball in the air.

David Harrison says:

very good in depth analyst of this set of Irons, Even from the pics of the M5/6 irons, I noticed that the speedbridge is designed in a similar way to how Nike did their Slingshot Irons of the 90’s. Where the beam was lengthened across the back of the clubhead (Nike’s) , this is vertical and quite a change. Taylormade do great job in the tech side but for the price its just too much imo. great video and keep up the great reviews ^_^

Bsleee2000 says:

Really liked the comparison including your normal benchmark irons. It helps put things into perspective. I hope that you do a similar comparison with the M6 & M4. Thanks

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