Taylormade M5 and M6 Iron Review

Taylormade M5 and M6 iron Review. In 2019 Taylormade released the M5 and M6 Range of drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons. How goof are the M5 & M6 Irons? Are they as good as the Taylormade P790 irons? Who will the M5 irons suit? are the Taylormade m6 irons for high handicap golfers? In this video I compare the irons against each other in an epic M5 v M6 Battle will they be the best irons of 201? will they be the longest irons of 2019?. Lets do it… and lets do it now.


Kevin Wood says:

I’ll take my Ping G400s any day.

mark brook says:

Hi James Great Video, would be good to do a head to head with the Rogue Irons!

Gareth Lloyd says:

Love all these videos your producing. I’m checking me phone for the new one hourly instead of checking f.book (other social media sites are available!)
Great work. Well done!
Can we see how Mark does with the M5 and SZ flash?

Danam 1 says:

Got a question for you James…..
I’m currently a high handicapper, but it’s on its way down. In 12 to 18 months I’m hoping to be a mid handicapper (fingers crossed).
So do I get fitted for game improvement irons now or get fitted for irons that will be better suited to a mid handicapper?

Living Over Par says:

Why do people need distance clubs? who needs a 6 iron that goes 200 yards? My 6 iron is a 31* and goes around 170 to 175. I think they are getting to the point that soon we will start sets at 9 iron (in a 3 iron loft) and we will need 8 wedges….

bund440 says:

Wouldn’t the M6 be targeted at the “high handicappers” , can’t see a 28 handicapper being able to consistently hit the P790’s. Would agree with you with the M5. James will you be hitting the Apex 19 irons


Good review James.

stewart s says:

Just ordered the m5, midhandcapper, loved the way they looked compared to the m6, almost got the titliest ap1’s, but hit the m5’s little better, great video

NinjaRider says:

Jailbreak?? nahhhhhhhhh haha

Mark Irwin says:

I have no idea why TM makes so many models. They don’t need too.

Jeffrey Grove says:

TM brings out clubs frequently ,it appears to be a marketing ploy ,as some products are poor .

Huw chardon says:

The barrier between bullshit and technology was crossed years ago.


When I first started playing golf about 3 and a half years ago, my second set of clubs was the TM RSI 1. They were stupid long, I did not carry a 4, 5, or 6 iron. I hit my 7 irons 210. Now i play the Wilson V6 and now I carry a 2 and 3 iron lol. No more hulk distances.

Chris Harris says:

I would like to see test on the course.

David Yang says:

Would you be able to do a video on M4 vs M6 and M3 vs M5?

Scott McPhee says:

When it comes to irons this company is the epitome of what is wrong with golf club manufacturers at present…4 iron in a 2 iron loft…and then the aesthetics…yuck…

Fiasco Stud says:

James, great video as always, any chance you can get Mark your mid handicapper to try the M5 Irons, since they are more akin to his & my handicap? P.S I currently have the P790s… oh I hear compare them coming up 🙂

Matthew cunliffe says:

Im that mid handicap golfer who wants a smaller head but I’ve got f7 so it doesn’t matter

Mark Savage says:

Do you think we will live to see the M62 irons . Or the M606 driver

Sam Deards says:

I’ve had m2 heads cave and replaced with m4’s then m4 heads come off soon to be replaced with m6’s by Taylormade. Any suggestions from anyone on similar clubs I could look at if I was to move away from TM? Have tried p790 briefly but open to other brands.

machine27856 says:

Wonder which one (M5 or M6) Mark would like?

Kevin Clark says:

Thing I’ve noticed in your videos is you hit right side of screen everytime but yet it comes out the centre on simulation. When I’ve used similar systems it always seems to track true to where I hit. Strange unless it’s an illusion some how.

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