TaylorMade AEROBURNER Irons Review

TaylorMade AEROBURNER Irons Review
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Phil Ivey says:

Today I bought new TaylorMade Aeroburner irons 5-PW for 350 € which seemed to be a good offer…but now i recognized that there are no speedslots in the soles of iron 5-7 ???? Is this even possible? Did I wasted 350 €? I cant find these irons on the internet without speedslots in the sole. Thanks for your help. (bought at decathlon)

Cornwall1888 says:

I can already tell by the name the shafts will be an inch longer than standard and it will be jacked up 3 degrees. This isn’t progress it’s changing the number on the bottom.

Show me a club which goes 10 yards further with normal specs and I’ll be impressed.

Caleb Davis says:

It’s for the golfer that has a slower swing speed

James Shuford says:

So if all the irons fly farther, how many gap wedges would you need with these clubs?  I can’t wait till 2047 when the longest iron in my bag is a 9 iron and I carry 7 gap wedges.  Everyone will think I’m so cool!

Rob Potter Golf says:

Oooooh…….Dobby likes! They will deffo annihilate the RSi irons.
You could say the RSi1&2 were going against the Callaway Apex & Apex Pro, plus the the XR Range.
The AeroBurner has now said “Screw you Callaway! I’m gonna take on Big Bertha AND the XR for sheer distance!”
This again, is a Club War between arguably the two most commercial manufacturers in golf right now.
Big with Cobra waiting in the wings!

mike hunt says:

29.5 degrees for a 7 iron
Your trash Taylor Made

michandcat says:

Hey Rick, PLEASE compare these to the Ping Karsten irons!! Would be quite a head to head matchup and give your viewers an opportunity to see you review a set you never got around to. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Stephen Butler says:

With all the strong lofts it’s almost to the point where you can get fit, find relevant distances for a club and forget about the club number in a traditional sense. Which to me sounds perfectly fine if it helps my game. Stunning backdrop too!

Mark Allen says:

This is where irons will go, low spin high launch just like driver,for slower swingers it’s a god send.THANKU TAYLORMADE for thinking outside the box (still use vsteel 7 wood) technology rules not marketing he he

Mark Allen says:

bang on with the description of these irons totally aimed at slower swingers.85mph or less with driver.if ur a stronger player look elsewhere (brilliant clubs)

Michael Rolton says:

Nice one Rick. Looking at the comments, your review was a case of “light the blue touch-paper and run.” Thankfully most folk make valid and wall argued points. Great stuff. I’ll stick with my ancient G20s – 32 degrees for 7 iron.

xShadowWolfe says:

So a 7 iron is more like a 6 iron with 29* of loft? Either way hitting a “7 iron” 190+ yards is awesome to watch. You hit that 7 iron as far as my 4 hybrid goes. 

Doug Thrower says:

The place looks the mutts nutts – not sold on the clubs though, thinking the Callaway XRs are the clubs for me! I’m with @Robert Potter after testing – better than the XR Pro’s!

EazyEVM says:

Great review! Thanks for a wonderful video that will help me when deciding on buying these clubs. Have a great day!

C Rennehan says:

I don’t understand all of the complaints about distance. Not everyone is able to hit the ball far, there are people out there who want to gain distance in all of their clubs, rather it be that their swing speed has become slower with time or an injury. If you don’t want the distance being produced by these clubs, then there are so many other options on the market that still offer “traditional” (though there are no standards in irons) lofts and lengths. Options are key to be able to cater to the wide variety of golfers of all sizes and all ages. 

Paul Gainey says:

Sweet. I’m flying to Brisbane on Thursday. Looks a great facility. Loving the burners. I have the 2013 Burner OS and an older 3wood. Love them to bits.

TheGamingSpud says:

7 iron = 29.5°. Farce

penguinbmx says:

I don’t get it. Every is getting longer but doesn’t that create bigger gaps in your bag?

Tom Edwards says:

+Rick Shiels PGA – When you’re back home, can you pick your 5 favourite irons of the moment – bend them to the same degrees… then grip down so you’re hitting them all from the same length shaft (get a metre rule or something so you can measure hand placement) – then test them on GC2…. Lets see which brands ideas & innovations (MOI / Slots o Clock  / etc) are working rather than just playing with the physics of moment of a force (shaft length) and the degrees of loft… 

Fair test, here we come…  

PS – great to see you play Cypress Lakes – that lad has many tekkers.

MurphySG24 says:

A 29 degree seven iron is insane.  Come on Taylormade!

Zigeuner Bengel says:

43* PW lol, that’s bullshit

Rick Howarth says:

As a current mid-handicapper looking to get low this season, who has no issues with distance, what irons should I be looking at? It seems that distance is ruling club design at the minute and reviews, not just on this channel highlight distance as a key factor. For myself I’m looking to improve accuracy, obviously this is harder to prove with every swing but are there certain characteristics to look for in an iron?

Carl Broadbent says:

Quick question rick if your natural shot is a straight draw? Do you use that shoot knowing the ball will come round or do you adjust you target line to allow for the curve of the ball. Looking at your review on mini driver and irons you shot flight looks similar.

brendos444 says:

Rick looks like you’ve been enjoying some beers and wines and possibly some of the local seafood! 

XMANQB14 says:

Awesome video, helped me decide what irons I wanted with my higher handicap. I’ve been using my dads irons for a year or so and they are two inches too long for me and were also blades. These, sized for me, will DEFINITELY help my handicap.

alex brant says:

How do these irons compare to the speedblades??

kittykeroppi says:

I don’t understand all the fuss about “jacked up lofts”. The recent advancements have been low CG, high launch etc. etc. If the lofts are not “jacked up”, the ball will just launch to the sky. If club makers release this set of clubs, those same people who complain about “jacked up lofts” will label these sky-high clubs as “stupid, useless” or what not.

Anthony Guidice says:

Wonderful irons. I bought a set based on this review.

The Angry Gamer says:

i just ordered a set of these irons, ill let you all know how they are

Darcy C says:

When I read golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google), I discovered how comprehensive it explains the appropriate way of doing a golf swing. The book tells the specific skills as well as swing tactics utilized by all golf tournament professionals. I am still halfway in reading the book however I could say that the tips are quite helpful. Reading this book allowed me to score 3 straight low 80s rounds.

Mick King says:

Really enjoy your reviews and vlogs Im getting the Aeroburner Driver for Christmas and the irons soon as a treat 🙂

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