PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX919 IRON out on the golf course and on GCQUAD!


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ian owen says:

Pure filth
You should be ashamed of posting such a video without a content warning

Chad Rousse says:

Rick, chromoly is the same stuff that military rifles barrels are lined with, stuff is super hard.

aemluck says:

Guys don’t forget that JPX919 range are +1/4″ longer (37,5″ 6iron) than previous model JPX900. #1KCLUB

Matt Aamold says:

Hi Rick, you going to do 900 vs 919 comparison videos?

Who Dat says:

Mizuno sure knows how to make forged iron. Great video Rick.

Björn Simmelink says:

Hi there! I really loved the lookes of the 919 irons and went to a fitter today (the mizuno tourbus was nearby!)

I really hoped / thought I would end up with a 919 Forged or tour or combo set

But when playing the Mp-18 blades on the range I struck those so much better! Even after switching times back and forth.. i even nailed the 4 iron better than the 919’s

So I ended up with ordening pw to 4 iron of the Mp-18’s blades, i really love the looks and play (at least today)

But this evening at home I thought; why should I as a 6 hcp play those blades while All tourplayers play the 919’s? Although the fitter told me the 919’s tour aren’t much more forgiving than the Mp-18’s..

I know @rickshiels found the Mp-18 more easy to hit than they look and today I experienced the same!

Any thoughts on this?

Ben Spell says:

Awesome Rick

Mel Creighton says:

Great review Rick. Thanks. What shaft in the Hot Metal?

Maximilian Gentsch says:

Just ordered the Tour Version yesterday 5-PW with modus 120 s shafts. Found that the forged felt horrible and unbalanced compared to the tour. Couldn‘t hit one good shot with it whilethe tour made me hit one after the other. Hcp 4 with 88 mph club speed with the 7

Al Leeder says:

Rick, first up thanks for yet another informative and truly excellent review. With Xmas just around the corner and not wanting to break with the tradition of buying myself something special 🙂 I recently trialled the 3 AP variants of Titleist’s 718 Irons and liked them all but being relatively new to golf (transferring from Tennis after a wrecked shoulder ended my playing days) I found the AP1 the most likely set to take pride of place under this year’s Xmas tree.
However, having watched your initial thoughts on the all new JPX919 irons and in particular the Hot Metal version, I found myself attracted to the extra spin and presumably extra control afforded by the short irons in comparison with the AP1’s and seemingly most other ‘improver’ irons. What would be truly awesome from my perspective would be an in depth comparison between these two rivals and maybe another brand or two thrown into the mix would be the icing on the (Xmas) cake.

Come on, you know you want to 🙂

Danny Harkin says:

Hey Rick, I am a higher handicap player who shoots about 50-53 after 9, and i love the topline of a blade, it gives me more confidence than a cavity back. Which iron would suit me best from Mizuno? i usually struggle not with ball striking, but with spin. So, will one of these suit me? thx for your time.

Brian Chowaniec says:

Would love to see the titleist line redone with this sort of review this is great

Mike West says:

What’s more forgiving? JPX 919 Hot Metal 4 iron or MP-18 MMC FliHi 4 iron? How do they compare? Thanks!

broceps says:

Just got 4-PW Hot Metal yesterday, can’t wait to test them out today! Your video convinced me to buy them as I just started playing golf half a year ago and was looking for some decent irons for higher handicaps 🙂

Joe Bownes says:

great vid rick !!!

John jsmit says:

If, like me, you feel uncomfortable watching a grown man beg, fast forward to 50 seconds.

Pat C. says:

JPX 919 HM vs. Ping G700…what are your thoughts on performance and forgiveness? I’m a 16 handicap with about a 75 to 80mph swing. My miss is usually hitting the ball low on the club face.

Atlanta Healey says:

Amazing production Rick. This really sets the standard for this type of video. Great content, great format, great graphics. Very well done, sir!

Fernando Riego says:

Take my money! What watch is that, Shiels? Cheers


Great video

john keenan says:

You talk complete nonsense about who should use the 919 tour irons,very patronising! If a clubs feels good and looks good then the player will hit it,the fact that you can’t hit a 4 iron speaks volumes for your ability as a so called pro.Dont be fooled folks!

JoeGolfKing says:

Perhaps the U.K. specs are different that U.S., but on the MizunoUSA website the lofts listed are different than what your review shows. For example, at 6:30 you show a loft chart that has the 8 thru the GW each listed as one degree stronger than the website for the “Forged” model. You mentioned that the PW in “Forged” was same as “Hot Metal”, but Mizuno site has it at 46*, not 45*. The 8-GW should read 36*, 41*, 46*, 51* if lofts are same as U.S. specs. Your charts are the same as Mizuno listings for the Hot Metal and the Tour models.

Nick Fernandez says:

Got fitted today and tried a number of different models (Cobra F8, Talyor Made, Mizuno, Calaway, and PXG). Loved how the Mizuno PXG 919 Forged felt and the way it delivered. It really did look really nice. Even the miss hits really did carry and flew very nicely. I liked them so much that I decided to order the new irons (5-PW). The Cobra Fly-Z’s that I bought off the shelf didn’t stand a chance.

Brendan Jordan says:

Compare to Ping i500 please

PaulHD MTB says:

Great video review as usual. Was surprised to see you provide time points if someone wanted to jump ahead and not watch the entire video. Nevertheless, don’t think why MP-18 SC, MB split set will be getting replaced anytime within the next decade… The MP-18 lineup IMHO is the best iron design the WORLD has ever seen…

Randy Mahony says:

Always love your reviews Rick. Another utube low handicapper said the forged didn’t feel like anything special. Do you disagree?

Michael Quinn says:

blades be sexy

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