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Sam says:

Doesn’t matter what I hit, they all feel the same so I’m going with standard steel. Cheaper, harder, last longer

Brendan Hanley says:

Great review mate.

Why do you have the white dots on the face of the club?

Kent Cross says:

Hell yeah! Back at it with the gear review. (The reason I subscribed) Thank you, Rick. I was on the fence with these exact clubs. BUT W/S came out with RAW Finished Tour V6s and They are beautiful

Uzair Lodhi says:

Damn, I just bought m2’s

Treven Wethington says:

Love wilson irons. Played the fg tour v2, m3

Riley says:

Hi Rick, would there be any benefit of doing a combo set of C300 forged and tour v6 or is the long iron performance between the two essentially the same? Thanks!

Chad Rousse says:

Disappointed that the non-forged version have a poor feel. Is this relative to the forged or just in general?

Robin Lindsten says:

went out to buy the c300 forged today and im super happy!

Gavin Humphreys says:

Great vid Rick!
I tested the D300 irons recently and thought they were really good and very forgiving

Wayne Swisher says:

I have a set of C300 irons and have to say they are a great set. I think the Wilson D350 iron is longer.
You should review the D350 irons, great set as well. I have both sets and find the D350 to be longer.
My shots are much longer with the D350’s. Thanks Rick great review.

Lorenzo says:

I just ordered the C300, I am a beginner and cannot wait to test them in the field!


I’ve hit these clubs during my last purchase..I liked them a lot..I’m old now, so I liked the C300 game improvement set much better..but when i hit them i hit them with the 50 compression wilson ball..

a fiengo says:

excellent, at this moment i am using c300 forged, feeling is great

Sebastian Frutos says:

Any chance to do a review on the cobra forged tec black irons

juliosachump says:

Do a bombtech iron set review!

Further More says:

Great review: I played the Wilson Pi 5 awesome club. Ask Paddy. Continue the good work. I will get this set of irons.

stephen barker says:

i used to play golf the best set i had were wilson pt prostaff

pmata814 says:

What a great vidoe Rick! Great video quality and I appreciate you reviewing wilson clubs. I do kinda miss the old format of you hitting a shot (while we see the flight on simulator) and then you commenting on the club after every shot. But this was excellent. Thank you!

Dan mills says:


Billy Stephens says:

can you do a review on the Titlest Ap3 irons

Doug Seaberg says:

25 years ago i played wilson forged blades and they were so pure and workable.

Wan Najmi Anwar says:

Tried the C300 at my local shop.. super soft feeling when hit it.

John Crick says:

Rick: First, would you consider replacing your V6 with the C300 forged and second, is there a downside to bumping the C300 or V6 2 degrees stronger to match the loft of the C300? Thanks

Mattypeeperz says:

Feel hands down

Leo Rangel says:

Its all about TAYLORMADE P790 IRONS. nothing else compares.

AJ Rinehart says:

Never thought Wilson would get back into the game I guess I’m wrong

Mark Brown says:


Rune Sletten says:

With all respect Rick but I don’t understand why good players like you constantly insist to play tour irons. You are not on the tour and more forgiveness in irons will help you but still players like you choose to play irons like V6 instead of c300 forged. Jordan Spieth plays AP2 that I guess is close to c300 forged. My point is, if you put aside the stubbornness and just play a round with c300 forged I do think you will do better than with the V6. Anyway, would be interesting to see if you play better with more controlled clubs vs more forgiving club. Please do a video on this because it’s a topic many players fall into. Do we pick clubs that’s too hard for us?

Chester says:

The carry difference is partially explained by the difference in loft – in the 7-irons the Forged has 33 degrees and the C300 31 degrees of loft.  However, you can order the Forged up to 2 degrees strong if you wish – in which case these irons would then have the same loft.

G Man says:

Thanks Rick. Another great review. You are still the best on YouTube.

Dave T says:

I just put the C300 forged in the bag. While I was initially put off by the power holes, these clubs still look fantastic in person. I love the feel of these clubs and also was attracted by the more traditional lofts. This let’s me get my approach shots up nice and high with great spin. The longer irons are also great to hit. Make sure you test these irons if you get the chance. Fantastic product from Wilson. Cheers for the review Rick!

Adam Stubbs says:

Surprised you didn’t mention the ball speed difference on the 5/7 irons Rick? That’s having as much effect on distance than the couple degree in loft surely? Was the club speed the same? Cant believe how much difference in sound there is between the 2 sets, even on camera. Liking the forged set myself, the “power holes” ruin the look on both sets, no need for them whatsoever.

Tony Leigh says:

HI Rick (or anyone out there), I’m making a trip back to Lancs (normally live in HK). Is Quest Golf studio in Lytham or Burnley please?

Wouter Schoenmaker says:

Still gaming the old C100’s. Can imagine these will be a nice successor. Great clubs for the lesser gods that are just playing golf for fun without spending massive amounts on practice or the ones that like to improve their game (like me) from a 30+ to sub 20 handicap. Great value also!

Mindy Macready says:

Those powerholes need to go away! Ugly and the rubber bits for sure gonna dry out and drop out. Without powerholes the C300 forged would go in my bag instantly. Incredible feel and the PW without the holes looks best in market!

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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John Becker says:

Great video

CL Randgolf says:

The C300 forged look pretty nice, I agree the power holes are a little off putting. I know you compared feel to the V6, but what about the offset? I know the lofts are 1* stronger, but is that the only difference you notice?

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