Ping golf face a HUGE challenge – G410 IRONS REVIEW

Ping golf face a HUGE challenge – G410 IRON REVIEW
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new Ping G410 irons in the studio on GCquad and out on the golf course at Warrington Golf Club.
Rick also tests the G410’s against the super successful Ping G400 irons


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MrRedmania says:

I play jpx900 hot metal. I’m looking at upgrading and have identified the these a potential club. I’d really like to see the f9 speedback in a review also.

Kevin Fergie says:

I currently play these 18 year old titlist irons could really use an upgrade but don’t have the money unfortunately

Brandon Brame says:

Man… I see why you test drivers more often. Takes a lot to review irons.

jody mullin says:

great review. got to say I like the sound they make.

Russell Ronan says:

An old set of ping eye 2 coppers

anand mccullum says:

I am playing with the G200 irons

Pontus Janssons Magic Hat says:

So these irons don’t do anything different than they did 10 years ago then. As if people buy the newest tech 🙂

Matthias Buhlis says:

My buddy is in the process of picking up G410. As an old club fitter, but not in the industry of late, I really appreciate your honest review to help him out.

Great job Rick

Brandon Conn says:

I love the slowmos of your swing. Silky smooth

Joe Perez says:

Another excellent review. Seems PING is on to something with their design work. When you reviewed the G700, you also got low spin numbers indoors, which was alarming, but when you took them out onto the course, they certainly had stopping power on the green, and you almost backed up one approach off the front. An important point you make is the “hot” face on short game shots. I thought it was just me when I found that chip and bump shots with the G700 seem to rocket off the face, and even after a year I still have problems.

Ben Foust says:

Spin rates look low – no stopping on the greens!

Steve says:

i500 irons and like them a lot.

Full Body Fix says:

what is that notch on the back of the heel? did I miss something?

Still Ill says:

You dont take a lot of divots?

WaffleNutz says:

What shafts were in them?

Greg Grice says:

137 PW so how does one fill the gap below 137? Honestly I think they look like Box set Irons to me. Very colorful.

Kevin Choi says:

Good review rick. These irons look pretty good with those minimal offset. Only thing I don’t like with ping is why do they put that notch from the hosel. Isn’t that part of the iron under high pressure at impact. Have anyone played ping irons that bended out of angles over time?

mharri333 Harrison says:

Great review as always Rick!

Nate Ross says:

The audio did pick up. I like the 410 sound more than the 400 but the 410 is NOT attractive to me.

Ben Peters says:

Rick – why are you click baiting all your videos lately? It’s golf club reviews, not a rap battle.

Graham Skeff says:

Not a fan of the look. The red looks cheap and tacky to me!

Mike B says:

Can you test the TS2 and TS3 fairway woods

David De bruyne says:

Pls do a review of cheap golf simulators

divin dave says:

Callaway Apex CF16

Kourtney says:

I “smashed the like button” like you requested. Broke my finger and my iPhone. You got a lawsuit coming if you don’t send me that er5 black putter.

mharri333 Harrison says:

I am playing ping G with Ping G700 5 and 6. Love the G700. Wondering if I should go all G 700 or all G410?

Micky Marks says:


stu says:

I think you are separating yourself away from other golf reviewers of late. I’m enjoying yours much better then any other channel. Your editing is super smooth with lots of nice subtle touches. But your method of testing and the way it comes across is far superior to other equipment testers. IMO.

j d says:

I play the ping g irons and I have to say they sound and feel terrible but perform great

kyshapka says:

Good review Rick, good perspective. What I miss from your original reviews was your initial reaction, and how “raw” (couldn’t find a better word) they were, as opposed to these highly “production” type reviews you do now. They are basically you telling a story about what you found, with some action shots of you hitting some balls. Before, it was really getting your initial response and thoughts as you were hitting them. Others still do this. Just a thought for something you can incorporate back into your reviews. Cheers mate!

leon davis says:

Can you test that against the g700

John Monteagudo says:

I just want to thank you for shopwing us the back spin of these clubs. That is something that is very important to me and it’s i,possible to test in most fitting environments.

Glenn Watson says:

I have been a Ping loyalist for over 30 years. But I don’t like that screw on the toe. It bothers me.

Chase Johns says:

I hope the next Driver/iron set ping comes out with is the G420 just for the memes

Russell Ronan says:

And I absolutely love them may not be the most forgiving but play real well for me And I am a high to high mid handicapper lol

Gertjan Pison says:

Just bought these as my first set of clubs after a fitting.Tried some mizuno & cleveland clubs too but these were waaaaay better then the others, miles ahead. They felt good, but the looks aren’t 100% my cup of tea.

Looking forward playing with them, great review and thank you for giving me a deeper insight on every aspect of the clubs.

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