Ping G410 irons review – Best Game improvement irons 2019?

I test the 2019 Ping G410 irons on the course at Buenavista golf club in Tenerife, are these the best game improvement irons of 2019?

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Bandit Baker says:

Great review Andy, in the looks department the G410 are IMO a vast improvement on the G400 (which always reminded me of shovels). Sound and feel are always a personal subjective judgement and as I’m a deaf Owd bugger rarely influence me, the more important factors for me are how does it look and how does it perform.
PS that course looks Stunning! It may have to go on my, “Must play” list as soon as I get out playing again.

Bill Wallenstein says:

Absolutely gorgeous scenery. You’ve taken your reviews to the next level.

Dave Hanstein says:

Sorry, have to disagree. I have hit these and they are almost i210 soft. Better looking and feel vs. 400s, IMO. These 410s are easy to hit/launch!

ShaamoneHeeHee says:

How is less than 5000 rpm good for 7 iron? Is it’s descent 45% to give it a chance to stop on a green?

John Tinkler says:

Good review Andy. This Game Improvement sector seems to be a dog eat dog environment governed by claim and counter claim and eye-catching aesthetics. That’s probably why so many brands are releasing set after set to try to attract and maintain market share. It may be a case of too many brands chasing a limited market but we shall see.

Brian Treadwell says:

Reviewed honestly. . . not my type of club but if manufacturers are bringing out new models they’ve got to be better than the ones replaced. Not a fan of stronger lofts – I prefer smaller gapping between wedges and short irons. The green shots are the scoring shots

joel. H. He. H Rouvaldt. H. He says:

Most people that reviewed these irons had a very positive response.

Frank M says:

Solid review Andy, one issue with the G400 seems to the finish getting scuffed and scratched up easily. How did the hydropearl 2 on the G410 hold up?

Rob Matthews says:

What a great looking golf course! Great review as usual, Andy.

Ernie Mangus says:

They look nice, didn’t sound or feel “bad” to me but it was different. Seemed slightly more forgiving that the i200s I game, but nothing saves a shot that is hit really heavy.

Jeremy Stafford says:

Really good honest review, but can’t tell you how disappointed I am. As a ping brand fan and currently play a set of ping zing irons purchased in 1996. I’ve decided this year to change, and really love the looks/colour scheme of these clubs indeed considering the whole range. Will still test, but now with a little reservation. Other iron I intend to test are srixon 585 ,if I move from ping . Thanks for the very honest review. ( a comparison video would be very much appreciated).

Neil Dixon says:

Shame there’s the hard feel. I got some i210s last year and they feel so soft so Ping can do it but seem to have missed a trick on these

edwin lambley says:

Bang on review. I have tried both the G400 & G410 side by side on a driving range yesterday and yes the feel/sound in my opinion is not as good with the G410. I have not thought this about Ping before but they have released a club not as desirable as the previous model, in fact IF I were in the market for new irons I would looking at the G400 (and see if I could get a deal) way before the G410. Mind you I’m not a fan of cranking lofts I am old fashioned and tend to favour “traditional” lofts as It doesn’t bother me what number is on the bottom of the club. The only number I am interested in is what distance does that club go to obtain consistent gaping throughout the range without a large gap appearing at the lower end …… arguably the most important part. Power spec 28.5 deg 7 iron ……. good luck.

Jim Orr says:

Great review Andy and thank you!

David Leigh says:

Very practical and honest review Andy.
Because of manufacturers trying to keep pace with competitors,clubs are being released too regularly.
The result is that many quality sets are being consigned to yesterday.
Great for golfers who patiently wait then buy last years (or as it seems months) model,but for “golf tarts ” a costly exercise.
You have shown that new is not always an improvement!

Mike Farrell says:

Good honest review Andy, i was starting to get worried that I had bought the wrong irons.I just love tenerife. Go at least 3 Times a year. Play most of my golf around golf del sur,love it

allo cromeau says:

Where in the world are you?? Looks like a georgous place!!!!

Michael Reeves says:

love to see comparison between G410 vs G400

Mike Austin Fan says:

Smaller face, smaller trampoline, harder feel.
30 degree 7 iron is the old 6 iron. That means you’ll need two gap wedges between the pw and sw.

wrath646 says:

With the power specs, it’s really 3 -p instead of 4-u.

ripyerballs says:

Great honest review Andy as always its very refreshing to hear someone say the older model is better.

Justin Stephenson says:

I am not sure where these clubs fit in the market between i500, i210 & G700. If you can strike the G410s well you might as well buy the i500 maybe a little less forgiving but not such in the real world it would be that significant.

Scott chalk says:

Hi Andy recently subscribed to your channel love the honest reviews but any chance you could get a high handicapper test the clubs too because you being low means you hit the middle alot a 20hcp would give a good reference too

Richard Croft says:

Thanks Andy, I M glad that I didn’t wait for the 2019 models. Actually opted for the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals.

Daniel Winterbottom says:

Hi I was wondering if you will be doing the new crossover soon?

Lcas1 says:

I have been and tried numerous clubs and completely disagree with u on sound and feel these irons are the best I tried

david groom says:

Many have said the 410 hits it really high but with good distance – did you find that?

Liam Francomb says:

Can you get your 160
7iron to stop on the green.?

If not then a higher handicapper is not going to be able to hold the greens either.

Simon White says:

Good review Andy, be interested to try them myself and see if I can live with that clicking sound off the face, or maybe try Apex or the Mizunos

Chris Freitag says:

Nice review Andy, especially on course perspectives. Appreciate your honesty with respect to performance, look, feel and sound.

gary mellor says:

Good review Andy any idea when you be reviewing the new cobra f9 irons please

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