Rick Shiels tests the NEW TaylorMade P760 Irons full review


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Dalton Bough says:

Wow this channel has grown a ton in the past year congrats and keep with the great vids

chefxtrordinair says:

Rick was wondering what’s your opinion on Miura golf irons

rob carter says:

Request: can everyone who’s watched this please start using ‘hamster mattress’ as a comparison in everyday speech please. 🙂 “Yeah mate, it’s soft – but not as soft as a hamster’s mattress.” Love it…

Nick John says:

I purchased 2nd hand clubs from a reputable Ebay seller Golfclubsforcash. Fraction of the cost and top makes too. These are ridiculously priced!

Mo Town says:

Evidently the price isn’t bothering everyone I ordered a set on 11/11 and they are so far behind in manufacturing to keep up with demand my clubs have an expected ship date of 12/24. Crazy

Aaron S says:

Sand bucket mate…

Adam Ramsden says:

Dam how slick are your videos now.

Cory Collins says:

Great video rick

David Johnson says:

Way too expensive. Kind of ridiculous actually. I hope this trend is plateaued, but highly doubtful.

TheWhatYouNeed says:

I switched from TM irons to Mizuno.. never looking back. Mizuno is far superior imo with their irons. TM has the wood game on lock though

Charlie Davis says:

I guess Taylor made things they can charge that price cause Tigers playing their clubs. If they would lower the prices across the board they would sell more sets cause we could afford a new set. That’s a mortgage payment for goodness sake. Lol thank you Rick for your honesty.

Paul schulz says:

I have tried these out on launch moniter and against my Taylor Made blazes Irons there is no difference infact i hit mine 5 yards further. Paul

Pete Rigg says:

Great video as usual Rick but I haven’t seen these advertised at £1,300 anywhere. They are still premium price at £999 but not much more than other sets of a similar standard.

They feel great and look much better in the flesh than the pictures.

Larry Emert says:

Lol come on man. Your soft cut 8 iron was everything but a soft cut……

John says:

Great honest review Rick. They are at least 500 over priced. That speedfoam must be awfully expensive.

Imam Subhan says:

Rick, what do u think of miura genesis 9005 Passing Point? Pls do a review

Jeffrey Bruder says:

It’s a shame that consumers, who are asked to pay $1500 for these irons, don’t get to take them out and do a similar test. It’s really frustrating.

Nopez20 says:

Rick i have a request for your future videos, would you mind putting adding the meter count into the editing? You got a ton of european and asians subs and we all do meters! so pretty please? =)

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: Are golf clubs getting too expensive? How much were your set of irons?

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Gregg Venenga says:

Definitely Mizuno

Tim O'Connor says:

Hamster mattress?

Jon Nigaavich says:

Rick you strike the ball like I do! Why aren’t we on tour?

Peter Peterson says:

Taylor made irons cannot compare to mizuno in feel or build quality,

Chris Sugden says:

Until people stop buying them at that price then they will not stop with the huge price tags. Its daft, they need to charge that amount to pay all the costs of the development…yet they develop constantley and always end up chasing their tails trying to make the money back. I’m certain that Taylormade are not making lots of profit. Please Taylormade…slow down with trying to have a new idea every four months! All that said, i am a complete Taylormade snob who spent just under £1000 on my P790’s earlier this year 😀 And i dont regret it one bit…i’ll start saving for these now! lol

topbanana0 says:

£1300….. I think we being taken for a ride. I paid £90 for a set of ex-demo 2008 AP2’s, recently tried them head to head with some 2018 AP2’s, I couldn’t tell the difference.
Emperor’s new clothes me thinks

Station 2Station says:

P760 4 iron has LESS offset than the i500, X-Forged 2018, Titleist 718 CB, AND the JPX 919 TOUR 4 irons. Maybe the hosel design is making it appear as though they have more? But they do not.

Sunghun Jung says:

Hi I am amateur golfer in south korea. My handycap is about 15 . I am thinking changing irons. Now i am using yamaha irons. Irons i am thiking to chang is P 760 and P790 . Which one do you recommend regardless of price?

John Hemond says:

I paid $550 for  XXIO irons 5-PW with graphite shafts in excellent condition.

dkgolfnut says:

I own the P770’s and not sure there is enough difference to move to P760’s. I personally think the P770’s are better looking and performance, lofts, etc are very similar. I will stay with what I have, but nice review Rick. I always enjoy your reviews and VLOGs

Pievel C says:

Just buy older clubs from Ebay sellers. You can get really good sets from a couple of generations ago set at 90% discounts.

James Postlethwaite says:

1300 pounds. How unbelievably unaccessible for so many players.

just sunny says:

The designers screwed up – they should had made the middle part chrome.

raid ;_; says:

Cool vid

Patrick Traynor says:

Hi Rick, would you be able to post the optimum numbers for each club that you think they should be.


Sam Shepherd says:

Thumbs up on the new review format

Paul Goodier says:

take 3 and 4 out and use hybrids?….one of your better videos Rick….you’re getting a lot more polished….personally I am mid high but I would prefer Mizuno as you said

Shawn Stone CSCS FMS TPI K-MOTION says:

Are the irons completely forged with the 3 through 7 irons being a two piece forged iron? I was asked the question the other day on how and where they were forged. I wasn’t sure if it was just the face.

Thomas Wrigley says:

Your such a tit! The price point has nothing to do with performance which is what your supposed to be reviewing… I don’t care what you feel about the price point, which is the same as equivalent sets such as i500, ap2 & 3 etcetera. Prices are going up drivers are around £450 a go now and it was the Titleist 917 than jumped that price but I didn’t hear you knocking them?

FF2312674333 says:

Thank you for talking about price.
Doesn’t seem to be a correlation between performance and price or even quality to price anymore.
Certain manufacturers are charging as much as they think they can get away with. (And yes I know how business and profit work but doesn’t mean I need to agree with it!)
£900 buys you a set of Mizuno MP18 Sc. Are the TMs £400 ‘better’. Think not.

Andrew Baird says:

Its the same with HI-FI connection leads , if you take the raw materials they are on the same profit margins as private heath care brain surgeons in California as far as the labour charge is to assemble them . A shaft costs £10 a grip costs £5 the head of a m3 costs out the door in Guangjong in China £17 , so the paint and carbon / glue / assembly is £11. profit is £300+ per driver , similar with each iron , almost a 95% mark up on cost , but this does not mean the clubs ar any better than a sports direct iron for £5 . for the majority of 15+ handicap players anything on a 7 iron shaft will work better for them . I play of 4 and at Gullane 1, 2 weeks ago my 4 iron shots of the tee with my 1998 tzoid pro mizunos were within 5 yards of the other senior players ts3 , g400 etc etc tee shots . they have neither the swings or hand strength to hit anything longer than 7 iron , and these people are the ones shelling out stupid cash for the latest tech.

De Sla says:

Great review! The video and editing quality is through the roof

freddy says:

Don’t know about the UK but here in the USA you MUST buy the 4 iron. I don’t want a 4 iron especially a very expensive one. I can barely
manage a 5 irons. I’ll pass.

Todd Mendoza says:

Would love to see a review of the Cobra ForgedTec irons. My buddy is a 2 handicap and likes the feel better than his Titleist forged irons.

Tom Duckworth says:

Good review I like your new format and I’m glad you bring up price. I think that should be included after all you are helping people decide if they want to buy them and that is a factor as much as performance.

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