Rick Shiels hits 30 shots with the new Nike Vapor Fly irons to see how the Best, Average and Worst shots perform using GC2 and HMT



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Tony Atkinson says:

Rick, enjoyed the new version of testing love knowing the data behind the strikes thanks

Musicmaster6921 says:

Really great video! Liking seeing more than just 5-10 shots, gives a much better idea of what the club can do. Also any chance we will get to see a review of these with Rob?  Fingers crossed on that.

Station 2 says:

Apex Pro 16?

Jon Don says:

Rick, i know i’m going back a bit now but did you do a test on the nike vrs cavity back irons? If so can you put a link in please.

Grant S says:

“Too cool for school” – old man Shiels. But I do really like that review format, keep up the good work as always.

gene casuse says:

It looks like he’s not even hitting the ground

Andre Sinclair says:

Just borrowed a set of nike vapor fly from my local golf shop, what a fantastic set of irons very long very controllable and sooooooon easy to hit.
had various Nike clubs drivers, woods putter etc currently have vapor speed driver special edition volt , flex rescue and 3 wood but never had a set of their irons that will change this week.
Nike seem to have done the impossible a game improvement iron with super feel and some playability.
had callaway x2 hot previously and they were long and straight but too clicky.
going to try the nike vapor fly pro next before I take the plunge and make my purchase

Steven Clark says:

Rick, I really like that you are using 30 balls for your test. How are you defining best, average, and worst? I would like to see additional data and graphics.

grogfisher says:

Hey Rick,
Would you recommend these clubs to the player that might also be looking at the Ping G-max series?

Wayne Swisher says:

Are any of their irons forged? Thanks for the review.

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

I’m a middle high handicap (going fast to middle) and i’m playing aeroburner irons (5pw) fitted with standard graphite shafts (cause my swing was really slow but was increased right now). I’m thinking to change my arsenal and i’m looking for this clubs, looking really good and not chunkie like aeroburner (still love my clubs). I’m also fitted steel shaft lightweight stiff (X95, DGSL and so on) and i have a great feeling. Can u suggest that this clubs can give me some more in my game or simply change the shafts (switching to steel) on my aeroburner Rick? Thanx for this amazing video.

Josh Nielson says:

Hiya Rick,

These reviews with the 30 balls of data are the best club reviews I have seen. Keep at it 🙂

Brandon Johnson says:

Nike is on top of their game

S.lboro says:

Also Recoil 460 F3 looks a little graphite looking because it is graphite!

golfboy1989 says:

So after all the hype and build up you’ve made over past few months – your new, comprehensive and revolutionary review method done with the aid of an American scientist is…..hit a few more balls. Well, I suppose it is more comprehensive! Though you may have over sold it slightly…

T.J. Hodnett says:

Hey Rick, what’s your take on the news about Nike??

metamurph says:

What I want to know is how you like the feel compared to current year. That is what I like with current Vapor Pro and Pro Combo they are just like butter. Looks, these are “fine” and I doubt they are looking for stodgey old guys anyway, golf needs more young guys/gals to start playing forget us old sods.

Steve Ellis says:

I’m 25 and just bought these and there beeeaaautiful!

BiniouTM says:

Hey Rick, I’m 16 and do you think that the pro combo can be great for my level ?

Exasperated Golf ! says:

too cool for school !! theyre great Im 55 and love the look feel and just shot my best round for 40 years ! ( and my hats the right way round) cool review.

redd7188 says:

Come on Nike, give us some chrome finish irons.

GibAdam says:

I’m 12 and I’m a 5 handicap, how would these work for me?

Cheng Xiao says:

Never buy nike clubs

C Huzz says:

Yuk! I bought the Nike SQ Machspeed irons because it hit them so nicely even though I didn’t particularly like the look. This is too far though, I just couldn’t!!

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