Rick Shiels tests the NEW WILSON STAFF FG TOUR V6 IRONS using GC2 and HMT with Titleist Pro V1 golf balls!

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Jean Ferret says:

Our County Champion has just swapped I Blades for these. Great look and feel.

natewayna says:

Any chance that you will be getting Rob to do a mid handicapper review. I would love to hear his thoughts on these irons

supertuber59 says:

I picked up a used set of these today for $550, and the only reason they popped up on my radar was because of this review. these clubs are *great*! It’s like you don’t even feel the ball when striking them out of the middle. They look so sharp and classic from the top and very good from the back with the contrast of chrome and satin. I’m going to wear these clubs out like a little whore, a little $550 whore.

Russell Presley says:

rick, can you please have rob review the FG Tour F5???

Ken Howard says:

I’m actually surprised that no one tests/reviews the Wilson DUO Urethane, or FG Tour Balls that Wilson has out there. They’re not bad Rick. Maybe they’ll surprise you as well. O_O

Mitchell Cocker says:

What about a review on the wilson tour f5 irons?

Allah Ali Baba says:

Hi Rick: Could you please do a review with Rob on theses Wilson Staff FG V6 irons and have him tell us which shaft and flex he is using???/ Who like to get a midhandicapers view point….Thanks…Ali….

Big Ed says:

They look amazing…a really beautiful set of irons.

Billy Graham says:

Wilson Staff irons used to be the finest golf irons imaginable. Then Wilson just sort of dropped off the radar.


are the Wilson long irons more forgiving than the Ben Hogan Hi or PTX irons??

Kody Palmer says:

6.5 FT

Curtis Polysou says:

These might be the perfect iron set! A ray of hope in a world gone mad.
I picked up a set after reading the great review on THP and I’ve been enjoying every swing since!

SmoothOperator says:

Were you provided these clubs by Wilson Golf or paid or compensated in any way for this review? If so you should add a disclaimer. I’m asking cause I find it fishy that Wilson Golf showed up on your review page.

Quinn Hunsinger says:

Take a sharpie, write 8 on the 7, and put them in your bag Rick who cares what the number says !! You already play a strong iron with the 2 driving iron you don’t have a gap there or play an adjustable hybrid to fill a gap between your long irons and woods ! People see guys on tour hitting 175+ yard 9 irons and don’t realize the club has less loft than the 9 iron in their bag it’s irrelevant the number as long as you have solid gaps !

Lasse M Jensen says:

Hey Rick, Plz do a review of the new Wilson C300 forged and make a small Comparison with the V6. Maybe talk about Combo them 4-7 C300 and 8-PW V6

MrPalmsprings1234 says:

i have a set of these x100. shafys to stiff for me looking to trade

Jay McGillicuddy says:

How soon after this video did you hit them again? LOL I a definitely going to try these. I am around a 14 So I hope these can fit my game.

Zac Engbretson says:

Use these for mid handicap tester review!!!!

Allah Ali Baba says:

Hi Rick: Love your reviews….I was wondering what shafts and flex you were using in this Wilson FG V 6 iron review??? Also could you get Rob to test these clubs and tell us what shafts he would use??? Not familiar with the stock TT DG AMT shafts??? Thanks….Ali

Slowhiteguy says:

if only i had $1,000 to drop on these bad boys

TheFranchise9 says:

This is exactly what I’m looking for in an iron. It’s too bad the Callaway apex pros got to me first, as I’m very happy with them. Great looking club from WS

P1 Gamer says:

I played those irons today with trackman 🙂 great strike feel and very nice looking

Lisa Fourie says:

Rick, these look very much like the Titleist CB’s 716’s. Would you test them head to head for us ? Also back to more classic lofts etc.

Kieran Hall says:

Im a Mizuno snob and went for a fitting for the MP25 or JPX 900s… I ended up ordering these. LOVED THEM!

Lawrence Williams says:

Hey Rick….sold on these after hitting them on range…..I’m a tweener and while I hit s300 amt good , I feel r300 amt long term would be better…..148 carry

fred walker says:

Rick the ping iblades had spin rates better than these. So you have had clubs in the last year that have had that spin rate.

Niklas Nester says:

Great stuff mate… I´ve been playing the FG tour M3 for 2 seasons now and I still just love them.. Great feel, great control and great consistency. Go Wilson!!

Bryce Nigus says:

Rick, been watching every course vlog along with reviews. Havent seen these in the bag to this point. Whats holding ya back?

Adam Shields says:

I have Rsi2 irons and just hit these and distance the same for me but feel a million times better

Wayne Swisher says:

Thanks for testing. I have been playing these now for a month and love them. These are great irons.I used the D300 woods with this set of irons. Great combination. These irons are what Padrig used to win early in the year at Dubai. Thanks again for the review, these are whats in my bag. More people should give them a shot. You will love them too. Very soft feel off the face.

Chris Moore says:

I bought a set a few months ago and LOVE them. They are awesome. Look amazing at address and feel great. Everything I look for in a set of irons.

Jeremy R. says:

Rick, great channel and so cool how wilson staff can come out and beat out the big boys for a spot in your bag (callaway, titleist, taylormade). Would LOVE to see a head to head video of Tour V6, Apex Pro, AP2, and Proto!

Another thing to point out is it is has been a year plus since you reviewed the previously mentioned clubs and you swing/shot tendencies have changed since then too. So the video requested would 1) show head to head numbers if wilson puts the other guys to shame and 2) see if your new improved swing had an effect on why these clubs made it in your bag due to how recent the review was

Lawrence Williams says:

MERRY CHRISTMAS Rick! Have u had a chance to hit c300 forged yet? Thinking of making a combo set with these fine V6

Brian Russ says:

Took delivery of my new V6 irons on Saturday, and I LOVE them. I have only been playing golf for a couple of years, and I never realised how good a shot can feel off the club. I don’t have to look where the ball is going to know that it was a great shot, because you can tell from the feel … I can tell you now … Rick is right … they look & feel incredible.

Cj Sorensen says:

I’ve watched this video everyday for the past couple weeks to decide if I really wanted them. Finally, I came to my senses and scheduled a fitting and I hope these are the irons for me. I get more and more excited Every time I watch this!!

Kyle Wilckens says:

not weak lofts. correct lofts. for once.

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