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majorsmythe1 says:

I thought the Titleist 716 CB is one of the greatest irons ,,,Ever. I really dont know how they can improve on it. 716 CB,,,718 CB just Awesome.

jgmedina says:

Please, do a comparison of these with Wilson fg tour v6.
What do you think?

Nicholas Hall says:

Its not forgotten in my eyes, with the addition of tungsten its as forgiving as my 714 AP2’s and feels like butter in comparison to the 718 and 716 AP2, best all round club in my eyes, CB for life

Justin Wallender says:

Will you do a full review for the 718mb??

sabr686 says:

I play the Mizuno MP-60 for the last decade now. Virtually the same club. Beautiful, predictable, workable. Have always loved these CB’s, I may have to look more closely.

David t says:

Flag at 175 cos it isn’t going any further than that. Goes 176. Made me laugh more than it should haha god I’m such a child.

Michael Follese says:

I play 712 cb’s. Always loved the cb iron. Love the look of these. Will probably buy the 718’s. Then will probably buy the 724’s. Etc etc

Sean Regnier says:

Those seven iron distances really highlight the role that spin plays In distance. I wish more people would look into that before getting wrapped up In “technology”

Adrian Canny says:

i have always loved the cbs think they are titleists best looking clubs – can’t wait to try these out and probably get a set and blend longer irons with t mb

Adam Landis says:

When are these releasing?

Harry Byrne says:

Stick em in the bag 5-pw and 2 and 4 in the tmb

Thom Bendtsen says:

Oh my god, stop saying “classic”!

Jacob Ball says:

Best wedge shots I’ve seen you hit! So close to finally holing one!

Street11 says:

Hopefully the 716s get a little discounted now.. they are awesome.

Matt Doane says:

Best club they make. For the life of me can’t understand why it’s not more popular.

Sean Jones says:

I need these in my life!

Jacob Sever says:

What exactly do they upgrade between the 714, 716, 718, etc? They always look very very similar.

David Santos says:

Based on the dispersion, it seems like these belong in your bag.

Aidan Clifford says:

Stick em in the bloody bad mate!

William Stenberg says:

What hcp does this club cater towards?

Rick Shiels Golf says:

To watch all the Titleist 718 Iron reviews CLICK HERE –

Darren Clack says:

I picked up my new 716 cb last week. 4-pw.
I went through pretty much a 6 month try and test process. Tried everything available in this bracket. Including mp5 and p750.
Hands down for me the 716 I was most consistent with. Great feel. Not butter soft. But superb feedback.

Jesse Jeffries says:

Great review

Brian Legros says:

Every two years is fine, it’s nice to get a styling change or different finishes.

Jonathan Graham says:

is there any way we can get a review of the Srixon 565,765,975’s ?

SavetheWater1 says:

As soon as they are available, I will be making a purchase

Mark Arnold says:

Ok Rick, now tell me why you aren’t going to put the CB short irons in your bag? There isn’t a wedge on the planet you hit better than these.

Nick Zadd says:

Still playing the 714 cbs and ap2. Have a 4 and 5 in the ap2 and 6-Pw in cb. Great irons!

Peter A says:

Im still using my 710 CB, best irons ive had, considering change to these for next season

Zachary Milos says:

I could see people making weird franken-sets where they put in a 3/4 TMB, then 5-7 AP3’s, then CB 8-PW.

Jimmy Carter says:

Can these dethrone the v6’s?

JON PON says:

Titleist is hyped trash

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

I’d play a full set.

Guy Davey says:

Now that was more like it!! I have a set of irons which are a mixture of cavity back and blade, blade from 7 to pw. Vega but very similar.

Sven Hallauer says:

I’d put the CB into my bag, to me clearly the best looking of the 6 models.

Goran Bacak says:

Hopefully you can get your hands on the new Mizunos. To me, those look like the nicest irons coming out this year. Can’t wait to see the new Apex pros too

Erik Furseth says:

Hey Rick, Absolutely loving all the videos (been binge watching the past few days), mainly your mid handy cap videos with Rob. They’ve really helped me with looking for a new set of irons and deciding on more than just looks. Now, I’m currently out with a disk herniation so I’m unable to go and test irons and get fitted, but what irons would you recommend for a newer golfer? My current set are 20+ years old (my dad’s old clubs) and I feel like I’ll stick around the sport for quite some time so I figured I should invest in a newer set of irons. I just turned 22 and I’m 6’4″ with an athletic build so whatever clubs I get they’ll most likely have to be lengthened and the lie will have to be adjusted. I don’t know my handicap but I shoot sub 90 on 18 after playing for the past few months. I don’t think it’s worth it, for me that is, to buy a new set of irons so I’ve been looking at the Mizuno jpx-ez and the titleist AP1 716’s but I wanted to see what you had to say about it. I’d really appreciate any feedback and PLEASE keep the videos coming, I’m running out!

Rick Shiels Golf says:







enhanson says:

V6 vs CB, CB looks like it’s gunning for a spot in the bag

Zack Schefer says:

put them in the bag Rick

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