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Baz Walker says:

Don’t think my 716s will be going anywhere.

Chris Mitchell says:

Santa please buy me these

Jacob Justice says:

How would you combine these and the ap3? The lofts are so far off of each other…. You would have to completely skip an iron.. Ap3- 3,4,5 iron then jump to a 7 ap2… Anyone else think of this?

King Z says:

Do taylormade p730!!!

gustav bertilsson says:

I play the 712s now but came to watch these for next possible purchase. Good content, Rick!

Matthew Welch says:

He has something against titleist

Adam Bennett says:

I’ve noticed on your testing of these titlest irons that your most common shot has toe 2 degrees down. Do you play your irons more upright than standard or is there an advantage to having the toe down at impact?

Miguel Dabu says:

Oh man those are sexy. I think before I can afford those, it would be 728. lol

cavman1 says:

Thank you for your terrific reviews. Just purchased a set of these (4-PW) after testing AP3 and AP2. They feel and sound beautiful. Surprising amount of forgiveness vs other player’s irons, but, agree with Rick that low shots on the face feel hard and are punished.

Javier Diaz says:

I see you replacing the 4 iron with a hybrid…working well for Mr. Parfield. #rinklemydinkle

Jonathan Green says:

I play the 716 ap2. I honestly can’t tell much difference between any ap2 model but I must admit this 718 range looks absolutely beautiful. I just don’t think there is enough difference to change from any previous ap2 model. They are all very good but very similar. No real reason to upgrade in my opinion

Seven Seven says:

There’s not a 4 iron in the world that could save you from shot 3 with that 4 iron

Cory Smith says:

I still think that the 714 AP2’s are the best looking AP2’s that Titleist have come out with. Something about the white medallion in the center against the black background of the club really pleases my eye.

Mitch 1977 says:

I’m still in love with my 714ap2s but I do like these shinny jewls!

Kyle Zeigler says:

yo, rick…stop telling us where you are….please. cuz i love you and your channel lol. God bless

Bryan Futscher says:

Rick: I’m a fan of your videos and the channel in whole…but I have to call it out. Whenever you test titleist clubs it’s PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that you don’t like them. The tone in your voice and the pace you hit it’s obvious you’re just trying to get through it.

Cody Gorman says:

Really enjoying all the content! Keep it up Rick!

Adrian Canny says:

if you hit any club badly you will get bad results

Keegz says:

I am a 2 handicap and currently playing the 716 AP2. For me I see very little difference between 716 and 718. You are pretty much paying a premium for some aesthetic changes and little to any real game improvement.

Go buy the 716 AP2 on a discount and rather upgrade the shaft to something like a Project X Rifle 6.0 shaft and you golden!

side note: I personally don’t think discussing the feel of a club is that relevant (especially personal feel). There are far bigger club selection criteria. The feel of the iron is something quite honestly that you will adjust to whilst gaming the club – just like having a new driver that has a different sound at impact than what you are used to. More importantly is how the iron performs, fits your game and how it fits the players eye. If the 716 AP2s are good enough for Spieth….. you bet they good enough for most of us!

Michael Thagard says:

You really think there is that big of a difference from the 716’s and 718’s? I have had the 716’s for about a year now and love them, but it sounds like Rick doesn’t.

Steve Olander says:

Have a set of AP2’s – PW to 5 and Hybrids 4 – 2. Love them. I also don’t like the stronger irons. Creates too much gap. Don’t need a 7 to go 180.

Tracy Ferguson says:

Rick, what are those shoes?  Love them!

h i says:

I think he should be taking these on the course and review them like that because the course plays way different than out at the range so he has to hit the proper iron lenght and etc

Jeff Smith says:

I actually switched from the 712 to the 718, the 714 and particularly the 716 didn’t do it for me, although they are IMO the best iron on the market … the 718 gives that slightly more butterknife look to it and it had me at hello! As always before I spend that type of money, I hit all the irons that fit my game as a scratch player and the 718 AP2 was still the winner. Some of it is certainly trust in Titleist performance but they simply out perform the competition. As a detail I look for distance as the least most important factor I actually carry a stock 7 171 so very close to yours and believe me if you needed 175-177 out of it you could get it

King Brian of knocknasheega says:

Those are some sexy clubs. I need get my handicap down to get a set like these.

Matthew Welch says:

When dude started I liked his stuff lately his vlogs are annoying and dramatic an his reviews anymore are boss to certain companies

Fraser Sutherland says:

I liked the feel off the 716 AP2’s but I guess I just like that solid feel

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