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New 716 Titleist AP1 and AP2 irons, available from 23rd October in golf shops worldwide, are precisely engineered with industry-leading amounts of high density tungsten to deliver the best combination of low CG and high MOI in their respective categories for distance, forgiveness and shot-stopping control…
I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


andrew woodley-page says:

how do these compare to Psi Rick?

Musket says:

Can u do the 2 new hybrids

metamurph says:

So I have heard comments that the AP2 “feels” software than event the MB because of the way they have used the tungsten. Now that you have them all, what would you say?

Rick Peters says:

Love my new AP2 irons, great feeling and some forgiveness on miss hits.

titleist fann says:

Rick, you look like you have changed your swing?

David Hall says:

they sound really harsh off the face. titleist irons like these never felt good to me. give me mizuno any day.

James Copsey says:

Does anyone know if Rick ever did the comparison against the 714 AP2’s? Can’t find it anywhere…

Connor Bennink says:

Hi Rick,
I am a big fan and please take no offense to this, but I think that this is one of your worst reviews ever. Again, I really love your videos but you seem very unprepared in your knowledge about the club and the simulator battery dying.

Viv Smith says:

Still waiting for comparison vs 714s 😛

Matthew Gonsalves says:

I love the clubs. I’m hitting the 7 iron 195-205 consistently

LMcC1144 says:

Rick I love your videos, I’ve been watching your channel since you had 30 thousands subscribers. Your reviews are really helping me select what clubs i want to get for the start of this coming spring. Keep up the awesome work!!!!!!

Insu 백인수 says:

why do u not do the callaways?

Matthew De Ridder says:

+rick shiels golf channel I just watched a couple old videos you had made. It’s funny how nervous you were…and how much better your reviews have gotten!

noonster55 says:

hmmm, you hit the MB’s longer & better than the CB’s & AP2’s… I wanted to see you test the MB’s because I just started using blades, The Wilson FG tour 100’s. They do make me focus more on each shot I take.

SU- Replayzz says:

I would love to know what irons preferably blades would you recommend to someone who’s handicap is even par

jarek salazar says:

is this iron a blade?
what kind of iron would you call this?

Stuart Lloyd says:

Which did you feel were the more forgiving to miss hits…MP25 or AP2 716 ?

Musket says:

Can u do the 2 new hybrids

Les Blair says:

Muted sounds. Looks great as always from them.

Brian Forrester says:

I was trying to decide between these and the Mizuno 850 forged. I was already leaning towards the Mizuno, having played Mp-57 for a few year now, and your reviews have helped cement confirm that bias.

Buzz Fitzgerald says:

Just purchased AP2’s, 5 to PW, hybrids replacement for 3 and 4 irons. Your thoughts on the AMT shafts? Benefits? Thanks, great videos.

Dave J says:

Speith tried the 716 AP2 irons this year and missed two cuts. Still playing his 714 AP2 irons

SEND IT scooters! says:


JAG sixtyfive says:

Any chance of a head to head with these and the TM Psi irons?

James Lentino says:

I love watching all of your videos and I believe you hit these the best out of anything!

Adam Flynn says:

Nice looking club but I did think how much drop off u had was worrying as they didn’t sound or look like very poor strikes.

Anthony Hardy says:

Rick you tested the Nike Pro Combo a while back which did you prefer against these?

Joshua Wagy says:

I have played Titleist blades since the 710s to 712s & 714s This season I went to the 716ap2. I do hit them father without a doubt with a perfect hit. But I do not like them overall. The do not feel as good, they are not forgiving and I do not feel the feedback I’m used to with the blades. I personally am disappointed with them and are going to sell.

Malcolm Herbert says:

Just got my set: 4-9 in KBS tour 90 shafts stiff. Absolutely LOVE them!!!! Would highly recommend them. I am 8 handicap. Thanks for these videos Rick!

Nate Blo says:

I prefer the 714 or me series 716-714

snipes_daily87 says:

Are these really any different from the 714’s? They don’t seem like it.

MurphySG24 says:

Spieth actually used these AP2s for one week and missed the cut. Needless to say the old ones went back in the bag 🙂

kaballas123 says:

mp25 vs ap2 review would be cool. can basically buy the mizuno mp25 for 200 dollars cheaper, get a free shaft upgrade and grip upgrade

Uncle Dan says:

try them and the winner is nike pros combo the felling of the club is better if you want to buy ap2 try the Nike and tell me want you think

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

Spieth put them in the bag for two days and missed the cut…went back to the 714s and carded two top ten finishes. Maybe he shouldn’t have made such a quick switch, or maybe these clubs aren’t all that consistent?

Richard Baker says:

I know that you had some tech issues with this test Rick, but maybe not having total distance measurement for a mishit is a bit unfair in determining the end outcome of a bad shot..? What I mean is that the shot that came out low as a result of being hit low on the club may have landed 18 yards shorter than a good strike, but it also hit the ground at a different angle and could have made up those 18 yards by running further..??

Mark Civanich says:

Im a ten handicap and i love the game and i can hit some great shots with my ap1 712’s and i was thinking about getting these soon is there any problems with these clubs besides forgiveness

Ky Kicks says:

Rick, which ap’s do you recommend me. I’m a 7 handicapper and can work the ball either way.

Nate Blo says:

These look ugly

bluesgolfer says:

Looks like the 716 mb is actually longer and more forgiving.

N R says:

Why don’t you take these irons rather than your hogans? Of course you hit your hogans very well, but almost every player has one or two mishits per round. The Quest is not going to be easier if you play really hard to play irons, imo.
Very good video as always.

Andrew Rimmer says:

Rick, which UA trousers are you wearing?

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