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Joe Perez says:

Rick, as far as the gapping issue is concerned the AP1’s are available with additional 48 & 53 degree irons (both Gap? Is the 53 a SW?).

speterj says:

Brushed not dull. Also helps reduce glare from the sun. Which we have here in the States.

TD Kane says:

I am disappointed in the 4 iron offset. I’m struggling with offset super game-improvement irons right now because I have a draw anyway

Shane Jones says:

Rick Shiels,

Titleist makes two gap wedges in the AP1 line usually around 47° and 52° to solve the 43° PW issue.

I personally don’t carry a 60° wedge, but then again I play Tour Edge Exotics irons… I wonder if I can talk David Glod into letting you review their clubs?

joec0914 says:

I encountered exactly that gapping issue when I bought my AP1s, 5-PW, and kept my old Tommy Armour sand wedge. I had to take out my 4 hybrid so I could put my old Tommy Armour PW (48 degrees) back in the bag. There was way too much of a gap between the AP1 PW at 43 degrees, and the old sand wedge at 54 degrees.

Guillaume Gaudry says:

Dying to see Rob testing these

thomas bennett says:

I’m 13 and off 12 what irons should I be using ??

Kerby Ballard says:

With the stronger lofts it takes the need for multiple hybrids out. I have a 50,54,58 with my 716 ap1s. 4 Iron was so nice I took my 4 hybrid out to add my 50 degree wedge

thomas bennett says:

When are you going to do the AP3 ??

Maxwell Arden says:

I have the 716 AP1 and I am a 5.6 handicap. What would you recommend I test next? I was thinking possibly the P-790 and T-MB.

P Rex says:

Two points.
One, regarding the face not being shiny, if you’ve ever seen a set of 716s that have been played. That shine goes away pretty quickly. I kind of obcess over this so ap1s haven’t been high on my list.
Two, most set’s come with two wedges after the pinching wedge. I haven’t seen what lofts they come in but I’m sure they will fill that gap to sand wedge.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

To watch all the Titleist 718 Iron reviews CLICK HERE –

Johan Linnebjerg Christensen says:

Which review should i see first??

Maxwell Arden says:

I have the AP1’s and I use wedges with the lofts of: 48, 54, 60. Gaps are good.

Terry F says:

Rick im getting these thank you for your reviews man, im hooked!!

Kaleb Bradley says:

Prefer the look of the 716’s honestly

Ross Stenhouse says:

Lamkin grip? Says golf pride on it. 🙂

asjenkings says:

So will they bring out a forged version like they have with the 716 AP1?

ZigZagGolf UK says:

I think the brushed look is better, looks classy. Up in manc land shinny chrome is ok, anywhere with sun and it’s no good.

Blake Stoffer says:

I want the ap3 iron set so bad!

The Moffman says:

very nice, cant wait to hit these

Justin Stephenson says:

Just when I think I have decided what iron to play, along comes Titleist with a series of lovely looking irons to complicate things.

Before yesterday I had decided on the Taylor Made M1 (M2 was stupidly long – the 7i was hitting same distance as my current 5i, as it has a similar loft this is not a surprise, but with higher flight and difficult to stop). I could play with M2 but really worried that short irons 9i, PW would go too far and make gapping the gap wedge, SW, LW a problem – which is of course what Rick said about AP1.

I play off 13-14 (and improving). So which of the new Titleist range should I try? AP3/TMB?

tyler jordan says:

so i have the 716 ap1 and im a 12 handicap, should i be playing like an ap2 or cb?

Alan Parr says:

All new Titleist 718’s clubs are good looking clubs. Titleist did a great job on all models. All very clean and modern. Lofts can always be adjusted. As a 10/12 hc.., I would like to see your buddy Rob test the new AP1’s and AP3’s. After hitting PW, 7 & 4.., which one Rob would buy if he was buying a new set. As always.., looking forward to ur latest vlogs. Thx Rick

Michael Pasvantis says:

Would you be happier with the spin numbers if there was a 6 written on the bottom of the iron instead of a 7 because you are essentially hitting a 6 iron at 30 degrees and spinning over 5k revs.

No comment says:

To be a little blunt the look of these irons is shite.

Will Southern says:

I feel like saying a certain club is for a certain handicap range is a bit misleading. For example you could have someone that is a 5-10 handicap player that has a great short game but may not be a great ballstriker and need the extra forgiveness like with the AP1. There is no rule in golf that says you have to hit the tee ball 300 and hit 14 greens a round to score. Feel free to tell me your thoughts.

James Flynn says:

A higher handicapper (like myself) could certainly use that strong loft. Helps get from point A to point B. Personally. I prefer my 716 ap2. Not good enough for them. But honestly don’t feel an improvement iron would help me loads the way I miss.

Ben ets2 says:

I need a go with this

Rick Shiels Golf says:







Jack O'Toole says:

I’m not sure if it’s the offset that makes it go left… Or the fact your dynamic lie is all over the place. Just my thoughts

Joe Perez says:

Maybe Titleist feels the dull face in between the shiny toe & heel will act more like an “alignment/setup aid” for the higher handicap player the AP1 is marketed towards.

Brad Cooke says:

Looking at your beard is like gazing upon God himself.

camelCase says:

Yeah they certainly look nice. 1200 for a set is retarded but you know…golf.

Randall Mahony says:

Rick ,Callaway came out with a sand wedge and they call it Sure Out can you give an opinion on it

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