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New 716 Titleist AP1 and AP2 irons, available from 23rd October in golf shops worldwide, are precisely engineered with industry-leading amounts of high density tungsten to deliver the best combination of low CG and high MOI in their respective categories for distance, forgiveness and shot-stopping control…

I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


Ray S says:

Another awesome review thanks Rick !

jarek salazar says:

would love to see the head to head on the 714 and 716 and keep up good the good work i love your videos and good luck on your quest to the open 🙂

Josh Brennan says:

bought these clubs after hitting them at a practice facility for just a short time and instantly fell in love , thaks +Rick Shiels Golf Channel for the SOLID review if youre ever in the new york area shoot me an email would really enjoy a round (on me of course)

Caco Durbán says:

Rick comprare to z545? Are the same forgivenes?

Cace Smith says:

In the past I’ve not been real big on Titleist because I didn’t care for the feel all that much. May have to try the 716’s out though.

Catorce says:

Please get Rob to test this and the AP2s! Seriously considering buying the AP1 set, very attractive and will probably suit me very well.

Jnan Madugonda says:

Rick, Have you done comparison between 716 AP1 Vs Ping Gmax ?

the nimble tester says:

so as these are aimed at higher handicaps, would you say these are easy enough to hit for anyone? i just worry as I’m not a low handicapper and titles clubs have always been hard to hit. I was looking at the ping g30 irons as they make good gear are well priced and are easy to hit and are very forgiving but much prefer the look of these ?

Andy Grimes says:

Hi Rick, loving the club reviews by yourself and dobby.
At the start or during your video you go on to say what type of handicapper the club is aimed at which is helpful. As an improving high/mid handicapper I’m looking at getting some Benross hot irons after watching both reviews on your channel. They fit where I am in my game right now and I’m not going to lie, I like the spidey look on the back 🙂
So for those who are relatively new to the game, have you considered doing a market review video?
When starting out I was completely lost when looking for something for my level on golf shops online and I got the feeling from my local pro shop just wanted a sell as they were telling me, long story short, everything was easy to hit but some went further than others…..not helpful.
So besides price, there’s not much else to go on as all reviews try to ‘butter up’ the buyer by saying it’s good but rarely ever say it’s target player.
You and Rob have done lots of reviews so you have the info already and you both know the market so why not?
It would be an unbelievably helpful video for not just your subscribers but all new golfers or those unable to keep up with the day to day happenings in golf and may have missed some club releases.

fred ratelle says:

Your videos are well done and being explicit in the way you rate them might be a little struggling for some. Having a spare of 3 shots might be slightly misleading if you have a miss hit. I am looking for irons i had the same for 10 years ( the old taylormade rac os ) I hit far and I am pretty long hitter like 9 iron is about 150, 8 – 165 7 is broken, 6 about 195 yards. My big concern is that my current shaft are regular flex, and Im losing distance because my trajectory is really high. I have tested some irons last year but nothing came to change my mind. I wonder what would be your suggestion, and i am a left handed golfer ( i tried the ping s55, the titliest ap1 and ap2 714) i am really looking to maybe switch to blades. Is there options you would suggest ?

Willem Genis says:

How do the AP1 and PSi compare?

Paul Stewart says:

199 yard 6 iron. Ok that’s plenty lol

Michael Rolton says:

Hi Rick – loved the 4, 6 and 8 iron comparison. How long, roughly and including editing, does it take to produce a video review?

Roland Clayton says:

look good, might try them against my AP2 710, your new place looks great

Adam Flynn says:

Rick have u considered using irons ( no not these) with a bit more help than ur butter knives-i know the hogan look fantastic but I can’t imagine they give alot of help on mis-hits? wondered if a better player iron with a smidgen of help could help in ur quest for the open?

Alps P says:

I hope your testing is like this….off the grass rather than the indoor matts, I think it’s more realistic for us

BassasaurusRex says:

I can’t wait for the new AP2s. I have a feeling it is going to be the only thing on the Christmas list this year for me.

donballe says:

Did Spieth use AP1..?

Ted Yorainman says:

Hi Rick, great review as always. Scientific testing? I can’t wait to see what this is all about.

th3manias says:

Can you not do a comparison of the 716 vs 712s? Will people with a set of 714s really be looking to upgrade? Probably not, but those with the slightly earlier 712s might well be. It’ll be a more useful video in my opinion.

woodyn75 says:

Do the amt shafts from the ap2 work in these.

Johan Linnebjerg Christensen says:

But Rick.. I’m a 7 handicapper with these, and i want a 4 iron (i don’t have ap1 4 iron). Should i buy ap1 4 iron or titleist t-mb 4 iron?

CHR15Y BoY says:

would like to see these long irons compared to the T-MBs

John Honeyman says:

how do they compare to the xr pro’s? how much more forgiving are they?

Walter Laffey says:

Rick, how do they compare against the RSi 1 for forgivesness, thanks in advance! big fan

Rich206L says:

Great video Rick. Do you see yourself changing clubs and moving away from your Hogan’s?

CardzRC says:

Rick, I am about a 13 handicapper. I am looking at a new set of irons and had settled on the Ap1 714’s. Now I see this come out, thankfully I haven’t purchased yet, so with these new ones out now, the 714’s will most likely to go on sale, so what do you think? The 714’s at a discounted price or 716’s are that much better to spend a little extra?

Great vid as always. Thank you.

Ioa99 says:

I brought these recently and very happy with them, great investment- I play a 10 handicap

Brodie McFadden says:

Got mine yesterday. I recommend it, very forgiving and more distance, it was either these or psi irons and I hit these a lot better

Tyler Zellers says:

Do you make all your own sound effects

Justin Hopper says:

Rick, when are you going to do the comparison on the AP1 716 vs 714?

Charles says:

Great to see the foresight again, it makes it so much more intuitive to watch. Thanks for bringing it back!

Peter Howell says:

Hi Rick love your videos
Just wondering what camera and zoom lens you use to film your course vlogs and also it would be amazing if you could do a camera setup video and also how you edit, thanks Rick keep up the amazing videos.

FreeriderTruthTemplar says:

just sux i want to see fairway trap hits to see if tech will get under the ball or just worm burner. he cant cause there loaners so would viewers please make videoes as well with actuall course play.

grumpy2159 says:

will Dobby be testing them?

Nicolas Cuartas says:

What happened with the scientific way of testing golf clubs?

freedomnutz says:

Do these golf club manufactures give you clubs for testing/reviewing? or do are you purchasing them your self to give us a review?

Johan Linnebjerg Christensen says:

I’ve just bought them today 🙂 They felt great when i tried them for the first time. So exited to play on the course with them.

Marc Wilson says:

Really enjoyed this review. Watched a few on YouTube but this one stands out. Nice to be able to see the flight path of the shots.
Do you know when these clubs will be on sale in the UK. I am undecided between 716 AP1 & AP2

Joseph Harrington says:

Great review! Would you recommend these for the higher handicapper that doesn’t have an issue with distance? Was looking at getting these a degree or two weak

Patrick McCann says:

You can either hit the ball or you cant. the club doesn’t matter at all. 716, 714, 666 – makes no difference.

Girish Nair says:

Great video Rick. Quick question – i am a mid handicapper and am stuck between these (AP1) vs Taylormade M2. Have you done a comparison of them together ? Which one would you recommend ? I get enough distance with my current Taylormade r7 (which are very old). I am looking to be more consistent (so want to replace the graphite with steel shafts) and to improve my game overall. Which one of the two will you recommend ?

Parker Smith says:

Why did Zach Johnson and Jordan speith use them if they are not forged

Roger Thompson says:

Thank you for this review!! I still favor the look of the original 2008 AP1’s tho 🙂

ML1286 says:

Great review, thanks!

Tyler Clark says:

Just recently bought these clubs. Love them! Rick, since they’re stronger lofted, should I stay with the PW(43) and the GW (47) then complete my wedges by going 52 & 58? Or should I go 46, 52, 56, 60? MUCH HELP as this is a BURNING question of mine. I want to stay consistent and effective from 110-115 yards out.

J-W Beekmans says:

Great test Rick! looking forward for the 714 to 716 comparising. I am currently looking/shopping for a AP2 KBS Tour iron set (R (110gr) or R+ (115 gr)) set of irons, with the 4 or even the 5 iron as an AP1. I have tested the 714’s but with the true temper shafts i find them a bit slow and heavy. As where the KBS Tour shaft is a delight to hit in combination with the 714’s.

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