PGA GOLF PROFESSIONAL Rick Shiels tests the NEW TAYLORMADE P730 IRONS using GCQUAD & Titleist ProV1 down at Quest Golf Academy!


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Jaxon Calderwood says:

Put these in the bag rickie!

Station 2Station says:

Rick – feel vs Apex MB 2018?

Strad 4321 says:

I dunno. Seems closer to a mid sole width on those rather than what you would see on a true blade.

Eric Martin Venter says:

Put them in the bag

zeus morand says:

Looks like you need to take those out on the course!

Hugo Ericson says:

I think they brought this iron out based on the fact that they signed Rory with that big contract. And the p750 and 70 was both out before that happened, but I do agree that they have way to many irons, for example a new version of the m2s. Great vid tho!!

Andrie K says:

Brave soul you are Rick, even JRose opted for the P-790 on his 4 iron……

Scott Williams says:

So I’m guessing you don’t like the font….

Charlotte Wilkinson says:

so which better this iron or Callaway Apex MB

Hendrik White says:

I like the font. And they look stunning.

staring at things says:

Ummmm Verrry tasty

MichealLee24 says:

Great video! You should do a what’s in the bag next!

James Lovering says:

The font doesn’t match the TM logo font either, its not good !

Sven Hallauer says:

Thanks for the review Rick. I don’t mind the font of the 4-iron, but agree with you on the PW. Very annoying that the P on the bottom of the club is a different font than TM used for the P in the model designation at the back of the club. Love you’re idea of a P-760, wish they would make them.

Thom Bendtsen says:

4 looks more like a J

The 3 Bros says:

Do a what’s in the bag part3

Tigeress All says:

Bag em

adritch says:

Since you didn’t like the font get ready for TM to send you the “RICK PROTO” irons. With smooth elegant font. I mean they did put a ProV1 line on a TP5 ball just for you.

Andrew Nelson says:

Sorry to point this out Rick but taylormade brought out 7 sets of irons pal, but your right no reason to bring out so many in 1 year it’s outrageous!!!

Tony Leigh says:

Super shots, Rick! How do these compare to your current irons? (I forget which they are). I think the other gentleman is correct – seems like 7 sets. How easy would it be too make up a mixed set with say, 730s (I think I could use them down to 7 iron, maybe 6), but might need some help with the 5 and below. I find there’s no shame in that. Last weekend I officiated at the Macau Open and had a chance to see lots of tour pros’ bags. There were quite a lot of players with mixed sets!

Jon-Michael Sherman says:

Rick, could you do a best blade test? Compare Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, Taylormade, maybe/maybe not Wilson and Ping?

Jytrox says:

You know you’re boolin when your range balls are ProVs

Scott says:

Fortunately you don’t have to look at the font at setup! 😀

Thibaut Palma says:

That crack on the second 4 iron shot… eargasm

chrissax2 says:

You hit these irons really well!! I see them going in your bag next!!

Jack Steel says:

Will you be changing clubs Ricky

M Pannozz says:

you’re hitting those amazing! Go for a combo with the P750’s in the longer irons and be on the tour next year!

felix C says:

Super sexy clubs. They might look TOOO nice. I would be polishing the club after every single shot

Cedric Allard says:

Looove the fonts

Dan Johnson says:

Beautiful iron but I think they are toooo shiny. Maybe I would like them if they were more of a satin or gunmetal. Ouuuu, gunmetal or raw finish would be nice!!

staring at things says:


Wz Tr says:

Always preferred tm blades over titleist and mizuno… but not miuras

daniel green says:

Didn’t realise you were a graphic designer rick. The typeface suits them to a tee in my view. They’re very ‘industrial’ looking irons across he p-range, and it looks to me that they’ve chosen a typeface that continues that theme.

Jason Forinash says:

only club I’ve seen got straight with each hit

clarkyesp888 says:

what didn’t you like about these again? 🙂

Doug Lyons says:

Naaaa the font is nice brah

Chuck Bradley says:

put these in your bag ….. now

jeffrey barr says:

Yes change you’re clubs again that’ll help lol

johnocch1 says:

WHY would they not make the P on the pitching wedge not match the p like the p-730

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