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Elliott Sanders says:

Will you be reviewing the new M2 L.I.F.T.

Kevin Fitzgerald says:

Got to try those babies they look awesome and with forgiveness

World Boss says:

Will you have a P 730 video soon?

Mike Cerniglia says:

These p790’s are taking the industry by storm, unbelievable distance and forgiveness. The feel on these are unreal! I can’t agree with TM stating that they are a players iron, these irons are by far best suited for ANY type of golfer. High handicap, mid or low. Best irons out right now by far. If you’re looking for a new set to grow with, these are ones to highly consider. I play 718 ap1’s and these make my irons look like uncooked spaghetti noodles.

Greg Milam says:

Do you think it’s a good transition from the RSI 2? If not what would be?

Robert G. says:

Well speed foam is actually just Jason Day’s jizz

DjTak3On3 says:

taylormade wont be pleased

Chad Ostby says:

Can u compare this to the i blades from ping and the Wilson fg6?

tsilmanav says:

Wondering if you’re going to review the P-730’s?

clinton afdy says:

by any case, will the speed foam break apart inside the club ?

Gamaliel Rosado says:

Rick I had the RSI 1 (until they were stolen from my car today) when I started playing 2 years ago and went from 21hcp down to 10hcp I’m interested in getting fitted for the first time with the P-790 are they somewhat similar to the RSI 1??

George Smith says:

Tried them and they felt great but the heads seemed heavy and the website shows a swing weight of D2 for the long/mid irons. D0 is all I can tolerate with my weak hands.

joppers5640 says:

They should be called MP7’s or PM7’s. Look nice irons though. Wonder if they bring a driver to match?

stinman101 says:

I wonder if the weather has any effect on the foam, be it high heat of sitting in a car’s trunk on a 95* day or playing in the fall when it’s 45*.

That would be interesting to see tested, but I’m sure TM ironed out those details in beta.

John Davis says:

These are comparable to the PXG 0311X irons in the lawsuit ?

Daniel Smith says:

Just watched Chris Ryan testing these and he carried 7 iron over 200 yards !!

Christian Steensen says:

P990 vs T-MB please

GolfGod says:

I tested these at Kidderminster Golf Club last week. Really nice feel and sound, and was smashing it. My 7 Iron (Titleist 716 CB Project X 6.0) was going an average of 170, pulled out the P790 (Project X 6.5) and was hitting it 190 with a average carry of 184! So for me it has help my game a lot. But one thing to remember is this set, like a lot of others now a days, is about 3 degrees stronger. So the P790 plays a loft close to my 6 iron, but I can tell you my 6 Iron does not go 190 😉 more like 180 on a good day. So taken all into account, I have gained sufficient yardage and purchased a set (4-PW) + M2 Driver & 3 Wood. Ive never been a fan of Taylormade, but after hitting these, it was hard for me to turn them down!

Sean W. Hanley says:

I hit them at work, and absolutely loved them.

crawdad 123 says:

Hey Rick review some top flite clubs they are what I use love them

David Boddy says:

No mention of having the word TUNGSTEN printed on the irons that have Tungsten in them yet you bagged out Mizuno for having it on the MP 18’s that have Tungsten?? Also really why comment on the ‘boxy’ font, TM have been using that style of font for a long time, it’s like their signature font. Zero relevance.

joe bixby says:

I saw this club at my local shop today and was very curious as to where it was positioned in their line. I did not hit it but thought the look was outstanding. I came home to see what Rick thought of it. He had some nice things to say. I will hit it and add a comment for us very average golfers consideration.

Sicily Pon says:


Dagoof2k7 says:

30.5 degree 7 iron? I used to play irons where the 5 iron was 30 degrees. Because lofts are so ridiculous these days, manufacturers cannot create 1 or 2 irons (sometimes 3 irons) for golf sets. In 40 years, people will have a 21 degree 7 iron and 6 wedges in their bags!

Big da Kine says:

Hey rick I’m about anywhere between a 15-20 handicap depending on how much I’ve drank that day j/k. I had the jpx900 forged but had a problem getting height outta those irons. Would you recommend the p770 or p790 ? Thanks

jo barbs says:

hy MR ,Shiels,i want ask you if you feel the side spin whit 7 iron?i mean the iron help you for hit more left?thank 4 the review,, you the best of best sir

Swamp Life says:

You kinda talk the P770’s down, but when you reviewed them you loved them. I have the P770’s and I personally think they are “the” club TM released this year….

Guye Yturralde says:

I spy affordable pxg’s. #straightforgedforlife

scott h says:

The TM “burner midsize” from 1993 is reinvented!! Foam filled hollow irons that bob parsons and PXG made people think was “new” technology and now everyone is doing it again. As someone else said, just an old idea being recycled. Maybe they won’t suck this time.

Tony DiCicco says:

Could you please reply what shaft you tested these with? TY

squidly2112 says:

Looks like they are just trying to make a CB iron look like a MB iron. I prefer a real MB iron, like Mizuno or perhaps the new Callaway MB’s. If you’re going to play a CB iron, just play a CB iron and forget about the CB iron dressed to look like an MB iron. Seems to me they would have been better off concentrating on the actual club design instead of trying to figure out how to make a CB look like an MB. These don’t look like irons I would like to play. There are probably better “real” CB irons out there, and certainly are better MB irons out there.

Kriz Kibblewhite says:

I was fitted and bought a full set of P790’s yesterday. I currently have the RSi2 iron which are fantastic irons but I was blown away by the P790 and just had to buy them. I did try all of the P range plus many other brands but I couldn’t believe the look, feel & consistency of the P790. My handicap is 6.

Jacobel X says:

Is it just me or has TM done something that upset Rick since R15? LOL,, Anyway, please keep bashing the irons with more of your i-know-it-all comments, guys. It will only make the price go down and eventually to a point that makes sense. Then I will get a set and be very happy with them. Keep typing~~~

Carlos Ameglio says:

Hi Rick, these irons look really nice. How do they compare against the Callaway XR Pro?

Steven Tyers says:

The price of these things is a joke, over 300$ a stick, gotta be a joke. it seems even when our dollar is comparable to the US, golf clubs still go up, pricks. When arguably a Wilson tour iron is pretty similar quality, and half the price.. scamming pricks, don’t buy these clubs ppl, then maybe they will drop the price..

Daymon Johnson says:

So, I won a set of these directly from Taylormade through a local Rep. I received them the day they were released, fully built. I have a 4-AW set makeup, shafted with KBS S-Taper shafts tuned to basically a 6.1 frequency. So, basically a Stiff + flex. 1.5* flat, standard lofts. My usual gamers are Adams Pro Black MB’s w/ KBS Tour shafts in an X.

I got in 3 practice sessions, and 3 rounds in in the 2 weeks, before last. And, I have to be honest here, these things are actually really sweet! They were obviously far too long, considering the lofts, a 30.5* 7 iron?!? Holy balls! Anyway, they do NOT play like a GI or even mid GI club (which is kind of what they are). They look basically identical to the AP2 at address and feel really, really good. Better than the AP2, I’d say (which isn’t hard). They’re workable, they’re easy to hit and it’s fun to hit it that long. A 212-15 yard 7 iron?? That’s fun!! However, not really conducive to scoring, which is my focus.

What is, or I should say, WAS missing from this set was the scorability factor. Because of the lofts, I had some weird gapping low in the set, and some other issues relating to loft. Last Thursday however (9/7), I went ahead and had them adjusted to match the lofts of my usual gamers, which is 34* on the 7 iron, and on from there. They’re forged, so, they were easy to bend. And, once I did that, these things REALLY came alive for me personally. They’re still about 1 club long, even matching loft to loft.

My low this year was a 1 under, 71 (72). And my low in the last five years, was a 2 under 69 (71). After I adjusted these, I played my home track (which houses my State’s Open Championship annually) to a 3 under 68 (72). Usually you’ve got to factor in putting, but honestly, I didn’t have a great putting day, finishing with 34 putts. Where the difference was, frankly, was the iron play. Shots were better, and results were more consistent. I’m a high spin player, so, I have to go long, and let the ball come back. These spun less, but, still enough to nicely stop.

These clubs, for whatever reason, are just very, very easy to hit. They’re also laser accurate when you put a move on one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up short when missing by just a hair with my blades. These allow that miss, and don’t penalize you an ungodly amount. Other clubs are forgiving, but, not in this profile and not in this target demographic. Better players could play an i25, or i200, but, they’re not a club that looks like a players club.

I think TM is looking for the mid-handicapper who wants a blade, but, can’t play it. And, they got this one right, because not only do they get that guy, they’re also getting the guy who can play a blade, but, doesn’t want to work that hard. Let me just also clarify, I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a TM fanboy. So, for me to compliment these, is saying something, because frankly, TM has been steamy dog poo (irons wise and IMO) for a long, long time and I’ve not even bothered to look there or demo any of their sticks, in the last 6-8 years.

I don’t know if the speed foam matters, but, PXG sells the shit out of their “foam” inserts in their 0311XFm which I have also hit, and they don’t feel anywhere near as good as these do – at more than twice the cost….. Honestly, it’s not even close. The only other foam filled hollow blade I’ve hit that felt close to this good was the KZG HB516, which was awesome – well, at least the first generation!

At the end of the day, I think they’re worth a look. If you’re a blade or CB type player, and you’re looking for something a little easier, and more consistent to hit, these would be a really nice option. They look good, they feel great, and the playability is off the chart. Overall a nice set, that will probably stay in my bag for a while.

Donny Embleton says:

Hey Rick love the review as always. Apologies if I missed this but what shafts were you using for this review and were they the new grey Tour Velvet 360 grips? Interested in these with the AMT’s but now apparently TT is making an AMT Tour White. Have you had a chance to hit the new one? Cheers!

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