PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the new TAYLORMADE P-770 IRONS REVIEW using the latest foresight GCQuad whilst at the PGA Golf Show in Orlando!

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Zack Schefer says:


Lawrence Williams says:

Hey Rick….does the P-770 sit at address like the mp25? boxy, thicker top line but pleasing to strike?

84motopics says:

At first, it reminded me of the Speedblades. Looks like an updated version. I’m more interested to see a review on the M1 irons.

Jack Regelous says:

so are these a similar iron to the AP1s??? or are they more bladed

Chewy V says:

why doesn’t anyone talk about the fact that the face is milled .. all dem grooves so many grooves

Pablo C says:

these are the irons i want, sadly I can’t afford them

Bob Pfaff says:

Nice shots of your Titleist ball in front of a TM club.

Julius Evers says:

Which simulator does he normally use?

Zekester says:

The ferrules are terrible. Chessy overpriced chinese made junk. Good luck selling these Taylormade, your gonna need it!

slim shady says:

I might bag these irons

Mitchell Simonet says:

the 7 iron is a 7 1/2 iron thats why you are hitting it so far its 33 degrees!!!!

Kyle Corrigan says:

This club looks exactly like the VR forged Nike irons from a few years back

Brad Williams says:

Hi Rick! love your reviews! Do you have any plans to test the new Wilson Triton driver?

Nicholas Cramp says:

GC Quad has the least satisfying flight tracker ever. It seems much more “fast-forwarded” than the GC2

Don Clarke says:

I’m playing the iBlades with the DG S300 currently. I recently hit the P770s with the KBS 120 FLT shafts, they seemed to be launching really high. I really like the way they feel but I’m concerned with the height in which I’m hitting them, what shaft would you recommend to bring the flight down a bit? I also recently saw that you really like the Wilson irons? What clubs do you think are better for a 2 handicap? I’m leaning toward the P770s but need some shaft advice. Thanks for any advice…

MrChittyChad says:

they look like nikes

Verg 16 says:

I would love to hit these…I currently have TM Speedblades. I think these are what my future golf game needs

Golf Boys says:

New course vlog up! Go check it out!

Pete Kenny says:

i bet tour players use these over 750

Scott Stewart says:

I bought a set of the 770s w nd love them. The top line is a bit thicker than I’m used to but I don’t mind it at all. They feel amazing when hit near the center and you still get some feedback on the misses. Great clubs!

Liam Kidd says:

Ping i200 or TM P770?

Joel ! says:

4200 spin with a 3 iron is a lot!!! im not so sure if the quad is broke… in 7:57 it shows that the spin is 9773 which definitely isnt the case!

Nicholas Smith says:

Got fit at the Taylormade Kingdom East for these irons. Should get them next week sometime. At the kingdom I gained 10-15 yards. These are great irons. I am a big time tournament player. Over 125 in 4 years. Recommend these irons highly. Will give more updates once I test them on the course!

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

Why no speed pockets

Jensen says:

How would you compare the 750s to the RSI TP

Zhongwei Ho says:

7:58 editing mistake there? lovely shot tho, would love to see it’s stats

Joshua Baker says:

Hey Rick, love your channel. Are these irons similiar to any Titleist irons?

Daniel Lee says:

I really love your review videos, Rick!! With all the new equipments coming out, can you do more of Old vs. New and Longest Drive Competition videos?

Station 2Station says:

Rick – You say you couldn’t use the P750 but you played Hogan Ft. Worth blades with NO cavity no tungsten even thru the 4 iron. You demo’d the Mizuno blade outside and striped the 4 iron over and over. Come on Rick. The 750 may be a better player iron but you’re really beating it up as unplayable. I went back and counted how many times in these two videos you said referenced hard the P750 was to hit. 9 times.

Dylan Dunn says:

When will you do the m1s

Mike Schrems says:

Top line looks horrible on both. Would prevent me from playing them.

Station 2Station says:

I’m dying to know if the chrome band in the cavity that has the letters “P770” on it is a chincey piece of plastic with chrome paint?

Lemon2108 says:

pete could u do a review on srixions new iron range especially the new 745

dobrostarr says:

Dying to see the m1 irons!

golf reality says:

not sure what to make of these reviews on both he says how much longer he hits the 770 he carried basically 175 vs 168 with a degree stronger club and the 3 iron i think he carried the same if not longer and 9 iron similiar i wont take much from this

Michael Smith says:

Could you see yourself and Pete investing in the GC Q?

Ryan Jurgens says:

The lines on the back of the iron remind me of a nike covert

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Love the 770s but not the 750s. The overall look of the clubs is magnificent. I would want a 2 iron instead of the 3 iron.

Mike Zulla says:

Looks a lot like my Mizunos MP57s. HMMM!

Roy Bradley says:

When are we going to see M1 iron review?

Caleb Davis says:

Spin rates?

James Harvey says:

770 performs better but too thick a top line & the numbers look awful, especially when compared to how Ping are styling there numbers now.

Daniel Lucas says:

Bought the P770’s a week or so ago. Very good purchase, although expensive the feel is great

couge33 says:


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