PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the NEW TAYLORMADE M4 IRONS over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible


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Ben Petrone says:

Im going to go get fitted for these tomorrow!

Tommy Stevens says:

Love the review Rick!

Robert Bennett says:

Already choose the AP1 718’s but TM is a strong product

Ian Ross says:

I do like the look of those, time to have a go

Bruce Fowlie says:

Great review as always. will be able to let you know about the 5 iron when mine turn up in the next week

Nick Erhart says:

Love the new review format Rick. Cheers!

Kevin Weiss says:

Great video Rick! I thought it was very helpful that you showed how they performed on the course. Keep up the good work!

Timothy Buffham says:

Are these standard iron lengths but stronger loft, my 7 is 36.75″ and 34deg – so something like 36.75 and 29deg for the M4 7?

Scarecrow says:

if I may ask you a question Rick, I notice the loft is engineered at 28.5 (maybe for game improvement). you hit them with 16.5 loft, a dramatic dynamic loft reduction. my question is…. do these clubs help the average (below avg) Joe that doesn’t reduce the loft of his clubs? (the type that needs the lower engineered loft for a decent distance). second question…(I lied) can Rob hit these so we can see his loft?

Tyler Spurlock says:

Lofts are aweful.

Matt Potts says:

So if you swing slower you won’t generate the spin or the peak height,… how on earth are high handicappers supposed to game these and get better at golf….. luckily I’m not in that position but I can see how slower swing speed golfers could get seduced watching pros with pro swing speeds hit a 7 190!! Love to see dobby hit these and see his spin rates and peak heights as I. St they come out lower and with less speed!! Also show the spin rates if possible coming out of wet rough…. probably spin at 2000 rpm on a 7 iron which is not gameable

Jon Lewis says:

I own Apex CF16’s and I felt that the M4’s looked great standing over them. The heads did NOT feel oversized like XR’s or Steelheads… big fan of how the M4’s look. I really think if you’re looking for forgiveness and a fool proof golf experience, these are sleek and sexy. NOT bulky like I was fully expecting them to seem.

Grid TV says:

Awesome video! Been watching you since about 2k subs.

Ajay Kalsi says:

got the full set of M4s today for £649

Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching the video! The first 1000 comments will be entered into a draw to win a prize! Also like the video if you have entered!

Mark Davies says:

If you play to around a 20 hcap, would you go for the m3.

Andres Cordovez says:

Great review

Steve Holliday says:

Just a stupid amount of loft these days. On a side note I’m not a fan with what TM has done with the coloring, looks to much like BMW.

Charlie Pereira says:

Great work Rick, love the videos

M Beck says:

Price difference excuse for m3 is the tungsten plug.

AKnarian says:

Rick I love the new review style. Followed for several years now. Keep it up.

Quin Nugent says:

Anyone get the set with the wedges? If so are they good? Mostly concerned about the lob wedge.

Chris A says:

Great Video Rick, hoping to pick these up eventually.

Andreas Beschorner says:

If you ever consider ginving away an M4 Iron set, let me know 🙂

Daniel Lim says:


Jase Goodman says:

Hi Rick. When are you going to to a review on the New M fairways..

Duffy Moon says:

Meh. Not for me. But not aimed at me either.

Jared Bauer says:

Great video, Rick. Just ordered my M4s and cannot wait to take them out.

Brett Simpson says:

Great job again Rick! Asking the right questions as always, especially about gapping. For a golfer that can fully utilize the tech in the M4, the gapping may change some, but still valid questions, maybe more so about wedge gapping. For me, the M4 irons feel like baseball bats! I’d much prefer the M3 between the two, but in Taylormade’s full range, give me the 730s or the bonkers 790s.

Doug Seaberg says:

not a fan of those black verticle lines on the face.

Billycamz says:

stuck on trying these or going with a M2 2017. Rick Shiels as a 9 handicap would you recommend the M3 or M4 if i went with this years irons?

Radek Vesely says:

Great vid, still have RSi2 which are great for me..

sorush93 says:

Hi Guys, Hope you are doing well, i start of by saying im a new golfer and im on 26 handicap. I went to the golf store to play some irons on the simulator before my official fitting which will be in 1 week. I tried the M4, Ping G400, Cobra F8, AP1 and Mizuno JPX900. The reason i need golf irons is due to that i sold my beginner irons to my cousin who started to play. Anyways, which of the ones above are the best? The truth imo is none is better then the other, its truly depending on who is hitting them. Thats what Golf is about imo when it comes to the clubs, different people have different taste. The M4 worked best for me in the sense of that it went the longest and straight. I see people saying that the numbers dont match other clubs etc. But for someone like me who is not jet consistent, and really knows exactly how far i hit with each club it does not matter. What i need to do is to learn how far i hit with these irons. Now for you guys who have a clear idea of this already, i truly understand that going for these clubs with more loft will be confusing because the 7 M4 will corespond to your old 5 for example. But for someone like me who truly is still in search of consistent play, these clubs where so good, and i truly loved them. In the end buy what you think is the best, what makes you happy. I want to end this to tell you guys that i enjoy golf so much at the moment, and im happy to be a part of your lovely community.

Michael Brebner says:

Ive just found your channel due to looking for new irons. Love your videos! All really helpful and give great advice, especially your mid handicapper videos!

Thomas Conway says:

Great vids Rick! Which do you prefer- Rogue or M4?

Anthony Larios says:

Due to lack of playing time/reps I don’t know how far I hit each club any suggestions?

Clayton Higdon says:

Great video as usual, Rick. Main questions I had regarding this set were answered with your course testing and question section at the end. Appreciated the insight on the possible gap issues with the set. Keep it up!

Oscar Chica says:

Just ordered these! 6-PW 3 & 5 hybrid

Dylan Miller says:

Love the videos!!!!!

Jatinder Kandola says:

Hi guys, new to youtube comments so be gentle…. I’ve been playing golf for exactly one year and I love it. I started to play and got a set of the M2s (2017). I couldn’t believe the yardage I was getting as a new golfer (170 yards+ with a 7 etc) and was frankly in love with the clubs. Then came the issues with the dreading speed-slots. Firstly, I noticed a huge chunk had come off my 5 iron (clearly my ball striking needs some help!) and then my 7 iron speed slot had a huge air bulge. After 6 months, the 6 and 8 followed the pattern.

So, I took them back to American Golf this Feb and was lucky enough to try out the new m4s, the rogues and the ping g400s. I’m new to golf so I won’t be able to give you all the technical terms regarding which clubs had the lowest spin numbers, launch angle, side spin etc…but the ping g400s were unbelievable. Not only were they forgiving, the yardages made sense! My 7 is now going 155, my 6 is going 165- 170, my 5 180-185 and the ball just stops on the green. I tried the m4s and felt they were the same as the m2. Incredibly long, but difficult to control.

AG were good enough to replace my m2s (even though TM were being a pain) and for a small fee, I managed to even trade in the driver/wood/hybrids for the g400max/g400 woods. The g400 max is also incredible and going a lot straight/further than my m2 (230 carry). I’ve broke 90 4 times recently when I wasn’t getting close to it with the m2s.

Like I said, I love the game and I’m new to it but I thought my experience might help someone trying to find the right set.

kris adams says:

Are you going to do the m4 hybrid

mag wik says:

Nice review as always

Matt .Green says:

Rick-I don’t like your new video style-I think you are needlessly messing with perfection. You’ve done great to get where you are-in my opinion this change is ultra risky. I also find these borderline unwatchable.

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