PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 IRONS over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible


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Raven Fuentes says:

Love all your videos… #insta

Alicia Taylor says:

Great video !!

Eddie Barton says:

Good review. wonder what they will do next

Mike says:

Thanks Rick. I’d say M-CGB or P790 seem better alternatives. Again that gap between 7 and PW seems awful.

Adam Stubbs says:

Great review, shows how indoor data isn’t the be all and end all, golf is played on a grass course outdoors. It still shocks me how all this new “tech” that seems to come every 6months still makes no difference compared to clubs from 5 years ago. I spose businesses have always got to find a way of selling something new.

Brent Seitz says:

Great review!

brian king says:

Good looking gear

James Diba says:

Thanks Rick

Chris Cowling says:

Great review as always, Very helpful as I am currently looking to change my irons.

William Todd says:

Love the vids mate they seem to go ridiculously far

James Grant says:

Watch the M3 and M4 on the course tests, are you being paid by TM or just winding everyone up?

Chaz Schott says:

I always enjoy watching your videos!

Klaus Gundersen Lunde says:

Is it better than m1?

Brian Hernandez says:

Good review!

Jamo Mc says:

Nice review Rick

Ian Rolmanis says:

Nice review

Surviving with Greg says:

Good review! Really like your using them on the course segments.

mag wik says:

Nice review as always, keep up the good work!

Lee c says:

hi rick great review bud ,do you think you will ever replace your v6’s lol, looking more towards the m4 tbh m3 does look really nice tho, love this style of reviews keep up the great content.

David t says:

Nice review rick. Love the new format.

Francisco Medina says:

What are the best game improvement irons under 500 dollars?

oisin2000 says:

Great review, loving the new format!

Gary Cornwell says:

Like the on course, keep them coming.

The Reality in Investing says:

Looking forward to more to come! Now let me be the random winner!

Tom Netzel says:

Great video, love the in depth looks at the clubs

Martyn Murfitt-Wrather says:

Nice review – I am not getting any ‘good vibes’ from the aesthetics of these clubs – in looks alone they look a long way behind other offerings (Titleist/Calloway) – maybe TM need a re-think?

Alex Hunter says:

great video Rick

Cameron Halkett says:

Feel like Taylormade should throw in a free divot tool when you buy these. The poor greens following the high descent angles!

Jordan Buckley says:

Hi Rick. In general 4 irons are not easy to hit

Sam wakefield says:

Finally love this rick good as always

Sw1ftV3n0m says:

would really like a reply, im 15 and an a 9 hcp, i really like these irons but
im thinking either about these or ap3 which ones would u recommend for lower than a 10 hcp, i currently use old taylormade burners v2

Arnaud Jacquet says:

Great review ! Thanks for all that hard work !!

Ryan Garner says:

Loving the new style of reviews!!!

Marco Morissette says:

Thanks for helping us!

Lee Burroughs says:

Again, a fantastic review. I never buy a new club before hearing what you think about them.

James Thibodeau says:

Can you do a head to head against the M1s?

reggie ferguson says:

Love the course addition to the reviews

catmanzrt says:

Nice review. Not as strong as the M4 but still too strong. I prefer traditional lofts like your Wilsons.

RumblingBald says:

sweet. long awaiting this.

Rye says:

Cheers for the review mate was thinking of either getting the new TaylorMade M3 or M4 irons but was unsure you’ve pretty much made up my mind now having reviewed them both, great video’s keep them up.

Matthew Hill says:

Great review Rick, thanks!

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