Rick Shiels tests the NEW PXG 0311XF IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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Michael Garibay says:

If these irons are so great, why don’t any of these reviewers game them? Miuras and mizunos are better irons then these. Turf interaction, feel, forgiveness, all around better in every way.

RangerDoc says:

When are you going to get the PXG mid handicapper to review the PXG T and XF? We all know you can hit the ball:)

Sam Matchett says:

They sound like a horrible company to me, they wont even send you clubs to test, and you have been giving them good reviews.

Chris Baxla says:

Just order set 20 yards longer than my ping 7 iron side by side on trackman

Derrick Mc Cormack says:

I enjoy your channel I will keep watching

Daniel D says:

$17500 FOR THE “PXG EXPIERIENCE” – fitting, breakfast lumch dinner a few rounds of golf etc…

Stephen Pruszenski says:

Love them.

Paul Rigby says:

Hi rick are you going to do a review on the black pxg 1 iron ?

Jason Myers says:

Did you see much difference in forgiveness between the P and XF line?

J Donovan says:

Played them for over a year. Overpriced and overrated

Paul Chamberlain says:

I have just played with my PXG 311XF .cost me £2.800 .worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

Emilio Figueroa Jr. says:

I like the way they look. Do they have an aggressive top line? I’d like to see a manufacture do what PXG did but with a much thinner top line for a higher handicap player. Great review.

Kyle Schueler says:

Can I trade my aero burner hL irons for a set straight up??

ticleve2 says:

If I didn’t have to fly to the west coast of the US to get fitted I would have these and then they could set in my golf room next to the other 20 sets of irons I have. I love the set of my Titleist 716 T-MB irons I have.

over opinionated says:

so,,,, buying new clubs Wont make me a better player?????
But PXG have bolts in them,,,and Filled with plastic,,,surely That has to make me a Better player???

Nicholas Cramp says:

“I think I miss-struck that” …. extreme forgiveness!

richard mcrae says:

I have set pxgxf irons . They feel great . But no matter what set irons you like get fitted for clubs that what makes a big difference than any thing.

Elliott Thompson says:

Where can you buy them from in the uk? Be interesting to see the price tag.

James Ferguson says:

I think that the PXG range is far to expensive for the average weekend golfer.
But it has been said what price do you put on quality?

John Charles says:

I agree with your option of these dsg clubs on price but I’m going to go as far as I absolutely hate them #gimmick

Elliott Thompson says:

Where can you buy them from in the uk? Be interesting to see the price tag.

laurence yeo says:

thank you for being honest!

John Hofmann says:

Another BS review by our distant relative across the pond, Rick Shiels. Ah yes, my memory of his dishonest review of the Bombtech driver sets the foundation for this stellar example of what’s wrong with the golf industry. So Rick, how in the world can you mishit the PGX XF GI irons (and hit them short) when you hit the other PXG 7 iron in the 180-190 yard range?

Average golfers listen up. This guy can hit 300 yard drives with a tennis racket. Don’t be fooled by his chicanery and dishonesty. Mark Crossfield hit the PXG 0311 7 iron in the 160’s range and you’re hitting them 20-30 yards longer, yet you can’t hit PXG’s forgiving irons longer?? Total BS. Just shows why PXG didn’t didn’t send you their irons in the first place. Because they weren’t willing to pay you $$$ to be their lassie like Taylormade and were afraid that you’d continue to use your golf acumen to your advantage just to make a buck. And you did.

MannyG says:

Damn! I’ve never seen a club head that has too many screws on it, too much cosmetics which I don’t think it would help your golf swing at all, because you have to keep on checking those screws whenever you play and in competition you are not allowed to tighten them just in case some came loose.

Herbie Herbert says:

I’m thinking of having the irons and woods.ive got a 1hour fitting with them at the Celtic Manor next Tuesday. I’ll let you know what I think of them.

andrew kirschner says:

if i had that kind of coin i would buy them… however i dont have that kind of money. i will stick to the AP 716’s for now.

Chris H says:

I’d just love to have a hit with them!!!

SirBigSpur06 says:

Quick wardrobe change there, Rick.

Geordie Sancaster says:

£3,000 for a set of PXGs including two wedges some say expensive some say not, How much does the average golfer spend on alcohol in a year? I don’t drink now due to the medication I’m on (morphine) back pain, so what I save on alcohol in a year I’m going to spend on PXG superb irons. Try before you criticise as they are not everyone’s taste same as Ping, Callaway, Taylormade everyone has a choice in life and golf. # Enjoy Golf ⛳️

Marco DIEHL says:

i bought the 0311 one year ago with a recoil shaft and i went down from 8.6 to 5.8.
they are really expensive but i never regret it

Louis Ip says:

It’s selling and arm and a leg for a glorified set of Ping

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