PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests and reviews the latest Ping i500 Irons on the golf course and on GCQUAD


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SuperChopper50 says:

Do you have to buy the clubs you test

Todd Williams says:

Looks buttery smooth

mark hodgson says:

Something to think about

Nathan Beattie says:

I would try them, they look great!

Mel Abalos Jr. says:

Looking forward to your comparison with the i500 and the P790…and maybe the PXG thrown in.

todd tennant says:

Do these i500 scratch up as eaisly as the i700’s did?

Kyle Wheeler says:

LOVE all your reviews Rick.

Ps- Nice J’S for golf shoes. Got any 10.5 you want to send my way? =)

Alan H says:

If a ball goes high….the spin will reduce!!!

Robin Neibert says:

So, apparently we’re all buying into the idea that a forged face is a forged iron?

Mark Upton says:

You had commented on the finish on the g700 not being very durable. Does this finish seem better?

Slater Travis says:

I just got a taylormade m2 driver do you recommend that

Alex Hunter says:


Ben Ewell says:

Will you do a comparison review between i500, P790, and PXG?

chris wolfe says:

would rather have a i210 forged.

fischputza says:

What’s up with that chunk missing in the back of the hosel? Otherwise beautiful.

Robert Salazar says:

excellent review!

kb goon says:

Best looking Ping irons, ever

Brian Ezell says:

Why have the companies all started producing so many models every year? I was in a PGA Superstore and was amazed at the Calloway, Titleist, & Taylor Made. I seem to remember the big criticism from golfers being the lack of need for so many different models per manufacturer and it hurting the industry. Seemed like you’d have the main line released in the early part of the year, then about halfway through summer we’d get another new line that was usually cheaper such as Taylor Made R11 & then Rocketballz. Then seemed to be a set of blades every year somewhere in there. Now there’s so many different models per maker. It’s a bit overwhelming.

Austin Wendt says:

Long time viewer and in my opinion this is the best format I have seen to date for your reviews.

Simon Hobden says:

Just curious, if the ball goes so high, when it is windy like most of the year in the UK, wouldnt it make it a lot harder to play with these clubs?

The X-nation says:

Now im definitly going to have to try these i was going to get the taylormade p770 but now im not so sure anymore

Daniel Hermansson says:

Look sharp! That club will i try =)

John Hampton says:

Man they look fantastic and I desperately want to try them!!

Jnan Madugonda says:

Sold my i200 set just yesterday (Had a heavier shaft from UST and not suitable for my swing) not because i210 or i500 were being launched. But the launch of i210 and i500 are bang at the right time. Super, I would try out i210 (loved i200 but for my shaft) and i500, looks like i will go with i500. I m 18 h/c but want to be 16 or better by end of this year.

TZOID08 says:

Mizuno came out with Hollow design Forged Irons ( MP-H4 ) before any other manufacturer just like the 1st movable weight driver and Titanium head driver….. 1st in all three

Jonathan McAdam says:

Great video, but what sort of handicapper do they suit???

Josh Butler says:

I don’t know how the heck you can say this is a soft feeling club. It doesn’t feel like a Ping iron because irons like the iblade and i200/i210 feel so much softer. It’s loud, it’s hard, and it looks absolutely stunning. P790, PXG, i500. I’m yet to find a hollow forged club which feels close to a solid forged iron.

gillettecrackers says:


Sydney Nurse says:

They look amazing!!!

Stephen Blackley says:

Great looking club Rick come to North Carolina play Pinehurst and play Tobacco Road golf course

Ted Tomaszewski says:

Thanks. Went to a Titleist fitting event and the rep didn’t give me that advice maybe because I’m only a 16 handicap. Hit the AP3’s pretty well and they felt great as did P790. Worried that the Ping i500’s would not feel and sound as good because of the hollow construction with no dampening.

Richie Hunt says:

Yonex would have claim to the hollow head. They made the Ti-Hybrid MC irons where they hollowed out the head and replaced it with titanium. Then their current models have the same concept except they are now filled with graphite instead of titanium.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What do you think of the new i500 irons? Would you want to try them?

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Philip Wright says:

Sweet clubs, great video! I’d definitely give them a try. Looking into new clubs at the moment (Wilson Staff FG Tour V6) but I’m trying everything before buying.

pdaero says:

I think they look really nice, but they might go too far for the respective club loft, forcing me to completely change my bag.

Martin Kirkbride says:

I tried these and the i210 today. Great looking clubs. And great performance. I used to have the i200 and they were very forgiving and these were no different. Great review Rick. Thanks

Phil McIver says:

I’m confused with pings offerings as of late. They seem to have forgotten their heritage

GolfHo says:

Gorgeous irons!

Benjamin Hunt says:

$$$ but I’d love to hit them

Springveldt says:

Look fantastic, but £1000? My G25’s cost £350 brand new a few years ago.

John Lawlor says:

I’ve i20’s. The only problem is my bag is perfectly gapped from SW->2H. If i got new irons, i’d probably have to get new hybrids, new SW or ditch my 4H as the 5 iron would take up that spot.. what are the retro lofts in terms of distance?

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

Great review and a lovely looking club

Eds G says:

ping is making all sorts of clubs and i just want to go buy all of them. makes me wonder if their club designer/s are some sort of german/italian industrial designer

Karl Girthofer says:

Hey Rick – often in a lot of your videos you talk about how much you enjoy forged irons. Could you do a video comparing two iron sets – same make/brand where one is forged and one is cast? I’d like to get a better understanding of what the differences are in softness and how I can see an improvement in my game – while also discussing the drawbacks of forged.

Kavell Coatman says:

Well this has thrown a spanner in the works. I had decided to go with Taylormade P790s but these look amazing. Can’t wait to try them, even though the price tag isn’t so exciting. Great review as always Rick.

Dorian Fourie says:

Another great video Rick. Very indepth revies. I definitely that many golf club suppliers are chasing money by releasing so many clubs at the same time. I personally feel it only confuses the consumer.

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