PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the latest NEW PING G400 IRONS using foresight GCQuad and Tilteist ProV1 golf balls!

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James Macdonald says:

Rick LOVE the vids and channel, so im a high handicapper just starting to get good improvements this summer and now hunting down from 28 to 18 Handicap ( well trying ) i started with a starter kit of McGregor CS900 high launch clubs n bag for about 200 Quid in January and have done ok but now its time to get fitted i think . Ive been through all your reviews on High handicap forgiveness irons and frankly just cant seem to make a decision it could be Cobra King or M2 but if you were me and wanted to buy clubs to get you from 24- single figures what would you reccommend 9 Obviously i appreciate its about me rather than clubs BUT …keen on your thoughts

ma molden says:

not knocking your videos im a fan but this is just my take on clubs like these ping as most of these cast clubs that come out with 2 models per year the only thing that changes is the plastic badge they put inside the cavity and the number they decide to put on it with loft if I was gona play ping irons I’d just buy a set of g5 irons from years ago I’m sure they play same to these besides lofts

Stephane Morency says:

Please, do not isolate numbers in 2017. Spin is only part of the picture.
Without peak height and descent angle, the picture is incomplete. A ball landing with a 65* angle will stop faster than a ball with 600 rpm more spin and coming down with 59*. ( throwing fake number here)
If you want to compare, do the full thing. This is new tech zone. New equations. PXG irons fly higher with LESS loft.
Few years ago we understood and use to say companies boost loft for a typical iron number so they fool the client. Not anymore. Always like Rick’s work. thanks

nielshunniche1 says:

Could be great, if you could display both yards and meters 🙂

Todd Wilson says:

Please have Harry Potter review these.. thanks Rick, great review

brad mcdonald says:

Love your reviews, Rick! Your channel pure gold. I’m learning a lot. I’m looking forward to the woods.
I didn’t really understand what you were saying about if these would be good for a high handicapper. What do you think?

billy balla says:

Rick, I wish you would do reviews on Bridgestone clubs, especially the irons, they make some great feeling forgings.

DavideDeluxe says:

Hi Rick, great watching you from Italy! very helpful. I am a 1 year plaer now at 26 hnp. I am now playing a rather old set of nike Full cavity Back victory red, very forgiving and feel fine so far. looking at my future clubs into Ping would you raccomend to move on ping i200 or stay on a g400 level? i know clubs must be tryed first, but just as a personal advise, moving form Full cavity VR what would u suggest? thanks and ciao . have a great golf!

lambert1702 says:

Solheim Karsten’s great great grandson is running the company… LOL! Come on Rick.

Todd Wilson says:

ok spin numbahs for the loft

Trent Driver says:

I personally never have a problem stopping any club really on greens that I play on and I have pretty strong lofted irons. Spin rate in my opinion doesn’t matter as much as people are worried about now. Unless your playing on greens that are extremely hard I think most players will take the extra distance and forgiveness over the extra 500-1000 spin

Celeste Ryan says:

Rick bone to pick. Unless you. Also. Have Rob potter test as well. 95% of us are not getting proper facts. All you guys testing Your. Numbers mean little to us average players please if you can address this problem Bill

Mike Boatright says:

Hey Rick what happens in these clubs when you get an 8 fitted to the same loft as a standard blade with the right lie and length? In other words as forgiving as these clubs are can you get the spin and launch dialed in to the same as your blades with more forgiveness or are these clubs long an uncontrollable no matter what?

JON PON says:

get dobbie on these so he can rip a fart

David Krueger says:

What type of golfer (skill level) are these suited for?

Sean says:

Why is it that clubs do not have to be a certain loft to be called a certain iron? I mean there are many rules and laws regarding clubs right this just seems silly. I mean it does not really matter as long as you now how far you hit your own clubs but still.

EJL2004 says:

I’d love to see a head to head, G400 vs G irons vs GMax.

Sharon wooster says:

Also the ball you play with will effect spin too,so play a higher spinning golf ball if you want more spin..duh

Alex Myers says:

You should test the g30 irons against the g400; I found that the g30 ‘s were longer.


Sorry…The black material behind the club face makes it look cheap. Get rid of that “Eye” or call them the new “Eyes” so at least it ties in marketing wise. Too bad because the woods and drivers have always been fantastic.

Matt Phillips says:

bro. everytime u demo a “chunky” set of irons you always end up hitting them the best. can’t understand why you can’t get over it like your skinny buddy with the glasses. cheers mate. Lori. bonnet. fish and chips. the queen mother.

Jesse Jeffries says:

I love the way these irons look. Maybe one day I’ll have em. Great video rick as always.

Adam says:

Beautiful clubs and great review. Like the farrel (did I spell that right?) on the PING irons. It was such an eye sore prior.

Jason Little says:

Rick, not being disrespectful but you keep saying ‘spin to low’ ‘wont hold the green’. Younare firing arrows and bullets with these clubs but keep saying about the spin. Lets see you take these out on the course and see what the ‘real’ results end up as. I for one would love to see how you score with them in comparison to a higher spinning club. All we ever see is GC data rather than real life results.

Joe Perez says:

The back reminds me of the “Inverted Cone” look of the old TM R7 irons. Your reviews are among the most informative.

Gary Wells says:

Rick, would love to see you and Rob do a mid handicapper of the G400 and the new TM P-790.

Jacob Ball says:

Looks are definitely in the eye of the beholder – you love them, I think they look like cheap plastic or rubber in the back.

I tried to think of how I could work the word ‘symmetricalness’ in there, but couldn’t 🙂

justin theriau says:

when you hear rick say “bullet” and in your head you pause and say “absolute bullet ” before him

Thamac15 says:

Seems a lot of these manufacturers come out with new irons every 6 months. Quality?

Tom Lorenzen says:

I’d want closer to 50* descent angle with that spin. Combo of spin and descent angle is what is making the ball hold a green.

Station 2Station says:

Spin numbers low? No. For a 5 irons that flies out there 225 yards, 5500 rpm is spot on. The PW is spinning 9000 average. Not low

Sharon wooster says:

All you reviewers talk some bs with all your spin numbers garbage!!just hit a 8 iron instead of 7,and stop playing computer golf

Joe Spina says:

What is the notch for? Why is it there.

Mike Posch says:

Am I the only one that thinks they look just like the G20 irons?

Simon Hobden says:

can anyone tell me if is there much difference between these and the Ping G irons as i love the look of the G but i find this looks really cheap and plasticky!? Id rather have the G’s in my bag but if these are much better then i would reluctantly go for these…

amessofamind says:

If these clubs all carry a club further, but are a club less in spin, wouldn’t the solution be to club down for you, fixing both issues.. Your distance would be as normal and so would your spin. With these, you’re just able to use a shorter club to make your same shot. Or I’m misunderstanding something?

Jeremy Holt says:

Please do a 3 shot closest to the pin with your V6 6 iron. On the course though. This 7 iron is carrying exactly 10 yds further and 1000 less spin than you current 7 iron, hence it’s really a 6 iron. Would love to see a stopping test and dispersion test with your forged game improvement Wilsons. Also peak height is about the same as yours. 1 yd lower on the Ping. These look really good if the distance dispersion stays close on the course.

David Forde says:

Damn just bought the G irons Bahh Humbug!

Station 2Station says:

Quest for the Open, USE THESE and practice putting for 4 hours a day and you’ll qualify. Shane Bertsch (US PGA Tour) played G irons for a long time.

David Lepre says:

I’m wondering at what point club manufacturers will come clean and start calling their de-lofted clubs by the more accurate traditional number. The 7 Iron in this video at 30 degrees is clearly a 6 iron and so on. I realize they are playing on the ego to sell clubs… hey I can hit my 7 iron as far as you hit your 6 iron… and that sells clubs. But, it is starting to feel a little too manipulative. No doubt these G 400 clubs are very good. I just wish the game being played was gold, not head games.

Josh kahn says:

These irons look a lot like the Ping Eye 2 + set I had back in the early 90s. They’ve always made great irons in my opinion. Looking forward to trying these out.

wrath646 says:

do people really like the looks of these new irons?

Adam Stoutjesdyk says:

I am very curious as a better player to try these but bent 2.5 to 3 degrees weak. It’ll take away a bit more offset and allow for a bit more spin

Erich Fouke says:

But 5000 spin is perfect for a 5 iron esp. since that 7 irons has the loft of my 5 iron.

Sharon wooster says:

And shaft choice as other comments have already said.most clued up people recognise these facts fortunately

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