NEW PING G IRONS REVIEW reviewed by PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels at Quest Golf Studio in Lytham using GC2 and HMT launch monitor to provide you with the best possible information about the new PING G IRONS for 2016



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Todd Wilson says:

Hi Rick,

Do you recall if the spin numbahs were better than the G400 irons?

Alan Waterworth says:

they do look very tasty! never been a fan of Ping irons but I´ve had a Ping putter for years which I still love. Might have to have a look at these..

Andy Turner says:

Great review Rick. I’ve now ordered these. Gmax gave me +5 yards average vs my callaway xhot but when I tried the G I gained an average of 13 yards and my accuracy improved. Thanks for these great informative reviews.

Bob vanelli says:

Could you comment on the ping G lie (color dot). Its been said that the standard lie color for the new ping G irons is Yellow? Could you have hit the yellow dot the same as the black dot? Thanks

Michael Hadskis says:

Great review. I’m moving from Mizuno JPX 800 Pro to the Ping G.

Anthony Gilbertson says:

love my G irons!!!!!

DITLOW says:

I’ve been looking at these and notice they come in Steel or graphite. which are you using and what is the difference other than it being a different material?

Jim Rohnstock says:

You really should compare similar clubs. For instance comparing the G against the 716 AP1s (and possibly the Z355s). And having Rob review the GI style clubs is always helpful too. But please do the comparisons as it helps us all figure out what we may buy.

mojopa01 says:

I think a comparison of the G Irons to the AP1s would nice….

Yimmy Chow and bro*s says:

I have just recently purchased ping g irons and woods I am 12 years old and play of 17 I am quite new to golf

Martin Reilly says:

do you have a mid handicap review by Rob with this club, I can’t seem to see it on the site.

metamurph says:

Would you describe it as a 7 iron flight? IE the TaylorMade story is it is stronger loft but it will fly like a regular loft. I also think it is funny that they added the ferrule which they fought just like adjustable driver lofts because that is putting weight where you don’t want it and at the same time TaylorMade didn’t remove the ferrule but is trying to reduce its weight. Ah engineering vs. marketing struggles

Sae Kim says:

any info on Honma products? my mom wants a driver but i have no idea about their clubs. can you do a review please!?

Casey G says:

Hi Rick! Love the chanel! What do are the handicap ranges for a low, mid-low, mid-high, High handicapper?

Ray Jones says:


John Hofmann says:

You forgot to mention that the Ping G irons have Nippon shafts. You could put those shafts on any head and it would feel like you’re cutting through butter. I personally tested these myself and they feel fantastic. Ping could have spent a little more on nicer grips, but the weight distribution combined with my natural tempo felt awesome at a D-0. Good job Ping.

Neil Harper says:

What about a review ping g and title its ap1

Kyle Green says:

Wonder how these would compare to my leg??

CallMeAnimal69 says:

What do the colored dots represent when buying clubs? I’m not sure which color would be best or what they even represent really. Are they height rated or what exactly?

John Sutcliffe says:

Just getting back to golf after retiring. Love your reviews and tips. Keep up the good work with Rob. Having lessons again to get my swing as best I can before I decide on clubs which I will get advice from my professional. So much choice so will ultimately make a decision based on recommendations, performance for me, look, feel and price. Look forward to all your posts.

jared karos says:

These are the exact same specs as the Taylormade rocketbladez but you hit the tm 20-30 yards further??? Why is that?

trlprk says:

I love the camera shot from behind to see the ball flight, it’s mesmerizing

VWRabbit2008 says:

I decided to go for a combo set. 4-7 g irons 8-pw I irons

88mikehoncho says:

716 ap1 or the g’s? Can’t wait to try them both out. Coming from some old hogan apex plus irons from 2001, these should really help out some on miss hits.

ironchef5150 says:

Just curious.. what’s the difference between PING’s “new” eye technology compared to Taylormade’s inverted cone technology on their burner iron line from several years ago? they do look very similar don’t they?

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