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James Bomboy says:

Just started watching your videos awhile ago. I’m new to golfing so I don’t really have many good clubs. Thank you for making these videos to help me get an idea on what I could possibly buy

AJ DiFabio says:

amazing club

BJ Kim says:

Thanks for the review. It’s quite helpful and makes me consider using longer irons perhaps.

Ricky McCulley says:

I think the low flight is a curse of all the fli hi. Stuff. I have the hybrids which I’m not a superman of but they’re not very lofted either. About head hi is all I get most of the time.

Michael Hake says:

you, finchy and randy…. class! come back to australia you have plenty of fans here bud!

Ryan Wood says:

I’d love for you to try and get some Srixon’s in!

Sean Cleary says:

Just ordered that club Rick along with a combo set of MP 18 SC and MP 18 blades. Can’t wait!

Fart Bart jr says:


Max Imum says:

Hey Rick, sorry to say this but I think some of the guys here are right even though there is no need to be rude.
Still I believe that more consistant strikes would’ve also made a better review. Anyways, you are not polishing your bad shots which still makes this whole format very honest. Keep it up!

Wz Tr says:

1 iron loft, 2 stamped on it

Joe Perez says:

Rick, as you’ve already mentioned, Mizuno is marketing the entire MP-18 line as clubs that can be “blended” into sets with no “gapping” issues between the irons of different MP-18 models. Do THESE MP-18 Fli-Hi hybrids slot into sets of the three MP-18 iron models without having to worry about gapping distance issues?

Tigersmundo says:

*This club is not for you!*

Eric Briggs says:

This club you avg’d 11.6 dynamic loft whereas your recent review of the CLK hybrid you were delivering it at 16.4. Seems that your swing is better suited for a hybrid, sir.

General Splatton says:

Rick, do your gaming irons have upright lie angles? I ask because, on many of your review videos for irons, your strikes on many of them are toe down from 1 to 2 degrees. As an example, when you did the Wilson D300 iron review this happened. Further, when you were hitting the 5 iron, the strikes were 2 to 4 degrees toe down and you were hitting it poorly and didn’t like it. PLEASE do a video where you talk about this happening and your thoughts on how it is affecting ball flight! On this video here, your strike varied in the 1 to 2 degree toe down range and you didn’t like hitting it. How much of an effect did strike with toe down have on these shots? A video where you analyse these past reviews for strike would provide wonderful information for us hackers in the market for new clubs! I am not complaining at all, love your reviews, I just think the additional information and your insights would be invaluable to us all. Thanks buddy!

TheGolfdaily says:

Great honest review.

Totally agree that long irons give better consistancy (directional) compared to wood or hybrid.
I currently use mizuno mp h5 1-iron but mostly off the tee as 3 wood replacement.
I have a mixed feeling about it because though I get good directional consistancy, the feel of well struck shots to bad one are enormous despite its very thick sole.
I also agree that the sticking out bottom edge of my mph5 iron with offset is rather disturbing to look down as the rest of my irons are blades. I think I will try long irons of other model such as the Titelist 712u.

Julian Roberts says:

Typical honest review Rick shame it didn’t perform looks fantastic

No comment says:

Rick I believe you are trying to murder the balls when you are hitting them, ease off a little and go for consistency.

Philip Van Heerden says:

Nike Vapor Fly Pro 2 iron is in my bag. I love it! Had a Adams Pro Mini but I never really got on with it.

Andy GolfFather Phillips says:

Why have Mizuno stopped with the JPX Fli-hi?? I have the 4 and 6 and it’s like cheating!

leandrogutierres says:

Looks like you need more forgiveness, hum?! In the end the screen reminded me of myself with a 6i at the range. hehe

jballoregon says:

Time to get in and see @dwhittakergolf. Path looks good, but your face control is spray city.

Jordon Newhouse says:

Rick, I feel like you need to add a bit more variation with a club like this. You’ve just hit half a dozen or so shots off the deck and weren’t super consistent (tough to tell in these situations whether that’s you not being on with your swing or the club or whatever else). I feel like you should’ve hit a couple off a small tee like you would taking a driving iron off the tee like many people are using this club for. I actually went out and demoed this club and traded in my 716 T-MB 2i for it. The feel, like you said, was great and I really feel like I can flight it much easier than the T-MB. If you take the club off a small tee you can really flight it high or low and move it as needed. It’s not the easiest club in the world to hit off the deck, but that’s not really it’s sole purpose. This is a club for the people who want a safe 225-250 yard fairway finder and you’re just hitting it like you’re trying to drill it into a par 5 green from 250 out which is a shot you’re using your 3w for all day. I just feel these reviews would be more helpful if you offered some variation and showed some different types of shots and considered all the ways people will use the club.

Ben Swanton says:

Just bought this club myself. It’s such a forgiving long iron. Ultimately i bought it to get a more ‘penetrating’ flight into wind vs hybrids which I tend to balloon up. This works perfectly for that. Not sure i agree about Rick’s looks assessment .. but that’s totally subjective.

kvgolfa says:

Some of these reviews lately are useless because you’re striking it so inconsistently

Mark Scott says:

As reviews go I’ve learned nothing here. Standing on a range spraying it about is not good or informative viewing.

Jay Howenstine says:

Callaway Apex UT all day. Keep the 2 iron reviews coming. I love them.

fidstails says:

Not much need for a mid-handicapper review when you strike a ball like that. Maybe have a chat with Dan about dynamic lie too. Are you ever not 2* toe down? Hard to learn anything from this review other than you only really get out from a club what you put in…

adam goldfinch says:

I just got the SC from pw-5 iron and go hi-fli for 4 and 3 iron. Love it specially off the tee

Rob Lloyd says:


Justin Bordwell says:

You a bad at hybrids and long irons

John Smith says:

What’s that tracker thing called. I’m a beginner and kind of want one

Steven Adamson says:

Still think it’s a great club, but still 16.5 loft is tough for a lot people to control from a driving iron off the turf, this review should’ve been done off the tee for a 16.5 driving iron

Joe Perez says:

I have the previous version of Mizuno’s iron-hybrid, the MP Fli-Hi, 2, 3 & 4.

I don’t understand what your problem is in the first place with the club having a big ass. You’re not MARRYING it, you’re hitting a ball with it!!! Once you start your back swing that protruding back of the club will never be noticed again during the swing since the club is moving so fast.

Ryan Andrade says:

Rick you should do more head to head iron testing for example the 718 ap2 vs p750 or 718 ap3 vs P790…

Mark Reichman says:

Rick has a Callaway APEX UT 2 iron in his bag. It’s one of his favorite clubs. I have the 3 iron APEX UT myself. He knows how a utility 2 iron should perform. If you are looking for a forgiving 2 or 3 iron suggest you try one of these.

AJ DiFabio says:

this club looks like a beast

tyler houghland says:

You should do some reviews on Honma golf clubs, I tested their tw737vn irons and their blades and hands down they were the absolute best most butter soft irons I have ever hit, and they performed fantastically number wise

Golden Gate says:

you hit the nike vapor 2 iron longer and with better consistency …

Luke H says:

long iron all day long . Shame about this club a new 2 iron search continues

Adrian Canny says:

is that not nearly a 1 iron at 16.5 degrees

Alex Ma says:

Everyone said hybrid is better so I never even tried a 2 or 3 iron lol

Pete Kenny says:

Hybrid hybrid hybrid all day long

Adam Landis says:

Review the Titleist 718 T-MB 2 iron!

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