Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX900 HOT METAL, FORGED & TOUR IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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Lamont Thomas says:

I had the 7 iron hot metal spinning 6400

RobCat says:

great video rick!

Stefan Rhönnstad says:

Got my JPX 900 HM with PX LZ graphite two weeks ago. After strugling with getting the distances right (hit too long and many times over the green) I’m dialed in now and start hitting greens again! Last round 83%….best ever! These irons are AMAZING!

unknown121290 says:

I don’t like the look of the jpx 900 tour

Tom Duckworth says:

Rick I hope you will review the new Wilson FG Tour V6 irons they look great. I don’t think I have ever seen you review Wilson equipment.

Luke Skywalker says:

Sexy clubs

Simon White says:

I suspect, no matter what your handicap is, you’d be pleased with one of these

Darren Geddes says:

Rick, how do they compare to the ping iblades in feel and looks?

Eric Hinds says:


icu Rad says:

yep, I still have my chromoly BMX. I still can’t hit a golf ball with it. it’s a tough metal and that’s why it gives the ball speed.

peter paulsen says:

Pls have rob try these


I hit the new hot metal and tbh I wasn’t that impressed

Dave C says:

The tour irons looks beautiful. Only thing that concerns me is the low spin numbers, I like my 7 iron to sit around the high 6000s. But maybe that’s where the extra distance is coming from?

Nak Kang says:

2 things, are you going to put the tour in your bag? number 2 please secure that mirror in the back its driving me crazy !

Redneckkayaker says:

Chrome-moly… it is used quite often in military style rifles. a stronger metal that stainless

Andy Titcomb says:

My BMX mongoose 1982 (bike)was “Chromoly ” … Loved the bike would buy these in a heartbeat

Peter Meaney says:

Yesterday I took delivery of a 5-PW set of hot metals with the xp95 shaft and I had 25 balls at the range with them and they seem fantastic, can’t wait for the weekend and to get to try them out on the course.

Matt Gomez says:

The look and feel you describe makes me think “Satiny”. I have always thought Mizuno made some of the most beautiful irons in golf. I’m excited by the Hot Metal version.

Dan Adams says:

I purchased a set of the Hot Metal JPX900 last week. First new clubs in 15 years and they just feel amazing. First round with them was my best of the year by 4 shots.

Joe Knipp says:

Someone gave you quite a shout out in their ebay listing for the 900 tours..

John jsmit says:

Rick , I have the JPX EZ Forged Boron ( Last years Irons ) Are these worth upgrading to ? Is there a significant difference between the two ?

Lamont Thomas says:

I had the same reaction you may be delofting the club in your swing

Erik Newman says:

kick the pings out and put the tours in the bag rick! we all know you want to! also, if you can review the Fourteen FH1000, that would be awesome. I have them and they blew my 716 CB’s away in terms of feel

Roger Rigby says:

Ricks turned into a Mizuno fanboy

Min Lee says:

I had the same results with the JPX 900 Forged with regards to spin…for some reason the numbers were REALLY low

Chris Haggarty says:

Great review. Just picked up my set of the JPX 900 Forged irons c/w the KBS C Taper Lite Stiff shafts this afternoon. Can’t wait to get them out on the course this weekend (U.K. Weather permitting !!!)

Austin Meehan says:

Beautiful irons!

kenneth miller says:

they’re ugly

Jon B says:

will someone compare the feel to PXG for crying out loud???

Aachener Freunde says:

Can you talk about shaft flex? What is happening if too stiff or too flexible. Thx

john uren says:

JPX Vs the new srixon range please Rick??

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