New Level Golf 902 Forged Iron Review

New Level Golf……a brand new golf company that is offering quality forged golf irons to suit all levels of golfers. This video I review the 902 forged iron using launch monitor and also my feedback on the looks and feel of this iron.

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jwlbear says:

Any chance you can get your hands on the 4 and PW? Get a feel for the entire set and offsets throughout. Love your content and when you clarified the offset numbers on the 760s on a previous video was awesome. Keep up the great work!

Eddie Pabon says:

They remind me a bit of the Mizuno MP range. Classic sleek looks, different levels of forgiveness and distance built by design and loft adjustments.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Love it, I hope they are able to carve out a niche and a following, the market can be tough!

Matthew Tutt says:

The model numbers make no sense …… you need a PHD in advanced mathematics to understand which irons suit your game. Why didn’t they keep it simple? E.g. 1 series for the game improvement irons and so on ….. sigh

LozKnutsen says:

I contacted them and asked why they had no images on their site from the address position, they’re always at a slight angle, and most show the back of the club. Based on the amount of offset and fairly thick top lines Mike has mentioned in his reviews I can see why. Slightly more worryingly they said they don’t have a marketing department and I should take that up with their photographer. I’ll be surprised if they’re still around in two years if they don’t think marketing is important.

ripyerballs says:

I would love to try a set of them.

Randy Mahony says:

Nice looking range of irons but which is the most game improvement club? It will be interesting to see if they come out with fairway medals and drivers, ect.


Question…if TM and Callaway are spending bucket loads on R and D….shouldn’t you be getting something better than what a much smaller company can do? It’s a theoretical q really!

Luke Warmwater says:

Thanks for the review. I think all the different shaft options at no up charge makes these clubs very attractive to me. Would you put the performance of the 902’s in the same category as the Ping I210s or Titleist CBs? What do they most match up with from the big off the shelf brands from a performance perspective? Thanks

François Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

Definitely interesting range of irons… They’re offering what I have already in my old set of Bridgestone CB, it seems : great simple looks, great forging and the associated superb feel, but still offering a level of forgiveness that most of us welcome (even tour pros, when you think of it… ). I’ll keep the brand in mind when the time comes to replace my irons.

LozKnutsen says:

Good reviews of these, but for me they’re not really offering what I’d be interested in, especially at that sort of money. I wish someone would bring out a modern Taylor Made 300 forged. Slightly longer blade with generous cavity but with a thinner top line and sole. I don’t need help getting it off the ground, just when I don’t quite hit the middle. Great clubs, I’d buy another set in an instant. Couples and Goosen were very successful with them. For now I’ll stick to my MP54’s.

rauno kortteisto says:

so 902 is the best…

thecman26 says:

These look great!

Craig Talbot says:

Mike great reviews as always. really like the look of the entire range, I’ve been looking at titleist ap3, which one would be comparable here?

Barry Mills says:

Clubs almost as nice as your swing. That’s quite a compliment.

Clay Fleming says:

Looks like a heavy Bridgestone influence on some of these.

atomant830 says:

Great looking club. I like the look of the 610 the best, with the 902 coming in a close second.

Mark Brook says:

nice looking Irons shame there is no Left Handed Options

Inauspicious Tyrant says:

Love your reviews. One thing that bugs me is that I have seen you state in a lot of these videos that mid- or high-handicappers can’t or shouldn’t sensibly use bladed irons (Shiels also makes this statement in almost all his reviews about blades). There is a video here demonstrating that blades really aren’t so bad for mid-handicappers and are beneficial in some respects:

Bandit Baker says:

Definitely an attractive range of Irons, it will be interesting to try them out once they get themselves set up in the UK

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