New Level Golf 610 Forged Iron Review

New Level Golf……a brand new golf company that is offering quality forged golf irons to suit all levels of golfers. This video I review the 610 forged iron using launch monitor and also my feedback on the looks and feel of this iron.

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Neil Richards Ranga Pirate says:

So what you’re saying is people want the look and the feel of a blade, but don’t want to put in the effort to be able to hit one? What sad times we live in.

François Desmoulins-Lebeault says:

Interesting irons… They seem to be somewhat inspired by what Bridgestone has been doing for its “players irons” for quite some time already : forged, classic look, but a bit of a larger blade and some clever tricks for a bit more forgiveness (namely they had that “double pocket cavity” which looks very very similar to what the other models you’ve shown here seem to sport. That was played by Matt Kuchar at the time, so the forgivemess was not detrimental to the rest of the “player’s package” !

Justin Loomis says:

They look like they are trying to hit that Honma/Miura/Fourteen aesthetic. Pretty irons for sure.

Bandit Baker says:

Great review Mike, many thanks. These Irons look very impressive and high quality, it will be interesting to see if they become available in any of the UK Club Fitting outlets.

Chad Galland says:

Nice looking iron and concept but only right handed and 200 dollars per iron gonna be tough to get into the market

TZOID08 says:

Good Luck at $ 199.00 per club…. If I wanted to try something else at a perceived value I would give Ben Hogan forged Irons & Wedges a try . The price is around $ 115 dollars per club.

Joe Perez says:

Too big for your eye? Would be nice to see it on the ground next to the “mainstream” comapny cavity-backs, like the Titleist 718 CB, the Mizuno MP-18 SC, etc.

Strad 4321 says:

My Maltby TE is probably closest to the 902 in design but they can be built for about $30 per club depending on shaft chosen. The company that sells them charges $10 per club to build them for you if needed. A far cry short of $200 per club for the new level.

Juan Soto says:

What carbon steel version are they using?

Kevin Golf says:

I have a set of these and absolutely love them! If anyone wants feedback from an average bogey level golfer, ask away.

sharkhark says:

Fresh new company cool!

Ady Chisholm says:

They are leftist, it’s the 21st century why is this still happening in golf!


and .. if i pay that much i’d go MIURA .. SEVEN .. HONMA … etc.


1400$ a 7 piece set .. Mizuno Mp 18 @ 500$ if you dig .. no brainer

Golden Gate says:

@michaelnewtongolf don’t they remind you of the mizuno mp – 30? [without the microsteps] nice review …

freddy says:

Design and shape of the back looks similar to the Hogan PTX. Since Hogan now sells direct you can get them MUCH cheaper.

Kevin Friesen says:

Nice looking club! What’s the price tag on those??

Adam France says:

Those 610 forged look stunning, are there any UK suppliers planned where a set can be tried and fitted?

Chester says:

Lovely looking, sweet sounding, high spin, little offset, well struck.  Nothing but positives.  Nice to see a new name with this high level of equipment.  Thanks for the video.

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